Pre-School, Pool, and Snowmachine Photos… of Fatherhood

Hey Guys!  You responded so well to yesterday’s posts about dad that I thought I’d add a few more photos! I’m so thankful for the many roles my dad plays, and so thankful Tripp will grow up with such a great role model in my dad. Click here for Photo 2!

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  • Jim Crosby

    We fathers all have that one photo that catches the love we have for our children. I’d bet this is one of Todd’s

  • Sandi Jo Voshall

    Mom is looking good!!! She never ages!!! Love the pics!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • JohnMartin Mull

    Amazing how much Trigg looks like Levi.

    • otlset

      Time for new eyeglasses, or maybe even try wiping the liberal blog residue off your eyeballs.

    • LastMomStanding

      Trigg looks just like Grandpa Heath! Handsome young fellow. Thanks for sharing the pics ;)

    • Trueblood33

      He looks like a child with DS. Are you saying Levi looks like he has DS? lol

      Get a life.

  • jcinco

    Why is tawd grabbing money boo boo’s flotation device?

    • LastMomStanding

      Jealous much?

  • reasonable respect

    Disgusting! Tod with a hand on the breast of his wife…….this is special how!

    • respectable conservative

      “I agree about the disgusting posting of a supposedly respectable conservative” yeah right….the woman and her mother have NO CLASS.

      get a room perverts!

      • GUEST

        Oh, please you foul-mouthed Palin-haters all of the sudden discover your inner prude? They are married for goodness sake! LOL! I don’t think it was even intentional. You all are just mad ’cause this pic blows your “getting divorced, sleeps-on-the-couch, she’s anorexic” lies out of the water. It’s all of the sudden perverted to touch your wife? I don’t know too many heterosexuals that would think that this pic is “disgusting”. Ha!!

  • Tracie

    Great picture! Don’t worry about the fools who are posting hateful comments. Who spends their time going on blogs just to run others down?? Miserable people, jealous people, ungodly people…that’s who. The funniest are the ones who manage to make an Obama/race issue out of a fun picture of a happily married couple. Geeze.

  • DeeDEEthree

    The LOONS are just upset because there LIES are being thrown back in their UGLY faces.

    #1 lie Sarah is so thin and unhealthy that she is going to die in 6 months I believe that was at least 7months ago well looky their is Sarah in GREAT SHAPE and by the looks of it VERY MUCH ALIVE.

    #2 They are always saying Sarah and Todd are never together and they are getting Divorced. WELL they certainly look happy and VERY close in this photo and the many other photo’s I have seen on Sarahs Facebook page.

    2 more LIES from the LUNATIC DERANGED PDSers bites the dust.

    How many LIES of theirs have been shown to be what they are LIES from the LYING LIARS WHO LIE. I believe that would be somewhere in the thousands.

    Of course the sane people (THAT WOULD BE US) Who keep debunking all their LIES.

    We have just a few things to say to you. We can see your heads EXPLODING from here and we can tell that you are getting all WEE WEE’D UP.


    Edited to add: The only problem I have with this photo is that Todd has his shirt on.

    • Trueblood33

      Just ignore haters. Everyone has them, and they’re not respected people. Most people don’t judge those they don’t know. This post sounds almost as crazy as haters’ posts.

  • Joseph Ritter

    Very nice photos of your dad! Boy, I tell ya, your mom’s really got a muscle on her in that first photo! I like Trig’s backpack in that last photo.
    Thanks for sharing as always!

    Hey, on a side note, I’m looking forward to watching you and the family on Celebrity Wife Swap Sunday! :D

  • AnyOldNameWillDo

    Hi Bristol :)
    Those two are quite lean and ripped!

  • Stoneyjack

    Wow! Super Sarah Palin is still shapely & seductive. What an amazing lady.