Not Really Funny

Have you ever noticed how comedians always poke fun at conservatives, and then throw their hands up in the air when we’re offended?

It’s just a joke, they say.  Get a sense of humor, they say.

Well, here’s the thing.  John Fund makes a great point in National Review today that shows why we aren’t laughing:

It’s been obvious ever since Barack Obama appeared on the political scene that comedians rarely go beyond lame jokes about him. As far back as 2009, the Los Angeles Times noted that “TV’s leading political humorists have largely backed away from their ritual comic hazing of the president.”

During last year’s presidential election, a study from George Mason University’s Center for Media and Public Affairs reported that comics made more than twice as many jokes about GOP candidate Mitt Romney than they did about Obama. From late August of 2012 until early October, network late-night comics Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, David Letterman, and Craig Ferguson dumped on Obama only 62 times compared to 148 times for Romney.

In other words, the comedians don’t poke fun at the President because they try to protect him.  Or maybe, with all this going on, they honestly can’t find humor in him anymore anyway.

Either way, it’s not really funny.

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  • GinaRD


  • Lakerfanalways

    The only one that has been poking fun at Obama lately is Jay Leno..and its because he already knows he’s done at NBC so he doesn’t have to worry about being fired..the rest of these so-called comedians are all far left kooks..of course they wont make fun of Obama, his agenda is their agenda, same goes for the media

    • the_original_tom

      Leno? I thought Bristol was talking about comedians!

  • Bree Merr

    I rarely see the humor in their “jokes” that are ridiculing others. It usually come off as cowardly verbal abuse. It does not take talent, character or intelligence to put others down. It is a silly immature form of bulling.

  • Tom O’laughlin


  • otlset

    I had known it for a while, but there was one instance where I totally realized what a complete jerk Letterman is. He was scheduled some years back to have the great Mick Taylor (lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones during the ‘golden era’ 1969 – 1974) as a guest and I was really looking forward to it, and of course the gap-toothed idiot blabbed so much the time ran short and Taylor was bumped, and only allowed to play during the show’s outro portion. He made some stupid quip dismissing his worth as guest, geez Letterman’s such a turd.

    Of course he’s an Obama-supporting liberal, so it makes sense.

    • donalddump

      Now, that was a useless diatribe otty. Did you shake your fist at the t.v? I bet you had just down with your bedtime bowl of porridge, a fresh, clean and dry Depends,so looking forward to this performance. Must have ruined your life.

      • otlset

        No just the evening dumpy. But it did tell me what kind of carelessly ungracious jerk he is, which has been reinforced multiple times over since seeing the boor insult Sarah Palin and her family on his show in a way-out-of-bounds manner. I suppose he thinks that kind of cruel humor that demeans others is funny. But then he’s insulated in that knee-jerk liberal Hollywood community, perhaps that’s how much the sense of humor has degenerated there over the years.

        • ishy

          Ted Nugent went on a vicious onstage rant in which he threatened the lives of Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Decked out in full-on camouflage hunting gear, Nugent wielded two machine guns while raging, “Obama, he’s a piece of shit. I told him to suck on my machine gun. Hey Hillary,” he continued. “You might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless bitch.” Nugent summed up his eloquent speech by screaming “freedom!”

          • ishy

            Should I post links to all the pictures of Sarah and Ted hugging each other?

          • otlset

            How about I post links to Obama abjectly bowing to mid-eastern Muslim potentates? It’s about as relevant.

          • ishy

            Only if you also share the ones of Bush and the Saudi Prince holding hands.

          • otlset

            Straw man. Stick to the subject — David “gap-toothed schmuck” Letterman.

          • ishy

            I am sticking to the subject. You are criticizing Letterman for being an “ungracious jerk” and a “boor” who “insult Sarah Palin and her
            family on his show in a way-out-of-bounds manner.” So that kind of “cruel humor” is not ok with you but what Ted Nugent says is ok? Don’t you think its hypocritical of the Palins (and her followers) to attacked Letterman but then not only give Nugent a pass but never pass up an opportunity to give him a hug in front of the cameras

          • otlset

            Straw man. What Nugent said has no bearing on Letterman being a jerk.

          • ishy

            You are wrong. And just so you know the article is about LATE NIGHT COMEDIANS…not solely Letterman. You can read correct?

          • otlset

            We all know who is far and away the most vile and arrogant of the late-night comedians/hosts in his tasteless ‘jokes’ showing undisguised (and irrational) dislike of Sarah Palin and her family. Who is pictured, a composite comedian?

