Thank You, America!

Mark and I thank all of you awesome supporters for voting again Monday night to keep us in the competition!  It’s going to be a great week, we’ll be working hard, and we’ll be dancing for you who have been so graciously supportive of our team! We love and appreciate you!

- Bristol and Mark 

  • Georgia

    Keep up the great work. Your hard work will pay off and never forget that we’ve got your back. To hell with snarky Carrie Ann, etc. She has been gunning for you since Season 11. She is jealous of you, Bristol and maybe she is jealous of Mark, too. You both are loved by your families and your fans. Go Bristol and Mark!

    • Reallynow

      Yeah she’s real jealous of a gum chomping immature BAD dancer Lol

      • Georgia

        Carrie Ann is angry and toxic and that is obvious. She made it clear that she loathes the Palin family and she did so publicly on Jimmy Kimmel and during tabloid interviews during and after Season 11. She was so outspoken about the Palin family that she should have recused herself from judging during this All-Star season. She could be replaced with a phone call.

  • Kim A

    Congratulations Britol and Mark! You have my vote throughout!

  • http://FB Elwanda Burrell

    Bristol 60 votes went out at my house and a lot of my friends also had 60 votes…..we will be watching and voting again next week!!!

  • ph

    Dance Bristol Dance!…:)

  • D

    James, no vote for the worst gets credit.
    Bristols fans get all the credit!!! Some of know that by deleting cooking after voting, allows you to vote “unlimited” times so there are many who vote online from start of show until voting ends next morning at 11 am. This is why they placed third last time and I believe they were actually first but producers wouldn’t allow it cause of the drama and death threats it already created, they were too afraid of what would happen with Bristol winning. And it is the websites fault that you can vote unlimited times by “deleting cookies” my guess is they have no idea this is how the cheating is done.

  • D


    Iam the one who has posted it on Sarah and Bristols wall. And I had no idea about it until last time they were on and someone told me about it and now many stay up ALL NIGHT voting unlimited times. I have no reason to lie, Iam only trying to help so others can join in and vote “unlimited” times. Think back to first time they were on and all the talk of cheating, they were correct but obviously have no figured out how it is done.

    • Reallynow

      You people are nuts! Do you have a life, or is your life being crazy Palin fans? She’s gone next week, so what are you weirdos going to do?

  • David

    Bristol, your Fans said “Right back at ya” to those low scoring Judges. ha

  • Yvonne

    Yeah Bristol and Mark!!! I am so glad you made it through Bristol. Keep on dancing. You did great.

  • Robin

    I vote from my phone, my hubby’s phone and one face book. Are there other ways? I’d just about buy another cheapy phone to vote even more. :)

  • Melissa Ortiz (@DCBelleonWheels)

    Keep your head up, your frame still and dance on, beautiful girl!