The President Makes History

… But not in a good way.

According to the American Center for Law and Justice:

Today, President Obama will become the first sitting president in American history to address Planned Parenthood at its annual conference.

That’s right; the President of the United States is addressing the nation’s largest abortion provider, the leader of the death industry, just weeks after it argued for the right to kill a child born after a botched abortion.

He is addressing Planned Parenthood even as it attempts to profit off abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s trial for murdering babies born alive, arguing for even less regulation of abortion clinics.

President Obama is sending a message.

Let’s send our own.

If you’d like to sign the petition to defund Planned Parenthood, please click here.  Though we’re not able to call the President and explain to him why his catering to the abortion giant is reprehensible, at least we can send him a message — loud and clear.

And let’s pray that this terrible practice of killing babies is stopped in America once and for all.

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  • SSadf

    Marybelle, go easy on Michael. He has suffered some sort of brain injury from a car accident and us not well. Now as for Page, I’m not sure about her but its funny how she argues that women should keep their knees together seriously (?) or at least be on birth control…. On “Bristol’s” blog! Too funny

  • SSadf

    Oh and good luck with that petition folks. Have you forgot what happened when Susan G Komen Foundation’s new prolife exec tried to withdraw PP funding? That’s right…. Huge public backlash and bye-bye to the exec.

  • michael

    I agree with Walt

  • SAfff

    Michael and Walt, half of all abortions occur before 8 weeks and 88% before 12 weeks. I can think of a whole lot of things that can jeopardize a woman’s or a mother’s well-being than that.

  • LetsThink

    I don’t think the president is going to listen to well to the minority opinion on this issue. So go ahead and waste your time. But consider this, if you ever got legislation through that gave a fetus the same rights as you, then that fetus would also have to abide by the same laws as you. Just as a parent can give up there child, a parent can give up a fetus. An adult doesn’t have the right to suck your nutrients, stretch out your skin, or make you sick against your will. So that means a mother would have the right to defend herself against the unwanted attack of another human being…right?

    The only way I, as a liberal would ever agree to abortion limits would be if birth control were available to every teenager, over the counter, in every drugstore and at such a low cost everyone could afford it.

    For republicans it’s not really about the fetus, they could care less about all those babies born to crack whores, they don’t want to spend the money to help them. It’s about punishing people for having sex… period.

    In reality though, we only use sex to procreate about twice in our lifetimes, the rest of the time sex is not used for that. So it only stands to reason that birth control should be a preventative available to every man, woman and teenage girl.

  • Lynne L.

    What a disgrace for our leader of USA. I hope he hears 4 million babies crying in his dreams.

    • clr1390

      4 million starving babies born into poverty that you would take the baby bottle and run with it to save a dime. if that baby starved you could care less. Once you are here you are on your own…Please hypocrites.

  • Tawny Jones

    Gracious Gov. Sarah Palin chooses delivery over death, motherhood over murder, family over infanticide, even as Obama endorses Planned Parenthood’s final solution for unwanted children.

  • David

    Obama has done so many weird things that I am hardly ever surprised at anything he does.
    Obama is like a Bad Dream that you keep having, and it keeps getting worse.

  • SAfff

    David, that you call weird,post people call progressive and voted for him because he promised these initiatives.