Just a Change in Scenery

I haven’t written about the tragedy in Boston, mainly because words just fail to express.  The sorrow, the anger, the confusion.

Anyway, Kathryn Lopez posted this awesome video of a Marine (who also had lost his legs) encouraging one of the Boston marathon victims while she’s in the hospital.

“This is just a change in scenery,” he tells her.

This is why I love America.

  • Tootie

    Have you noticed that Mr. Obama refuses to link Islam with the terrorist attacks in Boston or to any other attack like the Ft. Hood killings? I believe his guy Holder called the latter “work place violence.” Why Mr. Obama won’t do this is not clear. But it is clear to me and many others that Islam teaches violence. In the Koran it states that to kill Christians and Jews is doing God’s will. Lovely religion!

    • ManxMamma

      Try reading the bible, start with Deuteronomy 20:10-17.

  • SSadf

    Michael, I hardly know where to begin with you. But first off, calling me a nazi and a terrorist and suggesting I kill myself just makes you look silly. And judging from some of things you have posted about your life, I think you struggle with that. You don’t do yourself any favors Michael.

    American military are simply not the best people in the world. You may want to believe this but it’s not a fact. Also, no one(myself included) wants to deny you your religious freedom. Saying that we all do not have to share your religious beliefs is not the same as denying you your freedom Michael. And yes, there are radical Christians. The Westboro Baptist Church comes to mind.

  • SSadf

    Tootie, do you know any Muslims personally? I do. Wonderful, peaceful people who love their family and country just like you and me. Don’t confuse all Muslims with Radical Islamic terrorists.

  • MiddleRoader

    On a related note, just saw an in-hospital interview with a dance instructor who lost a foot in the Boston bombings. She’s determined to dance again, and I would not be surprised to see her in DWTS sometime in the future. Although she was just a spectator in this year’s marathon, she says she will run in next year’s. BTW, her husband, who recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, also suffered injuries to his lower extremities. I wish them, and all the other victims of the bombings, all the best.

  • SSadf

    Well, it lookslike Sarah Palin actually wrote one if her own FB posts, the one about her sisters marathon. Compare that writing to the other paid ones and you’ll see the big difference. Palin Inc.

    Heath Inc too, because she also pretty much lets it slip that her sister gets paid by Sarah PAC too ( ” postage”= Trig care?).

    • otlset

      You have no proof, just mean-spirited and malicious conjecture. You need to grow up and go sully a website more deserving of your rumors and innuendo — an Obama site — as not only does Obama NOT write anything he speaks or is credited with writing, but he’s obviously lazy and doesn’t do any work governing either by the looks of the absolute mess he’s made of things since fooling the idiotic majority of the electorate into voting him into office.

  • Joseph

    In the worst of things in life, God is able to turn things around for the better, and I’m believing for that over these two women and over all the victims in this Boston bombing, as well as their families. Thanks for sharing this, Bristol!