Just a Change in Scenery

I haven’t written about the tragedy in Boston, mainly because words just fail to express.  The sorrow, the anger, the confusion.

Anyway, Kathryn Lopez posted this awesome video of a Marine (who also had lost his legs) encouraging one of the Boston marathon victims while she’s in the hospital.

“This is just a change in scenery,” he tells her.

This is why I love America.

  • Jen C

    Thanks for sharing! Now I need to go put on more mascara… bawled through the whole thing

  • Bree Merr

    What a wonderful, inspiring video. Thanks for sharing. What a heroic young man to encourage the victims. God bless America, and our brave young men and women in the military, firefighters, policemen, first responders and citizens who support their neighbors and this great land.

  • rusty

    This is a real wake up call. What the terrorist did to “our” people really upsets me. We must be more careful, but we must not surrender more of our rights. Freedom isn’t free. My heart and all my love go out to these young women.

  • SSadf

    That is wonderful what he is doing. But why do people say stuff like ” this is why I love America?”. Do they think acts of kindness like this are only done in the USA? Nonsense…. And just shows an ignorance of the world outside the USA.

    • Bree Merr

      She and others (including me) say that because we are Americans and love our country. I appreciate Canadians loving their land or Europeans loving their land. We love our country and appreciate the courage and kindness of our fellow citizens. Hope this helps SSadf.

  • michael

    Yes very inspiring Bristol. Thank you. It’s good to get help from the experienced and professionals. It’s good for all of us to keep things in perspective and approach our difficulties with understanding, forethought, and hindsight. It is easy in these situations to feel overwhelmed.
    It is my understanding that dreams help us file this information properly in an accessible way. Which also means proper exercise or better, hard labor, is even more important to do for the injured as well as more difficult to accomplish.
    Thanks for reminding reminding us about the terrible attack Bristol. I, though, do feel better as I was trying to process negative emotions but I couldn’t identify the source, to process and understand (what happened in this case, not why) and to cope. Terrorism actually has it’s points for undeclared war (bad points for the honorable). It’s cheap, easily accomplished, and easy to learn. Jet Li, for example, would want to fight his enemy at his best. This could never be about civilians.
    I should have known my bad day was because of terrorism. This is exactly what they are trying to do. Let’s at least try to smile bigger and more often because, like what was done to us, smiles are contagious. Change the scenery! ;)

  • Misty

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  • SSadf

    Btw, that’s a very ugly article Sarah Palin points to in “her ” only follow-up to the bombing. Especially when it appears that not feeling welcome in this country may be part of the root cause for the older brother’s anger. Just saying…..

  • SSadf

    Similarly, Sarah’s outrage over biblical verses being removed from military gun scopes is misplaced. First if all, this was dealt with two years ago. Secondly, the company that made the scopes is responsible and violated their government contract and had to fix the scopes. Thirdly, we are not engaged in a holy war and the biblical verses violated our military policy.

    • MiddleRoader

      I agree with you on this, SSadf. The company has every right to put Biblical verses, if they so choose, on scopes sold on the open market. But a soldier cannot choose which scope to use; he/she is issued one. I realize that everyone interprets the 1st Amendment freedom of religion differently, but my guess is that if the Army did not insist that the verses be removed, there would have been a lawsuit, and I think the courts would uphold the merit of the lawsuit. I think of it like this: What if the Army made every soldier carry a copy of the Bible with him/her. There would probably be outrage. These scopes were like making each soldier take a small piece of the Bible with him/her.

  • http://yahoo.com john norton

    Did U see the Pic with Michelle my belle 0bama in the hospital with the Saudi National… ? seeing who he is and who his family is,why is she there instead of visiting the others… ?

    • LynnD

      What a distgusting thing to say. The President and First Lady visited ALL the victims in the hospital. You really are a loser.

  • Dennis McHale

    Bristol, I had the same reaction to this as you. That military officer was so inspiring, and everyone that had a hand in bringing his physical and emotional well-being back to normalcy and the confidence he showed, should take a bow. Now he passes on this same great message to the victims of hatred. What a contrast between two healthy young men who have hate in the heart, acting to harm others, as opposed to a GREAT man whose life was altered and had every reason to hate, but instead shared his love for life. America can be a great country, when great people do great things. This is a continuation of those that help to heal others make life wonderful.