Pre-School, Pool, and Snowmachine Photos… of Fatherhood

Hey Guys!  You responded so well to yesterday’s posts about dad that I thought I’d add a few more photos! I’m so thankful for the many roles my dad plays, and so thankful Tripp will grow up with such a great role model in my dad. Click here for Photo 2!

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  • Mary Buerkley

    We’re all ‘kings’ of our own castles!!! That makes us ‘first families’ in our homes…. get it you liberals!! seems like there’s all awful lot of you on this posting. It’s Palins page, she can write what she wants. And she never speaks out of line.

  • Barbara Beyer

    love you all. Keep up the inspiration. We need it in this day of SUPPRESSION, DEPRESSION, OPPRESSION and REGRESSION.

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh, your Mom is as cut as your Dad! Very fit couple. This is my favorite photo, Bristol. Very playful.

  • Bootsy

    Your dad was a pimp for Shailey Tripp! Your dad is a scumbag pimp whore mongerer!!!

    • SusanWo4p

      Why are Obama supporters always so unhinged? None of you have any self control. You people really need to get some meds.

      • Bootsy

        I DO NOT support Obama!!! You don’t have to be a democrat to hate the Palin’s. Her administration almost shut down the state of Alaska. The problem I see is that anyone who supports Sarah Palin is uninformed of how stupid she is!!! Why don’t you go some meds and lace the Kool-aid your drinking! Dumb bitch!!!!

        • otlset

          Yep, unhinged.

          • SusanWo4p

            Totally unhinged, as is evidenced by “Bootsy’s” inability to express herself without using hate language and profanity.

        • BootsyHasTwoPedoDads

          Check this out guys, I’ll make him really freak out.

          Bootsy, why’s your name bootsy? You got your head stuck so far up your ass that you lick your own boots? Doesn’t make much sense does it. Therefore I must be right, because you don’t make much sense either. Did your two daddy’s involve you in “special two daddy time?” when you were a child? Or, did you sniff too much glue in high school?
          Maybe you watched too much CNN and SNL and all the subliminal messaging rotted your brain. You know, everyone starts off equal, but the outcome is not always the same. I think you’re just jealous. Get a life.

          • Bootsy

            What’s with all the pedophile talk you sicko?? You’re the one who’s freaked out you sick fuck! “Special two daddy time?” You just outed your self sick freak!!!! You pedo!!!!

          • Bootsy

            By the way pedophile – I’m a girl!!!

          • Bootsy

            Guess what?? I turned you into the authorities for your disgusting pedophile comments!! Sicko!!!! Wait, is that you Todd Palin???

        • Jean_A

          Why the hate, nutjob?
          You are one dumpazz low information voter. Do us all a favor and please don’t ever vote, you freckin clown.

          • otlset

            The trouble is idiots like him/her DO vote, which explains why we have a lying incompetent socialist in the White House destroying (fundamentally changing — as he promised) our country now.

  • breaux

    I don’t care if todd was in the alaska independence party, he’s always gonna be my president!

    • Trueblood33

      Spoken from true closed-mindedness


    Love the pics, Bristol! Thanks for sharing them!

  • hope4palins

    Thank you Bristol, for sharing these photos of your wonderful family. I don’t know how you all deal with the cruelty that is thrown at all of you. I read it and it hurts almost as if it was directed at me. I don’t know how you all continue to show such class in the face of it, but my admiration for all of you as a family because of your class and your grace now equals my political admiration for your Mom (which is huge but not germane to these beautiful pictures).

    A side note to you haters out there: I have never, would not ever say or even think anything derogatory about the Obama daughters. I confess that as a father I do not understand any father who would say, “If one of my daughters made a mistake I wouldn’t want her punished with a baby or an STD.” as President Obama said in 2008. It’s on YouTube, look up the video. I do not understand that kind of thinking at all. Because of that statement I don’t understand why people like him personally, but that’s not my problem, and I certainly don’t have anything against his daughters.

    I wasn’t going to watch the “swap” show you did with Melissa and Joan Rivers, but this loving portrait of your parents combined with the ugly cruelty I saw in the comments section here have changed my mind. Ms. Rivers said publicly that she liked you very much, so I’m looking forward to seeing that.

    God bless you and your dear family Bristol.

  • David

    I think the photo at the pool is my favorite.
    Thanks for sharing, Bristol.

  • Susan

    Your family is amazing, love all the photos, especially the one with your parents taking Trig to school. Thank you for the pix, Bristol! We have a huge family too so I know firsthand what a blessing they are. Looking forward to seeing you and Willow on ABC Sunday night, June 23.

    (Hope you ignore the knucklehead’s negative comments. The only reason deranged peeps like that come on someone’s page is because they’re seething with jealousy and their lives are empty. I suppose we should pity the poor, sad, pathetic things . . . or not )

    • Trueblood33

      True. People who post hate live hateful lives. Wish them well and that they find happiness :)

  • LittleOne

    I don’t know why you would post a picture of your dad grabbing your mom’s breast.
    I can understand how your are aware of sexual relations since you are a mother and have that type of experience, but i feel very uncomfortable looking at your dad interact like that in front of their OWN children. I think it’s gross and disgusting

    • LittleMoronicOne

      Wow, you came here, typed that whole paragraph out of hate. I don’t know much about you, but I can tell you’re a very bitter angry person. Are you jealous that you can’t have children or something? Or that you’re nothing compared to this couple? What is it? Did you think Tina Fey WAS Sarah Palin? What’s up with the hate dude, live and let live.


      • reasonable respect

        Big moronic half

      • EducatedConservative

        moronic, LOL…what does having children or Tina Fey have to do with the hand-on-the-boob photo in public.

        NO CLASS

        • otlset

          They are an earthy couple with good humor. Don’t be such a friggen prude.

    • DeeDEEthree

      Little one You’re just upset because you have a Little one.

      • LittleOne

        I am & do have a little one. I’m truly a nice girl, not a pretend one…

        • Jean_A

          Why don’t you take care of your little one?

    • AnyOldNameWillDo

      It’s a photographic illusion combined with Todd having strong man hands and Sarah being lean and fit.
      Sometimes there’s only one picture available that shows the occasion.
      Don’t read anything into it.
      Leftist faux Liberals don’t care about this kind of stuff anyway. Where was the outrage from the leftists for the mistreatment of Willow and Bristol and Trig.

      • donalddump

        You mean when the 2 girls went on a gay bashing rant on Facebook? Heh, the palin’s have made victimhood into making a fantastic living. Suckers.

        • otlset

          Victimizing Palins again? Go home and brain yourself up punk.

    • daryl

      I agree with you that was inmature.

    • melinda

      It’s not her real breast so i don’t think it counts technically, does it?