Book Giveaway – Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America

NOTE: The winner of this book giveaway is David Dempsey from Mississippi!  Congratulations and I hope you enjoy the book!

Mom gave me a shout out in yesterday’s Facebook entry about a great new book.

Ben Shapiro has a great new book out called “Bullies: How The Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America.” Ben’s premise about the left’s silencing tactics is absolutely correct. Obviously I’ve witnessed the left’s bullying behavior up close and personal when it’s been directed at those so close to me. And, of course, I’ve seen how nasty it can be for other conservatives as well. You know, there’s something especially ugly about the way the left goes after children of conservatives. I still find it highly ironic that the supposedly “tolerant” left has done nothing but bully, demonize, and judge my daughter Bristol for making the right decision to keep her baby and work so very hard as a single mom to care and provide for him. I don’t know of any conservative “war on women,” but I sure have seen the left’s war on conservative women!

Please read Ben’s book and consider his advice about how we must stand up and push back twice as hard against this bullying. We must not allow ourselves to be frightened into silence. Yes, it’s hard to “keep on keeping on” when being pushed around – but like Ronald Reagan said: when we stiffen our spines, those around us can stiffen theirs, too! Press in, press on. Don’t retreat, friends!

Of course, I’ve written about bullies before on this blog, so I’m excited to hear that Ben Shapiro is tackling the subject in a book. In fact, let’s do a book giveaway!

Tweet @BristolsBlog and @BenShapiro with the hashtag #BulliesGiveaway to enter to win a copy of his new book! (I’ll pick a winner randomly next Friday at noon eastern, so stay tuned!)  If you aren’t on Twitter, please leave a comment below for your chance to win!

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  • Joseph

    I’d love to have a copy!

  • http://Facebook Laurel Paladino

    I do find that the approach of members from the Left party is the bully approach. I love the republican party and its platform. I wish I could persuade ppl to join this great party, but they have fallen into the trap of falsehoods of charm and BS of Obama. YES,,, I want to read this book. Sign me up, please. And thank you for the opportunity for the giveaway.

  • Newagegop

    Great idea for a book. The left rarely debates the issues anymore. They just name call and degrade.

  • Misty

    Good luck!

  • Leslie Wagner

    I am not on twitter, but would love to win a copy of this book, so I am posting for my chance. I of course will buy a copy if I do not win, but the idea of winning a copy is too tempting. By the way, I know you will not read the comments when you pick, but I hope you do read the comments we leave when they are full of admiration for the entire Palin family. You guys have shown the world class, and true grit as the Duke use to say. Just keep on keepn’ on and I will keep reloading every time our Government throws another foul ball my way. God bless all the Palins and Heaths…………….and God Bless America.

  • blueniner

    Ben Shapiros book sounds interesting his topic of bullies hits close to many of us one time or another and to the Palin family in the public eye. Bristol you are a beautiful woman inside and out, may you be active on all the causes that interest you and be an advocate for great causes.

  • Lori Moffit

    I would LOVE to win a copy of this book! I admire the courage and character. You have shown through the last several years, ever since you came to national attention as a result of your mom’s vice presidential candidacy.

  • MiddleRoader

    I haven’t read the book yet, but saw some interviews he gave recently, and his views seem rather extreme. He declared Obama as the Left’s nr.1 bully. He claims that the Right “can’t be civil” with the Left, and that the Right shouldn’t play fair with the Left anymore. He said the Left is standing on the bodies of the Sandy Hook victims (to push gun control). Here’s a part of the book description on Amazon: “The left has created a climate of fear wherein ordinary Americans must abandon their principles, back abhorrent causes, and remain silent. They believe America is a force for evil, that our military is composed of war criminals, and that patriotism is the deepest form of treason.” Really???? This kind of radical rhetoric may help sell books, (and, to his credit, I think this is his 5th book and he’s only 28!), but it’s not true of the lefties whom I know. Bristol herself has posted about having spirited but civil discussions with people with different views; sounds like Shapiro would not approve. And really, is any side silencing America? We as Americans are so lucky to live in a time and place where we can speak our minds. I’m not really feeling a “culture of fear”.

  • Angela Walker

    I would love to have this book! I love your blogs and your family.

  • Angela Walker

    I would love to own this book. I love your blogs and your family. I’m always praying for you all.