Three Behind the Scenes Photos from My Last Week of DWTS All Stars

At dinner after the show with our family friends, Walker and Phyllis Evans! (You may recognize Walker as the Off-road Motorsports Hall of Famer . He’s a driver and owner in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and has had 142 total victories – including the Baja 500!)

Click HERE for the last photo.

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  • Kara B.

    Happy belated birthday!

  • Kirstin

    I absolutely love the 3rd photo!! So sweet!!!! Congrats Bristol on making it as far as you did!! I voted for you every week! :) hope to see more of you and your family!

  • millied

    That was a great post. Fully agree with you!!!

  • http://FB Elwnda Burrell

    Bristol, you are destined for greatness….when one door closes another door opens.

  • David

    Bristol, you and Mark had a good run on DWTS. Congratulations!
    After reading the Left-wing-nut comments here, it appears that you must have pi**ed them off more each week that you remained on the Show.
    Good job!

  • meloryscott

    Bristols Mom worked herself up from nothing to becoming governor with 80+% approval. That is the reason McCain picked her. Her 20+ years of hardwork was rewarded. And because of those years of hardwork doors are still opening for her and her family. Bristol is wise to make the best of these opportunities and she has proven that she is a good steward of the money she makes.

    Fado, the fact that you are alive is an opportunity. Make the best of it. Then your children and children’s children will have access to “easy” money like the Palins and the Romneys, because their parents and grandparents worked hard.

    You, who spend your time hating on a young mother, are the last one to tell Bris what to do with her life. She paid for your Obama phone and Obama laptop, now use those tools to make a better life for you and your family. That way you make sure that your children and grandchildren won’t have to hate on the rich one day like you are doing now.

    All the best to you.

  • cindyandmike

    Fado, Aren’t you just a real charmer. Does it make you feel good to come to someones site and only say bad nasty things about them? It shouldn’t. Speaks far more about the kind of person you are than it does them. BTW I do like you name though. We use to have a Pitt Bull with that same name…:)

  • Donna

    Your pathetic

  • Fado

    Okay first off melory, I am in the top 5% for our income. Good to know.

    Second of all 20+ years? Sarah Palin was a part time mayor of a small town then seeing an opportunity, managed to get elected governor and served half a term before quitting. Yes, at one point she enjoyed high approval ratings, thanks to redistributing profits from oil and gas producers to the citizens of Alaska. But you always neglect to mention is those ratings crashed in 2008 and 2009. And do you really want to get into why she was picked by Mc Cain and how that all turned out for his campaign??? No, I didn’t think so.

  • Fado

    Oh and FYI melory, I do not want nor would I encourage my children to sell their lives and their children’s lives to reality TV and tabloid mags. No, instead I encourage and guide them toward higher education as a means of providing for themselves. Unlike Sarah Palin…….

  • Bree Merr

    Faco a succeful man/women with children with wonderful value for his/her children (?) writing whiny, complaining, negative, self righteous post on a 22 yr old’s blog??? ( a great example for children by the way) Something wrong with this picture. Don’t quiet believe it.

    Bristol’s hard working positive example way outshines your penchant to complain and whine and looking down your arrogant nose on another’s blog. Regarless of what you want to twist in an ugly fashion she has far more supporters than you do with your other Bristol blog parasites.

  • Reallynow

    Bristol, a hard working positive example for what Bree? If I had daughters, Bristol and Sarah would NOT be people I would want them looking to as examples of what they can do in their futures. Just like I would no say” Girls, look at those Kardashian girls, they are such great role models for you.” The Palin women are NO different then the Kardashian women. The only difference being, at least the Kardashian women admit they are famous for NOTHING. So stuff your positive example. EVERY woman in the Palin clan were pregnant without the benefit of marriage and the oldest palin son and his now wife were pregnant before marriage. Bristol has a GED and has done a dancing show, big deal. sarah palin has made a name for herself by being ugly, hateful and nasty, big deal. And now anorexic sarah is writing a diet book, after denegrating our first lady Michelle Obama on her concern for America’s obesity problem. Michelle is not making a DIME out of her concern. Grifter Sarah, doesn’t do anything UNLESS she makes money from it.

  • Fado

    Bree, this isn’t a blog written by a 22 year old. It’s a blog written by a 40 (50?) something year old who is paid to pretend to be Bristol. And I wouldn’t be surprised if that ghostwriter is paid through Sarah PAC.

    Of course more people are for Bristol and Sarah on this blog, but not outside thus blog. Their draw is fading. Just look at Sarah, sidelined by the GOP and with the writing on the wall from FOX, she is trotting out her granorexic look hoping to grift some fitness(!!!!!!) books and products from it. That’s priceless!

  • Donna

    I should have been more clear, I think Fado is pathetic. It is a sad world when the only thing you can think of is something vicious and negative against someone just because you are from a different political slant. If you don’t like her why visit her blog or watch her on TV. I personally can’t stand Eve Longoria or any number of Liberal twits but I don’t follow them around online or watch them on the tube. I ignore them. Take your holier than thou butt offline and take a sedative.