5 PHOTOS: Getting Ready for the Iron Dog

I cannot believe it’s already time for the Iron Dog again!!  I have to admit, it’s a little strange to see Dad without his typical green sled this year, but I couldn’t be more excited about his race.  Here are some pictures of Mom, Dad, Piper, Trig, and me at the tech inspection on Saturday.
Go, Dad, go!


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  • Rosali Elzig

    Really nice family. Thanks for sharing.

  • conservativemama

    Trig is such a big boy. He’s adorable. Time flies.

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  • Thomas

    Trig will someday runnung his own Iron Dog along with his team mate Tripp!

  • Richard Potter

    Great family, best to your dad in the Iron Dog, sure hope he wins it. Never been to Aklaska would love to visit and go hunting for Elk-Moose-fish for Halibut–wow what a experience that would be for me. Best to the family.

  • Gina

    Piper and Trig are getting so big! Beautiful family!

  • David

    Thanks for sharing the Photos, Bristol.
    Good luck to your Dad.
    Maybe this will be his year to win again.

  • Johan

    Trig is such a good looking little boy, What a great family photo. You getting younger Todd?

  • http://loveromancephotos.blogspot.com/ love photos

    Cute and lovely family …

  • melory

    Trigg is so cute, where is Tripp?