          • ishy

            Still waiting on Bristol and her mother to condemn entertainer Ted Nugent for his attacks on women. Death threats are certainly far worse than anything Mr. Letterman has ever joked about.

  • Tom O’laughlin

    Comedians usually poke fun at what bothers them.
    Their subjects (if political) are focused on those that are mean, hateful, over the top outrageous, divisive or judgmental.
    They are poking fun at what society hates.
    No one likes a bully. Do you see them making fun of victims?
    No one likes someone who preaches and judges. Do you ever see them flattering those?
    President Obama really doesn’t give them much “stuff”.
    He’s all about that hope, change, bringing people together, not excluding because of religion or ethnicity… all the boring topics.
    Mitt Romney is and was a joke. He came out swinging using talking points that went against everything he stood for only to get a vote.
    He was fake. That’s joke material.
    Your mom, no matter her intent, tends to divide, judge, point fingers – joke material.
    No one likes a finger pointer.

    There is a deeper level to everything. Don’t just view Comedians as funny people who want to make a laugh. Any research and you will see the funniest people out there are also the most depressed. Humor has become the one tool that has gotten them through and they got so good at it they became famous.
    But listen to their message. There is a message behind all jokes.

    In today’s political world, the GOP has become mean, judgmental and angry.
    No one likes people like that. Those are the types of people that depressed the Comedians to begin with. Of course they are going to take pot shots at those folks.

    And on the other side of the coin, a Comedian should be allowed to joke about whatever they want. If they are Democratic in thinking they should be allowed to crack jokes about the other side. It’s their prerogative. Just like News Networks are allowed to give whatever slant they want. They are the ones spending the money. It’s their network.

    It’s not rocket science.
    You have to be deeper than a lot of your complaints.
    Generically calling out Comedians because they say stuff you don’t like is silly!
    They aren’t out to get you or anyone but merely doing their job. It’s their gig just like this blog is your gig.

    What was the purpose of this piece? To get people to hate Comedians?
    Just because the slant may be more “to the left” just means more Comedians from “the right” need to come out of the woodwork.

    People are allowed to view their opinions. It’s part of what makes America so great. You have Comedians viewing their opinions and you right a hit piece against them? For what purpose?

    I applaud yourself and your mom for getting out there and pointing out what is wrong with America and those in it but eventually you need to stop just blowing the whistle and doing something about it.

    As far as I know you both are absent from public view except to come out blow that whistle and then disappear again.

    I’d, personally, love to see you start up a home for unwed mothers and blog about that. Real change vrs just complaining.

    Love you dearly but it’s getting old.

    • otlset

      Not comedians, just David Letterman.

    • melory23

      Come on Bristol supporters, you gonna let this person get away with this rubbish? I hate that they come here and post this nonsense and get away with it while it is so easy to disprove all their stupid claims.
      Hey, Tom, were you thinking about liberals when you wrote this post, because everything you said to accuse us actually apply to them.

      • RushLpig

        You going to cry? Lol

        • melory23

          You are going to cry when I am done with you. Your luck that I don’t have time today.

          • thomas o’laughlin

            Get your pitchfork and go at ‘em!
            How DARE anyone think and offer another view point!
            How Dare!
            It is scary how demented and twisted your thinking has become. What happened to cognitive thinking?

          • otlset

            Get your union thugs and IRS agents and go at ‘em o’laughlin!

          • donalddump

            O.K., I’ll wait until tomorrow. Heh

          • ishy

            Melly your “threats” are so Christ like.

          • ishy

            Right here…above this post melory. Lookup…no not at Jesus..look at computer screen. See where you threatened the other poster? Bad melory….not Christian at all. I hope you repent and try and be a better example for Christ in your future.

          • otlset

            Melory’s threat of course was going to be a torrent of truths conveyed to Mr. pig, who being unable to counter them with facts or reason would be reduced to tears.

          • PJ

            Monitoring blog comments is work, something the Palins don’t like too much, unless a camera is rolling and the paycheck is huge.

      • thomas o’laughlin

        You make no sense.
        It’s not a liberal/republican way.
        It’s about thinking… cognitive thinking.
        Everything is so black and white with you guys.
        One thing out of whack and you rush to the pitchforks.
        I thought Jesus and Bible stuff were your meme.
        Why are you all so paranoid and twitchy and so dang defensive?

