Thank You, America!

Mark and I thank all of you awesome supporters for voting again Monday night to keep us in the competition!  It’s going to be a great week, we’ll be working hard, and we’ll be dancing for you who have been so graciously supportive of our team! We love and appreciate you!

- Bristol and Mark 

  • Michele Bango

    Congrats Bristol! (you really look like your mom with those glasses! Love it!) :-)

    • Maleena

      Michele, my thoughts exactly…

  • Jan Page

    Congratulations, Bristol and Mark! You keep dancing and I’ll keep voting.

  • charli chad

    You’re a role model of mine and I love that you’re staying strong and letting your light shine. You and Kirstie are my faves this season. I’m glad she’s made a friendship with you. Many blessings and hope you win!

  • Gina

    You are welcome, Bristol! Thank YOU for all you and your family do for our country! I can’t wait to see next week’s dance routine!

    • Reallynow


  • Joe

    Congratulations Bristol and Mark! Looking forward to next week!

  • Darren White

    Woohoo! Congratulations Bristol! I’m so pleased that you won another week on DWTS All Stars Season 15. I am voting and supporting you all the way. Continue to work hard in reherasals. Tell Mark Ballas you want to do more advance ballroom dance. Remember the more hours you put in training, the better the performance.

    I love your perserverance. You can do this Bristol. Just take it one week at a time. After all, What do you have to lose? Throw caution to the wind. Chances win dances. Years from now, when Tripp becomes a man, He will learn that you did this for him. And have a greater love and respect for your perserverance. God love you Bristol. Go Team Ballin! :-D

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  • D

    By deleting cookies after you reached voting limit you can vote unlimited times. Right from start of show until voting ends at 11 next morning. So lets vote vote vote and bring them to the finale!!!!

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  • Thomas Hubbard

    Well it looks like the judges have found out, that the Supreme Power resides in the People. Now it is time to show this adminstration that the Supreme Power resides in People as our Founding Father set it as to be.