Ways to Remember and Honor Chris Kyle

Brandon Thibodeaux for The New York Times

Still so sad over Chris Kyle’s death, and trying to help the family in any way.  Here are some ideas, suggested by one of his friends – Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb:

For those wanting to help Kyle’s family, America’s Mighty Warriors is collecting donations under “Chris Kyle Memorial.” Glenn Beck’s Mercury One will also be collecting donations that will be given to FITCO Cares, a foundation started by Kyle. Webb said his foundation — the Red Circle Foundation — will send donations made in honor of Kyle to the appropriate fund established to help his family.

In fact, the entire article is worth a read as we remember an American hero.

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  • Dinah Kirkpatrick

    Trusts have been set up for the families of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. Donations can be made at thecraft.com, Chris Kyle’s company. All proceeds go to the families. Please let your readers know this.


  • Thomas Hubbard

    All I can do is pray for the family as of now and my heart goes out to the them!

  • David

    The man – who shot Kyle and Chad – needs to suffer through a Slow and Painful Death – very soon.

  • melory

    Thanks Bristol, we continue to pray for his family and the other victim’s family too.

    He was indeed a mighty warrior and a humble soul, judging from what I have seen on Stars earn stripes.

  • chuck Grammont

    As a Vietnam Vet and a Sniper in the Army and Department of Justice, I honor this American Hero. My Prayers go out to His Family and Friends. Chris, you made a difference while you walked this earth. Rest in Peace my friend.

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  • Sam

    Words cannot express the loss of such a hero…I pray for strength and healing for both families …God bless and god speed.

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  • Annie Shiflet

    I appreciate and am thankful for Chris and his honor to our country. May the Lord ever hold him close.

  • Misty

    Thanks for providing the links.