        • otlset

          Here o’laughlin stereotypes to condemn conservatives. Why are conservatives (“you guys”) so “black and white” with you o’laughlin?

    • Patty

      Poor Tom. Letterman is just not funny!!! You ever hear the ole saying, if you point your finger a hundred come pointing back at you. You are judgmental and you are a finger pointer and you are also rather simple minded but you get to post too. :) See how fair this site is. :)

  • RushLpig

    oh quit your whining already. Conservatives and tea baggers give comedians so much material, what do you expect. Go pretend bear hunting or go do another reality show. Or perhaps you can upgrade that GED by going to 5 different colleges like your mother.,

    • Need da Caffeine

      Hey Moron, it is just a culture of bias that you are willingly blinded to – Hollyweird lefty elites congregate together like any other group. Letterman and his ilk never have been as funny as they thought they were. BTW, three interesting recent studies showed conservatives have more testosterone and are more manly, test markedly higher on standardized intelligence quotient assessment tests, and as a demographic are far more unbiased, kindly and generous to charities. Game, set, match, loser.

      • donalddump

        Ya, we know Ann Coulter has more testosterone and is more manly. I’ll give you that. As for the rest of the so called “studies,” prove it.

        • otlset

          Hey Need da Caffeine, this dump guy must have been a subject in one of the studies! Yeah, pretty sure Ann Coulter could take him all right.

    • Julie Dinkins-Borkowski

      yawn… trolling is sooo 2004….

      • ishy

        Yawn so you is your hyphenated name.

  • melory23

    So our Democrat President and Secretary of State refused security for our first homosexual Ambassador – not only refused – but told the rescue team to stand down and not help him and his staff? Guess he has served his purpose and our progressive President and Secretary of State had no use for him anylonger?

    And when asked why, our Democrat Secretary of State asked us “what difference does it make?” Wow! Our country’s policy has always been that we do not leave an American behind – I did not know that it does not apply to homosexuals – that we can leave them behind?! Ironic that the Democrats who pretend to care for gays are the ones that cause this tragedy to happen to our first homosexual Ambassador. But as our liberal Secretary of State said “what difference does it make!” He was only a homosexual… is that what Hillary is saying?

    • $51178099

      My point being that we should start judging liberals by their own standards.

      They did play the race and gender cards when we demanded answers from Susan Rice. Now suddenly they are not interested in identity politics?


      Actually, Michael Guest was the first publicly gay man to be confirmed by the US Senate to serve as a U.S. Ambassador under Bush. The first publicly gay ambassador,James Hormel, received recess appointment from Bill Clinton.

      Hillary supporters over at Hillbuzz has this take:

    • HuntingMoose

      That is a really interesting fact.

      Now, i really do not think that him being gay was a factor in denying security in bengazi but it is an absolute great question to ask an the tank for obama drone.

      Because the alternative is that they have to admit that obama is just incompetent and a pathological liar

    • 1MiddleRoader

      Wow, Melory, that’s no way to show respect for a man who died in service to his country. If Chris Stevens was gay, he obviously did not want it to become public knowledge. But you and others chose not to respect his wishes. In fact, immediately after his murder, many on the right, before they found bigger things to pin on the administration, claimed that appointing a gay man to a Muslim country was tantamount to sending him to his death, (apparently ignoring the fact that ambassadors are government employees and cannot be discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation). BTW, there is no evidence that he was raped and dragged through the streets. To my knowledge (someone please correct me if I missed it), Sean Hannity and others have never retracted those claims nor apologized to his family for being wrong.

      • $51252694

        Part 1

        The Dems playing the race and gender cards (w.r.t Rice) to avoid answering important questions about the blatant lies told about Stevens’ death, that is a way to show respect to a person who died in service to his country?

        It is a fact that Obama and Hilary denied Stevens’ multiple requests for security, and that they told the rescue team to stand down and not help Stevens. There is something for you to be outraged about. Protecting Hilary and Obama because they are Democrats – that is disrespectful to a man who died in service to his country. You know if this happened under a Republican Administration, you would not be here trying to hide the fact that Stevens was homosexual. You would not act as if telling the rescue team to stand down and not help is no big deal.

        Did you read the article I linked? They linked to videos and articles from reliable sources overseas that confirms that Stevens was raped and dragged through the streets, the way they did to Ghadafi. An inconvenient truth for the LSM, that is why they don’t report on it.

