Pre-School, Pool, and Snowmachine Photos… of Fatherhood

Hey Guys!  You responded so well to yesterday’s posts about dad that I thought I’d add a few more photos! I’m so thankful for the many roles my dad plays, and so thankful Tripp will grow up with such a great role model in my dad. Click here for Photo 2!

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  • JJooeey

    This is as all American as it gets!

    • dee


    • donalddump


    • Trueblood33

      America is the land of the free, where people can accomplish anything and where second chances at success are available to anyone. I am thankful for this.

      • Trueblood33

        Who would down arrow this? THAT is truly sad. I feel deeply sorry you’re so unhappy. Trying smiling and getting some nice sun. Go call your children, unless you’re alone. If so, go make some friends. You sound like you need life inside you, as many people here who spew hate.

    • Junior Samples

      I’ll raise $2million for Sarah Palin’s next run. What’ll you do?

      • JJooeey

        What I can, but all I can.

      • lilOne love

        raise 2M for the porno wannabe? sure you will.
        by the way, notice the trips , the new homes, the ugly jewelry , etc., it has all been purchased by the “supporters” lol

  • JJooeey

    Turning these people and the Romney’s down in order is as disgusting as it gets!

  • Kristen Peterson

    this is one of my faves (the one of Todd and the snowmachiners during the Pledge of Allegiance).

  • Rory Garien

    I have to be honest there is nothing more I would like to see then your father be the First Gentleman. (For those who don’t get it, that would make her Mother President)

    • dee

      amen to that

    • jcinco

      lol, yea, he can be the first spouse of a president in modern times who barely made it through high school.I see both of them encourage their kids to leave school asap…3 for 3 so far of spawn who have expressed no interest in college.

      • Jcinco The Moron


        • jcinco

          “awesome” response. Actually unlike you know who I don’t need a jelly bra, brissy.

      • otlset

        If Sarah Palin were President instead of that incompetent lying community organizer currently dragging the country down we would be in FAR better shape, you betcha.

        • donalddump

          If palin were president, she’d have quit already.

          • otlset

            You are dead wrong.

          • aloha43

            How can you come to that conclusion? She quits everything.

            Maybe you should learn to read the truth…it IS out there.

          • otlset

            Everything? Yeah the truth is out there, now go brain yourself up regarding the financial circumstances behind her decision to step down from the governorship due to the phony and baseless lawsuits brought to her by hate-filled agenda-driven idiots, people no doubt with close-minded sympathies like yourself.

      • nickeldoor5

        You think Obama made it through hugh school with his blow. Anything Obama got was was bought by the Arabs,Obama is the worse President we ever had.He plans on trying to make this a muslim country. They caught a bunch of muslim terrorist on the border today. I would much rather have a The first dude any day over ogly MIchelle.

        • donalddump

          Typical batcrap crazy palin cult member. When are you people going to get it through your thick heads that this family has no interest in actually doing any work that doesn’t bring them an easy paycheck.

          • otlset

            When are you going to get it through your thick head that you’re accomplishing nothing by coming to this blog to spread your twisted crap and spiteful negativity? You’re nothing but a loser, go back to your hive with the rest of the loser drones. Maybe in a decade or two you’ll grow up and start working to better yourself rather than seeking to disparage others.

          • Susan

            You’re such a lamebrain. I suppose you aren’t aware that Sarah Palin reduced her own salary as Mayor or refused to accept a substantial pay increase as Governor of AK. Hardly sounds like a person interested in money, does it?

      • larrylakester

        Most really successful people did not need any college and much high school…….Steve Jobs, Sean Connery, John D. Rockefeller, Richard Branson, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, and dave Thomas to name a few. If I want to know about something, I don’t need a teacher to spoon feed me. Self taught people are much more capable im my estimation.

      • Susan

        Hey low info jcinco, Sarah Palin was an honor roll member in high school before receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and Journalism from the University of Idaho and Bristol & Willow both graduated one year early from HS.

