Planned Parenthood Admits How Pro-Abortion They Are

I have to be honest, this makes me a little sick to my stomach.

In Florida last week, a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood was lobbying against a bill that would protect a baby that survived an abortionists attempts to kill it and was born alive. It seems pretty obvious to me that that baby should have medical care, but of course Planned Parenthood is against helping the baby.

It’s shocking how barbaric they are.

The American Center for Law and Justice has the story: 

Rep. Jose Oliva followed up, asking the Planned Parenthood official, “You stated that a baby born alive on a table as a result of a botched abortion that that decision should be left to the doctor and the family. Is that what you’re saying?”

Again, Snow replied, “That decision should be between the patient and the health care provider.”

She unmistakably repeats her answer several times. The official position of Planned Parenthood is that life of a baby born alive after a botched abortion, struggling for life on the abortion clinic table, should be legally in the hands of the doctor, the mother, and her family – despite the fact that the baby has now been born. Then, after these repeated assertions, she appears to suddenly realize what she has been openly advocating.

She was asked one final time be Representative Oliva, “I think that at that point the patient would be the child struggling on the table, wouldn’t you agree?” The Planned Parenthood lobbyist suddenly changed her answer, “That’s a very good question. I really don’t know how to answer that.”

This just makes me so sad. It’s so ugly.

I can’t believe we do this to our babies in America. And I can’t believe that our taxpayer dollars are going to support it.

Read more and watch the video here. 

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  • michael

    Obama supporting planned parenthood must not realize how they target black children so often. I pray he is allowed to think clearly as if it really was race then the black man is suffering in America. I have truly not yet met a black person that wants to be “equal” with anyone, democrats are not about equality. Just like the president, just like planned parenthood, just like those monsters that tried to convince Bristol to kill her baby. You are only here to troll (what’s your nick) so please find another route to support “the world isn’t big enough for me and children” people don’t seem to realize we won’t be here long, who are you “saving the world” for? Please don’t even bother replying, I haven’t been reading your angry posts I just saw a supporter of letting children live and was thinking you need a hobby. God bless you my friends.

  • melory

    Thank you Michael and God blessings on you too!

  • Thotocv

    Michael I’m not sure what your end of the world reference is, so ill just leave that. As for our President supporting PP, it is because he is wise enough to recognize the need for sexually active women to be able to control their fertility. This is especially true for low income women. PLanned Parenthood does not ” target” African Americans. This is a prolife fallacy. African Americans falls disproportionately into the low income and are in need of affordable access to contraception and reproductive health services. That is why the demand is higher in these communities.

    • melory

      Yep, our president is wise enough to support the same PP that is on tape PROMISING that babies born alive in abortion clinics will be left to die.

      As for African Americans, yeah right, racist Sanger’s organization is just trying to help.

  • Thotocv

    “i have truly not yet met a black person that wants to be “equal” with anyone……”

    And what exactly are you trying to say here Michael? You talk some craziness about illegal aliens almost killing you in a car accident, a black baby biting you and you slapping him and them his family beating you up …. And now this? What are you getting at?

  • KarenJ

    RH Reality Check: “All Those Alternatives to Planned Parenthood? In Texas, At Least, They Don’t Exist” by Andrea Grimes – April 5, 2011 – 10:13 pm

  • Thotocv

    Again, Sanger was not a racist. But you’d like to think so because it plays along with your fallacy that PP targets African Americans. Good thing is, most people aren’t buying this and understand the relationship between the need for afforable health services and birth control amongst the poor and how African Americans continue to be disproportionally poor.

    Denying them access to PP or alternative would pug the poor at a further disadvantage. For that I would say shame on you, despite your religious beliefs.

  • michael

    Jesus didn’t do any of this why don’t you not use His name but we do.

  • melory

    The intent of healthcare is to save lives – abortion ends life – it is not a “health service”, it is murder, so stop lying.

    Things are going according to Sanger’s plan – read again the article that YOU linked. Sanger was obsessed with controlling the “negro” population as she referred to them.

    Btw, Alveda King begs to differ with you, the following is on her website:

    “Dr. La Verne Tolbert, a former Planned Parenthood board member, says black children are targeted through the schools for abortions in California.

    “In California, children are targeted for abortions through school-based clinics and school-linked clinics, which are family planning clinics on or near school grounds. Girls are taken off campus to a Planned Parenthood clinic, where abortions are performed without parental consent or notification,” she said.

    Shame on you for defending PP, knowing that one of their doctors is currently in the news for the mass murder of innocent babies, born alive – as many as 90 per week over a period of a decade or so.