        Hilary’s supporters are not your typical “right-wingers”, they brought up the issue of Stevens’ sexual orientation. Suddenly liberals are not interested in talking about sexual orientation – hypocrites – they live and breath identity politics when they think they can use it as a weapon against the rest of the country. This time they can’t benefit from it, I suppose.

        But as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, years from now these same libs will talk about the year 2012 when the country was so “homophobic” that they would not provide security and help for a homosexual Ambassador under attack in a very dangerous country. They will conveniently leave out the part that all this happened under an ultra-left Government. Same way they are now talking about the Japanese being rounded up and placed in camps – leaving out the part that it happened under a Democrat president (FD Roosevelt).

        To be continued….

        • $51252694

          Part 2

          The Dems covering up and ignoring FOR POLITICAL REASONS the horrendous and most humiliating death of Stevens, that is a way to show respect to a man who died in service to his country?

          A man who probably would not have died if his requests for additional security were approved and if the rescue team were allowed to go in and rescue him.

          It was the ultimate betrayal – Stevens was assured by liberals all his life that they are the ones that care for people like him. How safe he must have felt to serve as Ambassador under a Democrat President and Secretary of State. I am almost sure he considered them friends, Hil and O.

          When they denied his requests for security, perhaps by then he started to see their true colors, and when he realized that what he feared were actually happening, his embassy was under attack, I can imagine his horror and sadness at the realization that help will not come, not from the Obama and Hilary that he now knew, the corrupt narcissists, that will not let anything stand in their way to acquire and hold on to power. When the whistleblower testified that Stevens said to him “we are being attacked”, my heart broke, because I knew when he said that, he already knew he was on his own, he could not trust on Hil and O for help.

          How do Hil and O live with themselves – have they no conscience? Who raised these soulless Democrats? These pro-infanticide “leaders”? Who should we fear more? These “leaders” or the people that vote them in to power?

          • $51252694

            I appreciate the down arrows! Confirmation that liberals are reading my posts, hopefully their eyes will be opened and they will learn something. The truth sets people free! So I am happy!

        • 1MiddleRoader

          No, Melory, I would feel EXACTLY the same if this had happened under Bush. A person’s sexual orientation is none of my business. Unless it had direct bearing on the attack, which it didn’t, I will let it remain so.
          Benghazi IS a big deal, and I DO blame Hillary and the State Dept for denying security requests. I’m reserving judgement on the rescue team, however. Former SECDEF Bob Gates said there wasn’t time for a rescue team. (Others disagree.) He did say something, though, that I’ve been wondering about, and hasn’t gotten much press. Libya has a lot of surface-to-air missiles that went missing after Qaddafi’s fall, so I have to wonder if the decision-makers were worried that that the attack was a ruse to shoot down a U.S. aircraft. My personal opinion is that former AFRICOM cmdr Carter Ham should be questioned again. He’s retired now, and might be freer to speak his mind. However,anyone, me included, who thinks they have all the answers on Benghazi, is mistaken. For example, there are reports (from McClatchy news) that Chris Stevens refused security twice (from Ham). (I’m not sure they’re reliable, and even if true, we don’t know the specifics.) The most important thing, in my opinion, is to make sure the recommendations, especially for security, are implemented as soon as possible, and to continue investigating.

          • $51252694

            “A person’s sexual orientation is none of my business.” Until the Dems can play politics with it, unfortunately for them in this instance they better not! They can’t risk the country finding out that they stood by silently while a homosexual ambassador was killed to cover up their corruption and imcompetence. But they still have the race and gender cards, and boy, are they using those!

            There are reports that Obama was running guns to the Muslim Brotherhood, that is why he did not want the rescue team to go to the safe house, out of fear that the gun running operation will be exposed.

            The whistle blowers testified that there was enough time to intervene, the attack took place over a period of almost 9 hours. The 2 brave men who disobeyed the order to stand down made it to the safe house in time and was killed because help was not coming – thanks to Obama and Hilary.

            “The most important thing, in my opinion, is to make sure the recommendations, especially for security, are implemented as soon as possible, and to continue investigating.” I get so tired of this political speak – always after the fact, we have to believe that they will do it right next time. Instead of getting to the bottom of how and why this happened! Who gave the order to stand down and WHY! Why the lies about a video and who came up with that lie! And hold those responsible for the death of these 4 Americans accountable! But Hil and O is going to get away with this, no justice for Stevens and the other 3 brave Americans. But there is a God.

