Family Christmas Pic!

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  • Melissa Ortiz (@DCBelleonWheels)

    Sweet picture! Thanks for sharing. I hope y’all had an amazing day yesterday. Blessings to all of you.

  • Sue Lynn

    Thank you for sharing…very cool!!!

  • Caroline Jenkins

    You have a beautiful family, Bristol! I hope the New Year brings much joy to the Palin family.

  • David

    You have a beautiful family Bristol! Merry Christmas and have a Happy and Joyous New Year!

  • Russ Nash

    Bristol, taking nothing away from you, but your mother is truly a beautiful woman. Not hitting on her, I am 64 and married, but I think it’s ok to look even at my age!

  • Kasey

    Where’s Willow?

    • John B. Hefmier

      Willow is next to Todd and Trig.

      • Steve Jobs

        Don’t think so. maybe she took the pic?

  • ivonne

    What a great american family!

  • Cindy Sink

    Bristol, thanks for sharing your family photo. Lovely family! I hope 2013 holds much happiness and good health for all your family. And please, PLEASE, try to convince your mom to run for president in 2016!!

  • Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. Always remember this saying when the media is awful to you or your family: Just chew on the straw and spit out the sticks. In other words, you know your worth and in God’s eyes, we are all loved. He is our only Judge. Happy New Year! ENJOY! The Buckley Family in California

  • Steve Jobs

    I’m glad she loves the iPhone, but does she have to have it in her hand in every single picture?


    you have a beautiful all american family. love it and feel the warmth of all your love to each other. god luck in all you do. god bless you

  • blackbird

    Beautiful photo Bristol. The best part of Christmas for me is family and friends getting together.

    If your dad Bristol just so happens to see this post, Todd you are and inspiration for me.

  • Bonnie Langner

    What a beautiful family, hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, and A very Happy Healthy New Year to all of you!!

  • David

    Good Family photo, Bristol. Thanks for sharing.
    The Photographer almost missed your Mom. ha
    Hope you and your Family have a Happy New Year.

  • Sarah Elizabeth from Juneau, AK

    I love this picture.. Many Prayers are being said for all of you. Bristol, Tell your mom that she is still “My Lady Dear Sarah”… Sending much Love and Prayers your way. Your parents are an inspiration to many of us who love then and all of you. Your courage speaks for itself.

  • Michele

    Very cute. Your niece is adorable! The boys are getting bigger by the minute! Love to you and the fam! xoxo

  • Jennifer

    Hi Bristol, you have an AMAZING family!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Be safe and enjoy

  • Rosali Elzig

    That’s what all matters! family time together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. No matter what the media and tabloids say about you or Sarah,it will never split the family apart. You all have strong roots and guts to ignore all the bad comments from those whom have no family relationship. God continue blessing the Palin’s family.

  • Kate W

    What a small world it is… I knew Kandice when we were teens and keep in touch via FB. Gorgeous pic! Family is such a blessing!

  • NanaJ

    Love seeing all the smiles. Blessings to you and yours always.

    Happy Birthday, Tripp too.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    What a great Family photo, SHSSSSSSSSSSh your Mom is peeking around Track and it looks like Trig has his hands in the air praising the Lord! Lets pray for Sue that her blindness is lifted and that she see’s the light of truth.

  • SkylerS.

    How great to have Track home for Christmas and his daughter is adorable. Thanks for the photo, all the Palins are as beautiful inside as they are on the outside. Happy New Year!

  • Lis

    Bristol you are such an inspiration. What a beautiful family. Hope your Holidays were the best!

  • Tootie

    Yes, Bristol, you do have a grat family. You are blessed because I see a whole lot of disfunctional ones around. My own wan’t the best but Jesus has made it up to me, I don’t know what I would do without Him. God bless the Palins!

  • Jason

    Is it really necessary to come on here and bash someone and their family? Don’t you liberals have anything better to do? And here you people think the Republicans are intolerant. Look at you liberals. Take a good long look in the mirror at yourself and reflect on your actions and comments toward Republicans and ask yourselves if YOU’RE tolerant of others. And if you say “but the Republicans do it to us!!” just remember that two wrongs don’t make a right. Don’t like being bashed? Don’t do it to others.

  • Love your photo Bristol and hope you have a blessed New year!

  • melory

    Beautiful pic, but where is my Governor??!! Oh, there she is hiding behind between 2 of the most handsome Palins!

  • Ishamael

    Bristol I was so sad to hear about your Aunt and Uncle getting a divorce.

  • conservativemama

    Happy New Year to you and your family. As long as you’re happy and surrounded with love, you’re winning. There’s no amount of hate in the world that can destroy the love of a good family.

  • Curt Wilson

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  • william kyles

    hey not trying to bug u is there any way i can chat with u for a few need to tell u something do not worry it is good is so u can email let me no u rock

  • Mark Filbey

    Re: stalking. Strongly recommend you contact Gavin de Becker & Assoc., or at least read his book, The Gift of Fear.