My New Facebook Cover Photo: Caribous Crossing the Street

For those of you who aren’t friends with me on Facebook, you may have missed this cool new photo I just added!  It was taken by Birch Leaf Photography and is just one of the many reasons I love Alaska!

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  • Thomas Hubbard

    Are they crossing on the cross walk ? If not they should be ticketed!

  • Paul Gould

    lOVE THE PHOTO OF Alaska Bristal girl thanks

  • Ishamael

    I read your mother might be going to CNN? Have they lost their mind?

    • melory

      Great, our Sarah is spreading the truth around!

  • melory

    Bris, see under “The Hipocrisy of it all” I have posted a chilling confession of a abortion-loving liberal from Salon.

    • melory

      should be “an” not a

  • Daryl

    Bristol you take such beautiful pictures .

  • melory
  • melory

    “You see, even as I watched her deliver a barn-burner of a speech in Indianola, Iowa in the September of 2011, and again as I watched CPAC 2012 via C-Span, while each crowd broke out into chants of “Run Sarah, Run,” I looked at the humble but forthright soul standing alone before the multitudes, thinking to myself that despite her fitness regimen, she isn’t really the running type. In my mind on both occasions, the words echoed: “She won’t run. When the time comes, she will do as she’s always done: Sarah Palin will stand.” Markamerica

    • Ishamael

      Wow. That is just sad. Get a life Melory.

  • Dianna A

    That is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Ishamael

    majorly photoshopped.

  • Bony

    This cover photo also explaines the exiting natural beauty of the Alaska, after looking this cover photo i wish to go there once in a life. If you need some more natural cover photos then you can visit .