        • $51252694

          Correction: FD Roosevelt was the racist Dem president that placed the Japanese in concentration camps after Pearl Harbor. I did a quick search on the internet, when this issue is discussed, it is hardly mentioned that FD Roosevelt was a Democrat. These “writers of history”, yawn….

      • $51252694

        If you are looking for apologies, seems to me this is where you should start: (Btw, Sean deals in the truth, he doesn’t owe anyone an apology)

        Ask Obama and Hilary to apologize to the families of Stevens and the others for all the lies, negligence and cover up in the death of their loved ones.

        To my knowledge Obama, Hilary and Rice have not even apologized for lying that a video caused the attacks, thereby giving cover to and letting the real attackers get away.

        They have not apologized to the innocent man, who btw is still in prison for something he did not do, for putting his life and the life of his family in danger by blaming him for the attack, knowing full well he was innocent.

        They have not apologized for the lives that were lost due to violence in the Middle East, caused by their lies.

        They have not apologized to the President of Libya who from the start told them that this was a terrorist attack.

      • $51252694

        Think about this:

        We have a president that had no problem blaming an innocent citizen for the gruesome deaths of 4 Americans to cover-up his own corruption and incompetence.

        He did so knowing full well this man was innocent! It did not bother him that he was putting the lives of this innocent man and his family in danger. WOW!

        He knew full well this kind of lie would set off a killing spree in Muslim countries. How safe are we with a president that can do something like that to an innocent citizen?

        • 1MiddleRoader

          An innocent man??? The video-maker was convicted of 4 felonies, including bank fraud and identity theft (prior to the video). He repeatedly violated his probation. He produced a hateful video, and several actors in the video said they were duped. You can argue that his sentence was harsher than other similar cases,but he is not an innocent man. In her NRA speech, Sarah Palin said that Hollywood producing films glorying violence was “freedom destroying itself.” I think the video maker fits into that category. Plus, he was not supposed to be acessing the Internet.

          The killing spree in the other Muslim countries WAS set off by the video. Attempts were made to tamp down the protests, which is pretty much the same thing the same thing the Bush adminstration did with the Danish cartoons in 2005-6.

          • otlset

            He is innocent of instigating the Benghazi attacks and murders with his video, as Hillary and O’Liar have publicly claimed in numerous venues for weeks afterwards.

            And don’t you love those excitable Muslims? Don’t insult them now, be careful, or they’ll kill you! Allahu-Akbar!!!

          • $51252694

            MR, with all due respect, it is people like you that I am scared off! Are you really that partisan? You enable your government to abuse citizens by defending their corrupt actions! Today it was this man, tomorrow it may be you or your loved ones, or another innocent citizen. Believe me, they will find something against you if they want to, like they did with this innocent man.

            As otlset already explained, this man is innocent of instigating the Benghazi attack, Obama is guilty as charged in my first post, scary!!! We would not have known about this person’s existence if Obama did not falsely accuse him to cover up his own corruption.

            I don’t know what is scarier, the fact that our president who is supposed to protect the citizens can abuse them like this, or the fact that we currently have a citizen in prison for criticizing Islam!

            Think about it Americans – pause and ponder: In America we have thrown a citizen in prison for criticizing Islam! The mind-numbed liberal robots probably think this is great!

            Blame his “criminal record” all you want, everybody knows why he really is in prison. Hil promised the families of the victims that she will see to that. Knowing full well that he was innocent! Scary!!

            Very few people even watched the video, I think at the time they started speaking about it it had around 9 views if I remember correctly. It could have been more, but it was an insignificant number.

            I paid attention so you are wrong, apart from the violence in Egypt, there was no violence in the ME until after Hilary and Obama started blaming the video. I knew they were instigating more violence to distract from Benghazi, so I paid attention. I know most of the people were killed after Hil and O brought attention to the video.

            Hitler said something about the sheeple, can’t remember it right now, bottom-line – tyrants love them! Until they have no use for them anymore.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            To you and Otlset: The video maker did not cause the Benghazi attack, but he played a part in inflaming tensions. When Ansar al Sharia claimed responsibility for the attack, it blamed the video.
            (This may have been a false claim by Ansar al Sharia but it could not be immediately discounted.)

