Family Christmas Pic!

  • Melissa Ortiz (@DCBelleonWheels)

    Sweet picture! Thanks for sharing. I hope y’all had an amazing day yesterday. Blessings to all of you.

  • Sue Lynn

    Thank you for sharing…very cool!!!

  • Caroline Jenkins

    You have a beautiful family, Bristol! I hope the New Year brings much joy to the Palin family.

  • David

    You have a beautiful family Bristol! Merry Christmas and have a Happy and Joyous New Year!

  • Russ Nash

    Bristol, taking nothing away from you, but your mother is truly a beautiful woman. Not hitting on her, I am 64 and married, but I think it’s ok to look even at my age!

  • Kasey

    Where’s Willow?

    • John B. Hefmier

      Willow is next to Todd and Trig.

      • Steve Jobs

        Don’t think so. maybe she took the pic?

  • ivonne

    What a great american family!

  • Cindy Sink

    Bristol, thanks for sharing your family photo. Lovely family! I hope 2013 holds much happiness and good health for all your family. And please, PLEASE, try to convince your mom to run for president in 2016!!

  • http://Facebook Susan

    Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. Always remember this saying when the media is awful to you or your family: Just chew on the straw and spit out the sticks. In other words, you know your worth and in God’s eyes, we are all loved. He is our only Judge. Happy New Year! ENJOY! The Buckley Family in California

  • Steve Jobs

    I’m glad she loves the iPhone, but does she have to have it in her hand in every single picture?