Resisting the New iPhone 5

Today, as everyone knows, the new iPhones are hitting stores.  I love my 4s – doesn’t it feel like we just got these new body styles? Actually, I had to admit.  This is my second 4s.  My first one ended up in the bottom of a pool somewhere, so I had to replace it with a new one.

And they aren’t cheap!

So, are the new iPhone 5 models worth it?  Apparently, they are faster, have a larger screen, and are oh-so-much-cooler.

But still.

I’m not sure it’s worth the upgrade costs for a slightly larger screen.

Willow pre-ordered hers, so she’s already stood in line and gotten one.  Other than listening to her brag about her new set up, will I regret not getting an iPhone 5?

It’s very easy to get into the mindset of “newer is better.”  Today, I am resisting that urge, saving a little money, and ignoring Willow.

Who’s with me!?

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    • Sonya

      I have an Iphone 4, it was my oldest son ‘s who passed away Oct 4th ,2010 .
      He only had it a couple months before he passed away. It has more value to me then the new IPHONE.
      My youngest son will probably want one maybe for Christmas we will get him one

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  • Creed

    I have resisted! I did sell my 4S and got the new Samsung though, so maybe that does not count? But no new Iphone for me!

  • Justine Stewart

    I just got my 4s a few months ago so I’ll be keeping that until my contract is up in 2 yrs. By then there will probably be an iPhone 10q or something!! Lol

  • Megan

    I have an Android and I love it! I am resisting getting any iPhone. Everyone that I know that has an iPhone loves theirs, but I don’t know if I could break away from my Android.

  • Shannon McCurdy-Dutro

    Im with u Bristol I have the 4s and it’s more than enough for now I would much rather go on vacation with my husband then get another phone!

  • Ron Devito

    “Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated!” All kidding aside, I’m with Willow on this one – 1,000%.
    There are two reasons why I think you should reconsider: 4GLTE network and the faster processor – and the moving map with spoken directions. The rest is bells, whistles and gongs. My current phone – Palin Powered of course – is the 4. I did not bother with the 4S, because I was waiting for the 5 and the 4S was just an incremental upgrade. My wife, Elsy has my hand-me-down 3GS and after four years of banging it around in a purse, and a bazillion charges and re-charges, that phone is shot. Oh, and she’s thrice lost the phone and had it returned by good Samaritans. So, this was kind of a forced upgrade for me – and a no-brainer. And in a few months, I’m going to be a really good boy and get her a 5 – but for now, she’s getting my current Palin-Powered phone (after I transfer the Nuclear Football to the 5, of course and it becomes new Palin-Powered phone).

    I do everything on my iPhone. You name it, I found some app for it. During the day, all my post syndication (your posts and your mom’s) is done using the WordPress app, Safari, and SquareSpace for one account. Faster network and faster processor means I can syndicate faster. It means I can download videos faster.

    I don’t know the 4GLTE situation up in Alaska, but you do a fair amount of traveling. We’re not talking about a little more speed. We’re talking double. And processor speed massively increased. 3G is kind of flaky and slow.

    I will also tell you that if you don’t put your phone in a good, rugged case – even your 4S – it’s going to get beaten up very quickly. If you are insisting on holding out the 4S, you’re in for a two-year haul. You have to make that phone last and uncased or in one of those silly cases, you’re going to ruin it in no time flat. The camera lens glass on mine is all scratched up, because for its first year of life, the phone was carried bare in one of those belt holsters. In 2011, I put it in an OtterBox Defender. Yes, it’s bulky and heavy. But you can drop the phone off a building – OK – I’m exaggerating a bit. But you can definitely do the the 3 – 4-foot drop with no harm done. The OtterBox is not designed for submerging, but it still may have saved you with the swimming pool if you had gotten it quickly. A friend of mine dropped her Blackberry in the toilet and put it in a 500-degree oven for a few minutes to dry it out. Believe it or not, that worked!

    I have two special mounts for my phone, both by Thought Out Products: a PED3 FORM tripod and an auto mount. I used the former to livestream two of your mom’s events: Indianola and CPAC. We won’t talk about my botched pre-recorded video of LIA because I recorded it in UStream rather than the native app – you never pre-record in UStream – but I had the mount then too.

    The auto mount sits on a flexible post which goes to a heavy beanbag mount in my new used ’04 Chevy Blazer. My set up lets me play music through the radio, and talk hands free. The phone is almost like a console when setup like that. Awesome.

    Well…the mounting frames need to be worked over with two pairs of pliers to accommodate the iPhone 5. The bare phone is 3/8″ taller. So, if you have anything like this, that’s a consideration. I already have the new Otter Box in my possession and kludged the tripod mount with the pliers to make the 5 fit and my kludge looks like a professional job. My new 5 has been ordered and will be here in a few weeks.
    My recommendation: take the 4S, give it to Piper as a hand-me down, get yourself a 5 and case it in an OtterBox Defender.

  • Kaitlyn

    I still have the 3GS!
    This might sound random but i just wanted you to know that you inspired me!
    So I decided to watch your show on Lifetime (LOVE your family! they seem SO awesome!) and you being so honest with America is very courageous. You have actually inspired me to really look into politics! I was raised in a super liberal household but after much thinking and and poring over news articles, I have decided to vote republican. You and your family have shown that conservative women are strong forces that refuse to stand down or apologize for what they believe even in the face of liberal bias. You have shown me that conservative women have a voice, and the louder we get the more we are heard. So i just wanted to say thank you for sharing a part of your life with me and America!

  • Philip Jr

    I would like the 5 but I prefer to watch them on TV. Lol

  • Joseph

    I’m with you, Bristol. I just upgraded my phone to a 4s just this last Saturday. It was $100, but it’s better than a $200 iPhone 5! I like my 4s just fine!