Not Really Funny

Have you ever noticed how comedians always poke fun at conservatives, and then throw their hands up in the air when we’re offended?

It’s just a joke, they say.  Get a sense of humor, they say.

Well, here’s the thing.  John Fund makes a great point in National Review today that shows why we aren’t laughing:

It’s been obvious ever since Barack Obama appeared on the political scene that comedians rarely go beyond lame jokes about him. As far back as 2009, the Los Angeles Times noted that “TV’s leading political humorists have largely backed away from their ritual comic hazing of the president.”

During last year’s presidential election, a study from George Mason University’s Center for Media and Public Affairs reported that comics made more than twice as many jokes about GOP candidate Mitt Romney than they did about Obama. From late August of 2012 until early October, network late-night comics Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, David Letterman, and Craig Ferguson dumped on Obama only 62 times compared to 148 times for Romney.

In other words, the comedians don’t poke fun at the President because they try to protect him.  Or maybe, with all this going on, they honestly can’t find humor in him anymore anyway.

Either way, it’s not really funny.

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  • the_original_tom

    Ever notice that — if your last name is Palin — you are always playing the victim and always offended about something or someone?

    • otlset

      Posting the same thing five times over makes you the_original_idiot.

  • Amy

    Bristol doesn’t have the cahonies to comment on comments about junk she doesn’t even write! The Palins 15 minutes is up!!

    • otlset

      15 minutes *are* up Amy.

      Geez, the intelligence level of liberal trolls these days is sinking faster than Holder’s credibility!