        • melinda

          They didnt graduate early. They were both 18. That’s “on time”. Unless “on time” means “early” in the Palin eyes.

      • Trueblood33

        What great things have you accomplished lately? All three know the value of work, all 3 worked in high school and now.

        Who taught you to be so judgmental?

  • Joseph White

    These are: “All cool shots!”

    Thanks for Sharing!

  • dee

    your mom is just beautiful and i think her guns alittle bigger then your dads,lol. i just love all of u and wish u were back on lifetime. my whole family really enjoyed it.

  • dee

    thank u for these photos. they r just beautiful. this is how a first family of this country should look like. we love u all in pittsburgh. my wish is to meet sarah someday, it would be, well i just have no words for it thats how wonderful it would be. i hope and pray she runs for president and your dad would make a cool first man.

    • donalddump

      What do you mean when you say “this is how a first family of this country should look like?” What is wrong with the Obama children? Down to earth girls who have great parents. What is wrong with some of you people. Sick, just sick.

      • Trueblood33

        Why do you take everything as an attack? Bristol has never said the Obamas are bad people. You’re so one track minded.

      • Gymrat

        This is a typical hateful far-left race baiting response. Dee never personally attacked the Obamas.

      • otlset

        She made no reference to the Obamas dump. Your troll bait don’t work, and you’re not nearly as clever as you think you are, dump.

      • Eyeroll

        They aren’t down to earth anything. They are ungrateful Obamabrats complaining about their tax-payer funded vacations and a first lady that can’t keep her contempt for our nation’s flag to herself. Go ahead, call me a racist.

        • cheeriogirl

          There is no need to call you a racist Eyeroll. I believe you just demonstrated that nicely yourself.

          • otlset

            How so? The first family’s race wasn’t mentioned.

          • CheerioGirlTheRaceBaiter

            YA HE SAID HE HATES BLACK PEOPLE, or wait, I think eyeroll said he hated chinese people, wait let me actually read the comment……….Oh he didn’t say anything about anyones skin tone or ancestral origin, my bad.

            CheerioGirl, even your avatar reflects the way you think, act, and most likely look. Staring at us with the eyes of a cow staring into headlights.

          • Trueblood33

            If that is proof, Id hate to be you. I disapprove of Obama because he’s a manipulator and liar. I don’t dislike him personally, as I don’t know him. I’ve never heard a republican say they hate him personally. THAT is leftist mentality, judge judge judge that which you do not know.

      • Jim Crosby

        I thought that at first but after some thought about the spirit of the blog I don’t think Dee meant anything other than we would like to see a First Family that is down to earth, takes normal vacations in the good old USA, and especially one that recognizes the hard times we’re going through and at the very least adjusts its lifestyle to reflect that. It’s too bad many people cry racist when someone criticizes or makes observations of this president.

      • jcinco

        usually dee’s comments are more racist.

        • Trueblood33

          And yours hateful.

          • melory3

            Typical race-baiting liberal, jcinco projected his own racism onto dee.

      • Jean_A

        Great parents?

        Mrs. Obama is a single mother and not liking it one bit.

        • otlset


  • conservativemama

    I love to see Trig so completely wrapped up in love. Your family will show others how full life can be when raising a special needs child. And really, doesn’t everyone have some special need of their own? I have three daughters, all “normal,” so to speak, but each has a need that my husband and I address. Whether it be insecurity over grades as compared to her sisters, or a shyness that makes herso quiet that teachers can overlook her, or a fear of change that can keep her from exploring all that life has to offer.

    We all struggle with something, some more than others, some challenges greater than others, but it’s the struggle that defines who we are, that builds our character.

  • mommaG

    is he copping a feel?

    • Jean_A

      Bit jealous.

    • melinda

      Yes, of her falsies. She definitely strapped on the Belmont twins again for this pose.

  • Peatwa Wabbit

    Sarah, you are just too damn sexy. No wonder your man is catching some side boob for the photo op!

    • jcinco

      yea, so classy and presidential, the wasillabillies…

      • Jean_A

        Go take a look at your ugly wife or husband.