Pre-School, Pool, and Snowmachine Photos… of Fatherhood

Hey Guys!  You responded so well to yesterday’s posts about dad that I thought I’d add a few more photos! I’m so thankful for the many roles my dad plays, and so thankful Tripp will grow up with such a great role model in my dad. Click here for Photo 2!

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  • Fung Law

    lovely family. funglaw from NYC.

  • MaryDGreat

    What happened to the Palin’s. NO CLASS!
    You would never catch Levi and Little Sunny posing with Levi’s hand on her breast. I have high respect for those two young ones trying to make it on their own. A true American Family.
    By the way, is Bristol still trying to break them up while trolling for a husband or did she manage to hook Joey Junker.

    • Jean_A

      Who is evi and Hunny?

      • triggy_bear

        Hi Jean!

      • Susan

        Jean, don’t you remember that desperate “evi” guy and also his jealous sister who both posed for porn magazines?

        Thank goodness the Palin family brings a sense of normalcy, integrity, strong moral principles and moral uprightness into Tripp’s life.

  • G

    Lol reading all of these comments…wow. Really? It’s a hug people, get over it. You guys always try to make the worst out of stuff! I don’t get how you think he’s purposely touching the side of her breast. I mean, really, come on. You guys REALLY need to get a life and stop trying to ruin theirs. So what if he was purposely doing that? They’re married (for almost 25 years) & they’re people with humor. Don’t be jealous just because you don’t have a funny bone ;)

    • melinda

      You’re right G. Husbands go around touching their wives’ breasts in public all the time. Why should the Palins be any different? Like anyone here would think anything badly if President Obama grabed the First Lady’s breast in a photo. Or Sarah put her hand on Todd’d crotch. For Pete’s sake, they’re married! Sheesh….. people need to relax on what’s classy and what is not. I agree!

      Here’s a thought though…. maybe this was intentional and another strange ploy by Sarah to be perceived sexually. Kind of like her “I’ve got the rack” comment or her recent reference to her supposed fertility. Which would make all of this attention on the boob grabbing all part of her plan……