Five Photos from My Surprise Birthday Party!

What I came home to after DWTS!! Just perfect :)

I mentioned in a previous post that my dad let Tripp plan a surprise party for me!  He picked out cheetah print plates, cups, napkins and streamers, yellow smiley face balloons, birthday hats, and caramel apples. He definitely knows his mama! He even got a piñata, and filled it with bubble gum, hand sanitizer, chapstick, bouncey balls, and fancy chocolate. I’ve never seen Tripp so excited and proud to have put it all together, and it was one of those “mom moments” that I will truly never forget! I thought you might enjoy five photos from my birthday!

CLICK HERE for my next photo from Tripp’s Birthday Party!

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  • ph

    Happy belated Birthday Bristol! Loved the pics!

  • Sue Lynn

    Great pictures. He was so proud of the party….loved it. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • BB

    WHOA! He looks JUST LIKE YOU in picture 2.

    Your family is amazing! Adopt me?

  • charli chad

    He has great taste. You’re beautiful and I love your glasses :)

  • katherine

    He is so cute and the photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Mike

    Great photos!
    Family times are best!
    Thanks for sharing
    I was glad to see those young boys having fun
    I guess life in the spotlight can be fun

  • SueB

    Wonderful photos. He looks so much like you.

  • Gayle

    Happy Belated Birthday Bristol! Tripp is a great young man and he should be proud of his awesome party!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Surprise, Surprise, Tripp the Dude pulled it off!

  • Sandy Bysinger

    How sweet …with the boys!! And DAD. Can’t imagine all of you ever getting together at the same time. Keep Mom busy ..we need her out there! Congrats on leaving DWTS. I thought you did great but for your own good….I’m glad you left. Just a Mom speaking! They can be kill or be killed on there! You are too sweet for them!!