            And yes, apart from Egypt, the actual protests in the other countries started after Obama and Clinton blamed the video. But they knew it was coming. The U.S. embassies around the globe were bracing for them.
            You are correct in that the initial showing IN JULY had only 9 or so viewers. But on Sept 8, ” Egyptian television firebrand Sheik Khaled Abdalla airs part of the the Arabic version of the clip on local channel Al Nas, condemning it harshly. The trailer’s YouTube view-count skyrockets.”

            Call me crazy (or scary) but I will probably go to my grave believing 2 things that only moderates can believe:

            1. The “Who pushed the video” theme is a red herring and many in both the administration and intel community believed that it played some role.

            2) The Bush administration and many in the intel community believed there were WMD in Iraq.

          • $51252694

            You are a partisan leftist, pretending to be a moderate, you are just slicker than the others, you are not fooling me anymore.

            I believe you – the police’s sudden interest in this man – and his arrest shortly after the Benghazi attack had absolutely nothing to do with the most powerful man in the world, the POTUS, telling the world that his anti-Islam video is to blame for Benghazi.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            Mel, you’re just being ridiculous now. Many news reports immediately after the attack cited the video. Ok, initial info is often wrong, so forget those. But in the days and weeks
            afterward, there will still some reports linking it to the video. Here’s just one: 13 OCT: NYT, report from Benghazi: “To Libyans who witnessed the assault and
            know the attackers, there is little doubt what occurred: a well-known group of local Islamist militants struck without any warning or protest, and they did it in retaliation for the video. That is what the fighters said at the time,
            speaking emotionally of their anger at the video without mentioning Al Qaeda,Osama bin Laden or the terrorist strikes of 11 years earlier. And it is an explanation that tracks with their history as a local militant group determined to protect Libya from Western influence.”

            The ORIGINAL talking points that CIA drafted BEFORE all the revisions said the attack was spontaneous and inspired by the protests in Cairo. So to answer the “Who
            pushed the video?”, looks like it was CIA.

            And perhaps you misunderstood me about Ansar al Sharia’s possibly false claim. This is the SAME statement that has been used repeatedly by right wing to accuse Obama of lying. In other words, the terrorists said they participated in the “popular uprising,” and the conspiracy
            theorists only seize on the first part. And just because a group claims responsibility does not mean they are responsible. I used to work for the government, and the
            running joke in my office when someone did something careless or stupid (spilling coffee, for example), was “Don’t worry. Al Qaeda will claim

            There’s lots to be investigated re Benghazi. But
            the talking points aren’t one of them.

            As far as my being a leftist, I suppose if you added up all my views, I’d be a little left of center. But partisan, absolutely no way. I have defended many Bush
            administration actions. I think the folks who blame him for not preventing 9/11 are misguided. I often criticize Obama. I’m very much a “gray area” person; I think things are very rarely black and white. But, really so what I am a leftist? Oh, yeah, in your book that makes me morally bankrupt.

          • $51252694

            (I don’t know if it is my computer, or disqus, but the way it places the responses is confusing sometimes, not always sure which post you responded to.

            But if you wrote the above response to still maintain that the claims by the most powerful man in the world had nothing to do with the arrest of the video-maker, well, then, it sounds a little dishonest to me.

            Hilary did give her word to the families of the victims that she will personally see to it that this man be thrown in prison. But hey, it is not like Hilary and O have any power to make such things happen… There are those who think no-one takes Oblamer seriously, so there is that…)

            Back to our general discussion:

            So the NYT found people that told them what they wanted to hear, how convenient. NYT supports Obama, Obama had a difficult election coming up, etc. etc.

            It seems you are swayed by sources whose credibility cannot be confirmed, but you disregard the testimony of the two Americans ( who, btw, have a stellar record of serving their country) who risked everything to testify under oath about Benghazi.

            The talking points show that O and Hil are liars. It is understandable that Dems now want us to forget about them.

            “There’s lots to be investigated re: Benghazi” Exactly. Listening to the Dems, Hil and O-liar, I have yet to find evidence that they are interested in that.

            In my book anyone that supports and makes excuses for a pro-infanticide regime is morally bankrupt. Leftists do support such regime.

          • $51252694

            With NO evidence you find this man at least partly guilty for the attack. Yet with all the evidence against Hil and Obama you still can’t bring yourself to find them guilty of something, anything.

          • $51252694

            “He produced a hateful video,” . So what, this is America, he deserves to be thrown in prison for that? Leave Sarah out of this, she would never stand by and let someone be thrown in prison for exercising his 1st amendment rights.