    Shame on you for defending PP, knowing they have admitted that they leave babies born alive to die. You have not said anything in defense of these babies – what about their rights? Where do liberals stand on the issue of babies’ rights? Who is the liberal that is the champion for babies’ rights?

    • TrueBlue

      I suppose an abortion can’t happen unless a woman seeks one. Shame on you, Melory and your pro-life cohorts, for pimping out African-Americans in your fight to save babies who will be totally faceless and forgotten to you once they issue from their mother’s womb, and for refusing to consider other options that would make abortions a needless alternative, such as more comprehensive healthcare for women and children and help for the indigent.

      • melory

        Sorry the truth hurts you. You’d rather we not mention the fact that the majority of babies murdered in the womb and newborn are African-Americans. It is not my fault that liberals approve of these practices (abortion and infanticide). It is the truth and I will keep pointing it out – the truth sets people free. You cannot talk about Sanger without talking about her efforts to control the “negro” population and seeing how successful she and her ilk still are even today. It is not my fault that liberals made her out to be a hero. You need to study up on the eugenics movement before you defend these people.

        How do you know these babies are faceless and forgotten by us?

        What are those “other options” that you say I am refusing to consider? More comprehensive healthcare for women and children, please give details, what are you talking about?

        Shame on you/liberals for pretending to help the poor by teaching them that it is their right to murder their babies. And after they have done that these mothers will be totally faceless and forgotten to you once they have murdered their own and have to struggle with the pain of that for the rest of their lives. Yes, humans have a conscience – I have encountered these women – they are broken – liberals do not want to talk about that aspect of abortion. They just want to go on with their lives, feeling good about themselves for being soooo pro-choice.

        • TrueBlue

          Melory, you are a liar. If you are a black person, then you are doubly reprehensible. If you are a white person, then it is YOU who are using blacks to advance your own rabid views of women who choose abortion without addressing what causes women to make such a choice. I AM A MEMBER OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY. I work in my own community and am well aware of the economic disparity between women who have access to excellent prenatal care and those who don’t, and that disparity is a problem in many black communities today, and it exacerbates the abortion issue. Alveda King can continue to state her case to Fox News and crazy, shortsighted, self-righteous people like you, but she is not speaking to those to whom her uncle spoke.

          You are disgusting, and I will NOT speak to you again.

          • melory

            You know that was a very nasty post. The truth does hurt you, doesn’t it.

            The only one here who are using black people are you. You use your fake outrage to try and shut down debate.

            You cannot defend any of the horrific results of abortion, i.e infanticide, you cannot defend the offensive manner in which Sanger spoke about black people (how come you are not outraged about that), you cannot deny the statistics about abortion w.r.t African-Americans.

            So what do you do? You try a variation of the “conservatives are racists” -theme” – to try and shut down the debate. Btw, I posted pictures of white babies being murdered some weeks ago, and yesterday, does that mean I am “pimping” out white people?

            Remember when you called Sarah a racist without any evidence, here you have Sanger in her own words degrading black people and you have nothing to say about that.

            And your solution to the problem in black communities is to help them kill their babies? Pardon me for not thinking that is ok.

            A nice day to you too.

          • melory

            “You are disgusting, and I will NOT speak to you again”
            I have no problem with that. I have no desire to speak to you again either.

            All the best to you.

          • melory

            should be “the only one here who IS…” not are

  • Thotocv

    Melory , PP does not just provide a abortions, it provides other services which outnumber abortions. And just as one could call contraception sexual health services,one could call abortion the same.

    It matters not to me what Ms King, Priests for Life or any other prolifers claim about PP or Margaret Sanger. They are against birth control and absorption and inasmuch, they will misrepresent the truth to suit their agenda. I tend to look at the facts and go to the source in making my own decisions.

    • melory

      That was too much truth for you, Tho?

      Yes, stick to your own definitions, who needs the truth.

      “It matters not to me what Ms King, Priests for Life or any other prolifers claim about PP or Margaret Sanger. They are against birth control and absorption and inasmuch, they will misrepresent the truth to suit their agenda.” That is what YOU are doing, you are FOR abortion – so you ignore and misrepresent the truth to suit your agenda.

      So where do liberals stand on the issue of babies’ rights? Who is their champion for babies’ rights?

  • michael

    If I mention trying2think it isn’t necessarily because I want him\her to “grace” us with his\her presence. Actually what I was hoping was that possibly trying2think is not just thinking about a strong retort written in someone else’s hand and theology. (Though not considering the least of us as Jesus does it couldn’t be based on anything but selfishness.) I was truly hoping that trying2think was considering the possibility that he\she was wrong, certainly the death threats and being ranked out by sheer numbers of people makes us who consider the least of us who could never be able to repay us for our favor have to consider from time to time. Thanks Melory!!!