A Photo of Mom and Me Bear Hunting for Mother’s Day

So, today Mom, Dad, Piper, the boys, and the dog went bear hunting on snowmachines to celebrate Mom’s Day!

What did we catch?

As you can see from the photo above — nothing but sunshine.

It was a beautiful — Alaskan — Mother’s Day!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/tobyanddizzy.austin TobyandDizzy Austin

    Politics aside (puh-leeze!), I am amazed that in 2013 anyone still finds a need to hunt (aka abuse, torture, murder, molest) animals. Sarah Palin promotes everything that is wrong in this world and that fat apple daughter didn’t fall far from that nasty crabapple tree!

    • otlset

      Mind your own business. Go judge yourself.

      • DeniseinDanaPoint

        See response to Richard Smit above…

    • Richard Smit

      Wait. you say that meat that is coming from the store is not comming from animals that are abused, tortured, murdered, and molested? atleast hunted meat had a way better life than meat from the store! and it is better for the environment! but we know that you liberals do only care about the environment when it suits them! just look at the Occupy movement!

      • DeniseinDanaPoint

        Okay, inbred who thinks he’s so smart…I’ll try to use only one-syllable words. I am a Liberal AND a Vegan. I believe in the Occupy Movement AND taking care of the environment. I never said anything about meat coming from the store AND even store-bought meat never has pictures of employees in the slaughterhouses posing beside their kills and smiling. Go live with the Palins…sounds like you are one of their kind!

        • Richard Smit

          THe Palins have a way better life than you would ever have! and atleast hunted meat is a lot better meat from the store! its also better treated. and better for the environment!

          • DeniseinDanaPoint


  • poppy

    YOU my dear “FISH WIFE” and UGLY BITCH are a waste of space on this planet, as is your mother, and, the sooner you are off of it the better it will be, NOW Piss off and boil your UGLY heads from the rest of us.

  • mark

    Disgusting. What a way to celebrate mothers day…..by trying to kill such beautiful creatures. Disgusting people!

    • otlset

      Scram. Mind your own business.

  • Rewriting The Future

    Is this a joke? What kind of sick person goes bear hunting on a snow mobile, with a dog? What kind of sick person celebrates Mother’s Day by attempting to kill an innocent animal? And who really believes these shallow people are actually hunters? I think this is probably a joke.

    • otlset

      Beat it punk.

    • Jean_A

      You freckin nutjobs are so predictable.
      Are you that freckin stupid?

      • KarenJ

        Is there ANY Palin-related blog or article you don’t TROLL at, Jean_A? Are you C4P’s self-appointed “Defender of the Faith”?

        BTW, I was wondering the same thing as Rewriting The Future. What self-respecting bear is going to be within 10 miles of a bunch of stinky, noisy snowmobiles, with a dog that’s likely to run off after bear scent and either 1) get killed by the bear, or 2) chase the bear even farther away? And 3) who hunts for bears in the middle of a frozen lake, a mile away from forest cover?

        Now, THAT’S stupid.

  • Jean_A

    Bristol, I luv the pink pistol in your hand but please stop teasing the haters.

  • mitch

    Come On, If you don’t like the Palin’s on face book then stay off. They are human and wouldn’t you make money and be famous if you could ??? How about live and let live………