A political pundit criticized my mom recently by saying, “Sarah Palin is a good speaker and all that… but, I’m not clear what Sarah Palin does, actually.”

Well, my mom has friends on Twitter, and they have come out in full force to defend her.  The hashtag #SarahPalinDoes started trending on Twitter, and it’s been fun to see all of the fun things people have said about her.

Want to join in on the fun?  Tweet using #SarahPalinDoes and tag this blog @BristolsBlog.  If you’ve got something cool to say, I’ll retweet you!


UPDATE: Thank you guys for all the tweets!  I know my retweeting is filling up people’s feeds, so I’m slowing down a bit on the re-tweets.  Keep ’em coming, though!

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  • DottieH

    What Sarah Palin does is simple. She LOVES this country. I don’t think any Dems or Liberals can even say that. That is why the Dems and Liberals trash Sarah and her family, because they are better than the Dems and Libs.

  • Misty

    I don’t have twitter. But, my #SarahPalinDoes get it about the importance of missile defense back in 2009!

  • Sue Lynn

    America has no better friend than Sarah Palin!!! God Bless her. Sarah is rending #1 World Wide. Sarah knows how to inspire a Nation and knows how to Lead with a stellar record to prove it!!!!

  • Your Mom put the honor back in an old salts heart.
    She gives me imsperation to a fulfilling tomorrow.since day one as a V.P. candidate
    your mother has been the breath of freash air for America.
    From Rand Paul to Ted Cruz & Mark Rubio Sarah Palin has been the bright light on the other end of
    this Obama black tunnel.
    Your mother make the military once again proud for serving this great Nation Only She Can Lead To The Tomorrow We The People Want,Semper Fi,Dinkiedow!

  • MiddleRoader

    She made wearing glasses cool!

  • I still do not understand what she does now other than act like a Vegas type headliner for Conservative events. What is her relevance in the grand scheme of the future of this great country?

    • moix

      to stir people’s minds, to revive old souls, to make us aware that there is hope, to invigurate and energize… we need that.

  • Renny

    Already did, Bris. Got in early.

    Oh, Matt-Man, you just so do not get it.

  • Harshglare

    At Matt-Man: and what is wrong with a Vegas Type Headliner?

    Libs have had a grip on infotainment for years: it is about time conservatives put the word out to not only passionate and enlightened people but to dispassionate, ignorant people as well:

    the disassociated masses that libs have appealed to for years are the ones that can benefit most from Conservative values and need to be addressed at their own level with humor and entertainment in the mix: they don’t respond to reason or logic: the more basal appeal of humor, sex, emotion and drama is what they respond to and we should exploit that like the libs have….

  • Harshglare

    Oh, and as far as appealing to the infotainment side of politics: you my dear Bristol, know more about this than anyone: you were so effective during “Dancing With the Stars” the libs had to pull all the stops to neutralize it like they did to your mom during the McCain campaign.

    I think the libs did a pretty good job of neutralizing you and your mom: after all you guys were on their turf but that does not mean that you two did a bad job: you guys did an EXCEPTIONAL job at taking broadsides in an area that not many conservatives dare tread.

    We need to continue our “Vegas Type Headliner” method of getting out message out by using the same methods the libs have for years: we don’t have to be crass about it we just have to realize that:

    “The aim of a joke is not to degrade the human being, but to remind him that he is already degraded”


  • Jim drake

    I watched her speech and I think she is great. I am tired of what our government has been doing with our money. Also, I have had my suspicions about DC….how does a congressman who makes $100k a year end up with $20 million over a few years. Maybe it’s Clinton’s simple arithmetic. Tax people more so that they can get more kickbacks. It’s simple arithmetic.

  • melory

    She does get liberals all wee-weed up!

  • melory

    Someone posted this on another website, ROFLOL!
    “Look who has been having fun the last three days, Sarah Palin and her pals, while FOX, the media The RINOs and the Liberal trolls are all with their bitter “Maxine Waters” lemon mouths are frowning, whining and snarling, grrr…LOL”

  • Thomas

    The Main Stream Media will not mention just how powerful her speech was they’d rather down play it. We know the truth now don’t we! She was great, blunt and to the point along with some comedy!

  • melory

    Sarah tweeted this:

    Sarah Palin ✔ @SarahPalinUSA

    #SarahPalinDoes appreciate support from those who are in it for a reason, not a season.

    5:51 AM – 19 Mar 13

    507 Retweets 277 favorites

  • melory

    Sarah tweeted this:

    Sarah Palin ✔ @SarahPalinUSA
    #SarahPalinDoes appreciate support from those who are in it for a reason, not a season.
    5:51 AM – 19 Mar 13
    507 Retweets 277 favorites

  • michele

    Wonder if Tucker has gotten the msg yet? hehe

  • Joseph

    I don’t have a Twitter page, but here’s my hash tag: #SarahPalinDoes NOT take any crap!
    That’s one reason why I like your mom! 🙂

  • Sarah2016

    Fearless patriot Sarah Palin does represent the feminist ideal & we-the-people constitutionalists, but mostly she gives many hope that she will serve as our courageous voice & paragon for our founding father’s America as the next President. Bristol, please encourage your Mom to run in 2016 & keep our hope alive for America’s future w/ Sarah Palin at the Presidential helm.

  • Congrats to Chelsea!

  • Thotocv

    Sarah2016, I would to have Palin be the nominee in 2016. It would ensure another Dem victory. But alas, if she even were to run she wouldn’t even win the nomination. Lets face it: in order to run for President, she would have to learn what she doesn’t know and she has made every indication since 2008 that she’s not interested in learning. She is just interested in getting attention and cadhing in on her bit of celebrity. What Sarah Palin Does is grift money from her dwindling TP followers . Yes, donate to her PAC…… But don’t look into how little of it actually goes to support candidates.