Three Behind the Scenes Photos from My Last Week of DWTS All Stars

My cheering section before the show started Wednesday! I could hear Trig yelling before our dance, I’m glad the boys made it through my routine!

Click HERE for Photo 2

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  • Dianna @ Aspiring to be

    I really enjoyed watching you on DWTS! I hated that this was your last week. You did well and you are an ALL STAR, Happy Birthday, Bristol!!!! From my entire family (my hubby, 3 girls and I are big fans of you and your entire family).

  • rob hart

    Just another adventure, Bristol. You did an awesome job dancing and hangin with the bunch. Your smile and attitude after the results speak volumes about the kind hearted person you truly are. Happy Birthday!!!!

  • NanaJ

    Love the photos. Wishing you and Tripp all the best.

  • Sandra Robertson

    You, my dear, are an amazing young woman! I really enjoyed watching you evolve each week of the two seasons you appeared on DWTS! You should be very proud of yourself for the grace and maturity you presented while under such fire and pressure! You can now hold your on on any ballroom floor amoung any calibur of dancer! I wish much joy, love, and success to you and Tripp for your future! Go out there and have a wonderful life!

  • Jake

    Confuse a liberal: use logic and common sense! Lmao

  • wivalleygirl

    I voted for you on DWTS because I truly thought you were the Most Improved and had a great dance. I’ll miss you on DWTS. Sorry to see you go, but I know great things are going for you.

  • julie vale

    I’ll miss you on DWTS. Sorry to see you go, but I know great things are going for you.

  • Larry Huntley

    Great pictures. Only wish u got further in contest

  • Reallynow

    Impress a contard: use hate and lies! Lmao

  • meloryscott

    Bristol has indicated in three interviews now that she is rooting for Emmit.

    He is a really cool guy and a great dancer to boot. He has been friendly and kind to Bristol, I suspect, in that cold and sometimes hostile environment among DWTS contestants. Remember the one night on the show when she was sitting alone, he leaned over to her, touched her hand and must have said something encouraging to her, because she smiled and it looked like she really appreciated his kind words.

    It is obvious that Bris has a lot of respect for him. So I am suggesting that her supporters, if they agree, should vote for him. Even if you don’t watch the show anymore, just get the number for him and call and email as soon as the show starts.

    The way I see it, a person that shows kindness and respect to the Palins, is a person worthy of our support.

    Go Emmit!

    • Reallynow

      I love Emmit, but not for this smarmy reason. The Palin’s will get about as much respect as they deserve. And that would be a big fat 0. They have done absolutely nothing deserving of respect. They are users and takers. The grifting Kardashians of the north. You palinholics need serious intervention and get on some meds.

      • millie


        How old are you? You sound like you are in middle school?

      • Carol

        I hate to tell you the Palin’s did a lot to earn respect. People did not stand in lines too see her if she did not earn respect. Sarah Palin was pick to be VP for McCain. Obama’s Lawyers file some of the suites of the frivolous suites and they have been proven false. Obama knew that Palin had a much better record than he had so they set out to destroy it. They put out lies up on lie. Obama was not held to the same standard as Sarah Palin. The only job Obama had was community organizer and senator. Sarah Palin is the one helped the republicans take over the congress. Bristol was treated badly by the press If she had to have an abortion it probably been okay with them would have been okay with them. Bristol’s was asked to go on DWTS. I think when they first asked many were hoping she would be the butt of jokes but she did better than even she thought she could. Those kind of shows are kept on because of people watching when it goes off the air the left will be able to thank themselves. The rules were the judges count for 50% and votes counted 50% if Bristol did better than others because of the votes than those complaining should have looked for more people to vote for them. If they were so offend by the rules they should have talked to the ones who decided what the rules would be. I don’t believe the judges gave Bristol marks she didn’t deserve. If anything they gave them lower because then they deserved because they were afraid of how the liberals were going to react crazy like they normally do. It was a stupid show but some of the dancers and others much older than Bristol acted like Bristol was the one making the decisions. Bristol had the courage to take the offer that she was given and did very well at it. Bristol worked harder than anyone on that show because she never had any dance or anything like dance.She should be very proud of herself she did what very ery few could do. She got to meet some great people and became good friends with others on the show.

        • Reallynow

          OMG, this is so funny

        • BlueVA

          I’ve never actually seen anyone stutter while WRITING! Carol, you blew my mind! LOL

          • millied

            I read carol’s post and I didn’t read or pick up any stuttering in her writing. Must not
            take much to blow your mind.