            Surely you have seen the hate for Christianity displayed in “art”, so defended and admired by liberals in America. Shall we find an excuse to throw these haters in jail?

          • 1MiddleRoader

            He was jailed for probation violations NOT making the video. Personally, since posting on the Internet violated his probation, I don’t quite get why he wasn’t charged with that (might have been too hard to prove that he physically posted it himself), but, whatever, he could have gotten 3 years, and plea-bargained to only one. Do I support free speech? Yes. If he had been arrested for making the video, I’d be upset. But am I happy he’s back in jail for violating probation? Yes. If I really thought Americans who criticize Islam should be thrown in jail, I’d start with Pastor Terry Jones, who burned Korans (which sparked riots that killed many, including some UN workers), wrote a book called “Islam is of the Devil”, and also promoted and apparently showed all or part of video to his followers. Do I think that morally, he should have done those things? No. But legally, he has the right, at least in the U.S. The fact that he’s still out there, burning Obama and Bill Clinton in effigy, indicates to me that the First Amendment is alive and well.

          • $51252694

            “But the claim was contradicted by Mohammed Magariaf, president of Libya’s National Assembly, who said it had “nothing to do” with the attack. Evidence has mounted ever since that it was an organized attack on the U.S. by a group affiliated with al-Qaida.

            A witness at today’s House panel hearing on Benghazi, Gregory Hicks, the former deputy chief of mission in Libya, said his jaw dropped when he heard Rice blame the video.”


          • 1MiddleRoader

            Nothing new in that video. Note the phrasing “evidence has mounted ever since…”. All the evidence was not available immediately after the attack. And any intelligence professional worth his/her salt needs to analyze Magariaf’s (thanks for not making me look up the spelling!) statement in context. Did he say it for domestic consumption? Does he want more foreign money/aid to fight these terrorists? He is looking at difficult elections soon, is that a factor? People complain that the talking points were whittled down too much; I would argue that maybe they should have been whittled down even more, basically, to “We’re still investigating.” (but I realize that’s harder and harder to do in today’s world.)

          • $51252694

            “All the evidence was not available immediately after the attack” “We’re still investigating.” So you admit that Obama lied? He was confident that all the evidence was available, he told the world it was the video.

            Can you muster up some integrity and just admit that he lied, and that there is no evidence that anyone in the Intelligense community or anyone else told him it was a video! He and Hilary made it up to cover their own butt!

            He was willing to put an innocent man and his family’s life in danger – the least he can do is explain who told him it was a video that led to the attack, if he has nothing to hide, it will clear his name!

            That poor man and his family forever have that target on their back, thanks to Obama and Hilary. An apology may help the man and his fam, but the narcissist won’t do that.

          • $51252694

            duplication – blame disqus

          • 1MiddleRoader

            Oh, you walked into this one. First, I think the Libyan leader was telling the truth, and that appears to be the general consensus, but it is something people with much more knowledge/background have to consider .(Also, the domestic consumption thing is much more frequent in Muslim countries, Afghan Pres Karzai being the prime example.) And second, it is reasonable to question Obama’s motives. Frankly, I did. But I have seen nothing to substantiate that. It looks like a turf battle between State and CIA, with other issues, like compromising the investigation, also coming into play. I know you won’t believe that- you will always think there’s a smoking gun email out there, and who knows, there might be. But unless and until I see one, I won’t make accusations that I can’t back up.

          • $51252694

            delete because of duplication.

          • $51252694

            duplication – blame disqus

          • $51252694

            “And second, it is reasonable to question Obama’s motives. Frankly, I did. But I have seen nothing to substantiate that.” Of course!

            I will leave you with Bob Scheiffer, perhaps he will get through to you:

            “We’ve heard that the President said he didn’t find out about it until last week. Last week!

            Which qualified him for Washington’s fastest-growing club: the longer and longer list of officials who suddenly don’t know much about a lot of unpleasant
            things, from Benghazi to the Associated Press investigation.”

          • $51252694

            “It looks like a turf battle between State and CIA, with other issues, like compromising the investigation, also coming into play.” This is ROFLOL funny!

            Yes, if we had a president and administration known for their integrity, we could believe that Obama is sacrificing his reputation right now for the greater good of the country! Hilarious! There is so much I can say about this, so much evidence to the contrary of what you are suggesting, but by now I know you don’t care. So I’ll leave it at that.

          • $51252694

            Of course the Libyan leader was telling the truth! I never doubted that! Sadly, the general consensus is that our “leader” Barack Hussein Obama is a pathological liar.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            Melory, I am having the same computer problems as you. I can read your replies in my e-mail, but can’t find them on the blog. So I’m just replying here, and frankly, I think we both have beat this topic to death (and full disclosure, I have a paper to write for a class and have been using this blog to procrastinate, but I need to buckle down and “get’ r done.” You’ll be happy to knolw that it’s a completely non-political paper!)

            I’ll just make one last point and then try to let it go. If you’re going to accuse BO and Clinton of a cover-up, then at least be consistent and include fomer Gen Petraeus. He testified in Sept to same effect, and wrote (or approved) the original talking points.

            Now, very off-topic, but in a goodwill attempt to find something, anything we can agree on, I read that Sarah Palin thinks CNN’s Jake Tapper is good reporter. I don’t watch/read his reports alll that often, but from what I’ve seen, I agree!

          • $51252694

            Nope, Patraeus wanted nothing to do with the talking points. I guess you think his “resignation” also has absolutely nothing to do with Chicago politics.

            Sarah and Bristol are known to give credit where credit is due. If the left, or at least the “moderate” left, could not let the media tell them what to think of the Palins, and look at them objectively, they would see a humble, brave American woman that we all can be proud of.

            You can research the Alaska public documents and papers at the time of her governership, and see an objective and impressive record of Sarah Palin.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            I tried to resist commenting, but I can’t help it. Did you read the emails? They’re on-line. Petraeus’ objection to the talking points was that they did not include a reference to a cable CIA had sent about the protests in Cairo. In Sep. he testified that the attack grew out of a spontaneous demonstration; in Nov. he said he knew almost from the start that it was a terrorist attack. (That’s from Republican Peter King.) Apparently, the names of the Islamist terrorist groups involved were removed so as not to tip off the terrorists. (also tracks with emails). So, either that was the info the intel community had at the time; or the intel community had a valid reason for not revealing that they knew it was a pre-planned terror act (poss to protect the CIA covert op?) or Petraeus (and a ton of others) were complicit in the “cover-up”.

          • $51252694

            “Did he say it for domestic consumption? … He (Magariaf) is looking at a difficult election soon, is that a factor?” You can ask the exact same questions about Obama if you were just not so partisan! Obama was also facing a difficult election.

            I do not have tolerance for dishonest people, I used to enjoy talking to you, but right now you are acting no different than the Obama robots. If you can look critically at Margariaf’s words and actions why in the name of Sam Hill is it so difficult for you to do the same with O-liar? Because he is a Democrat?

            I am wasting my time, I still hope that one day I will meet a real honest and “moderate” Democrat.

      • $51252694

        I knew playing a little identity politics will get liberals’ attention – it is their language – Finally they are paying attention and we can talk about Benghazi!

        That is a way to show respect to a man who died in service to his country – SPEAK OUT AND BRING ATTENTION TO THE INJUSTICE DONE TO HIM AND THE OTHERS!

  • sanguine33

    The website I left a message on for someone who was on radio today had a link which linked to here.

    No way to email you. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter. So I will post here and hope you see it.

    Back when your mother ran, if I serve Him, I was compelled to ask those around her to let us pray for your protection. I would need to check the letters to see the
    specifics. I was also asking them to ask your mother to stand for the soldiers.
    One gentleman responded. One also tried to help. Didn’t work.

    Somehow I ended up on here tonight. You probably won’t see this post. If you do, please know I will obey anything He orders, if I serve Him. It was strong back then to ask them to let us pray for your protection.

    I wish you would set aside a place here where those of us seething over how a young woman could be savaged for political gain, in America, could place one line prayers for you. I assume I am not the only one who was leveled to try and gain right to pray for His intercession for you. I could easily submit a one line prayer on your behalf if you set aside a place for it.

    The hatred poured out against you for political gain should have been countered by prayer. I wasn’t allowed.

    Prayer says post this, so I do. I just need to add those attacking you should
    be the ones cringing before they do. He should be protecting you. You should not be fearing what will be said to hurt you.

    I will try to check back to see if you opt for a spot for receiving one line prayers on your behalf. Because intercession on your behalf was barred, what young
    women saw was that if they were assailed for political gain, they would be
    abandoned. You are owed.

  • Renny

    Leno got some good ones in.