Shout Out to an Alaska-Grown Miami Player

I haven’t been paying too much attention to the NBA playoffs, but I wanted to congratulate Mario Chalmers on Miami’s win tonight.  He attended school at  Bartlett High School in Anchorage, and it’s always fun to see my fellow Alaskans succeeding!

Does anyone else think it’s funny that an Alaska kid could end up playing for a team called “The Heat?”

Congratulations, Mario!

Who are you guys pulling for in this series?  Will switching to San Antonio give the Spurs the edge they need?

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  • Lakerfanalways

    As a diehard Laker fan I cant say I am happy that the Heat won tonight..but I will TRY to be impartial and just say..congrats Mario for that win, but the Spurs will still win the series..yeah I just cant stand seeing the Heat win Id even root for the Spurs

  • section9

    Thank you, Bristol, for throwing some love at my Heat! Can’t say the Heat fanbase was too happy with your mom for her support of the Pacers during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals last week, but they got over it because the Heat won in Miami. It’s good to see the Palin family show some Heat Appreciation.

    Chalmers is a good player and he’s a team goon when he LeBron needs him to be one. He’ll contribute well in what will probably prove to be a seven game series.

    Go Heat!

  • David

    Bet the move from Alaska to Miami was interesting.
    I have not been watching the NBA Playoffs, but may the Best Team Win.
    I have been watching College Baseball and the French Open.

  • marydgreat

    stop pretending you like Black people or minorities since EVERYONE knows you are a bigot.

    • otlset


    • melory3

      Bristol saw a fellow Alaskan – you saw a black man. Why the obsession with skin color?

      • otlset

        Racists (along with the government, media, public educational systems, etc. which take great pains to identify and group people according to racial and ethnic background…ironically (heh) to achieve a ‘colorblind’ society! HA!) are obsessed with skin color.

        • melory3

          Hilarious video (3 minutes) of Pat Grey (Glenn Beck show) asking Al Gore why his dad voted against the civil rights act of 1964! Sure to cause liberals’heads to explode!

          “The unmitigated gall, can you believe the audacity to even bring up civil rights and then compare it to global warming skeptics when your own father voted in 1964 against civil rights!!!” Al Gore have you no shame!!!

  • aflakygirl

    I don’t know why you would think that anyone would think it’s “funny” that Mario would have made It to a team called the Heat, or any team whatsoever. look at how you are cashing in and you don’t even play a sport.
    You gotta give your everyday citizens more credit than that. come on….

    • otlset

      How is she cashing in and why would she need to play a sport to do so?
      — an everyday citizen

  • isabel matos

    Alaska and Miami have something in common. Finally!! I’m giddy, lOl!!

  • bellagrazi

    So awesome! Congrats, Mario! Local Alaskan boy made good.

  • sanguine33

    I commented in your Letterman post on May 18 pleading you set aside a section where people could leave one line prayers on your behalf. Many of us want to counter what you endured and still endure – savagery to intimidate young Christian conservative women into silence so that only the approved role models, like the Girls actress, are heard.
    Today at work I was suddenly hit with I should check if you responded to my request.
    I forgot about it.
    Then tonight I read your mother is back on Fox News and so has regained her platform.
    I repeat my request. You deserve to hear from Americans who oppose the attacking of young women to silence them, in the form of prayers on your behalf. You have suffered long enough. If you permit this, and word gets out, someone will post a prayer for you which finally shames those who shower hate on young women who dare to challenge extremist liberals.
    Please start a bastion for young women who are sick of being hated and threatened because they won’t submit to liberal leadership. If you do it here, other threatened political young women can do the same on their websites. You deserve to see pleas to Him on your behalf.
    I pray on posting this … if I serve Him, I need to add I don’t seek this because you are frail. As I posted earlier, I was compelled to seek a way to get prayers of intercession for you back in 2008. That was driven by your prayer to Him – unless you didn’t cry out to Him, in which case none of this makes sense. If I serve Him, I was ordered to try and respond to it, immediately. I was also to seek your mother’s support of our soldiers. But responding to your prayer came first. It is in my failed letters. Please hold to that prayer you raised to Him back when the attacks began.
    I need to add if America rallies to end your persecution, the world will see it and your attackers will thereby be shamed. Please let prayer rally on your behalf in a manner the world can see it.
    I need to add He knows every threat, every attack, made against you. They were supposed to be blocked. We are allowed to pray He help victims of weather disasters. We are barred from praying He help victims of politically-based assaults.
    Now I can post this.

    • melory3

      Thank you!

      • sanguine33

        Any way you could help me with this? If Bristol does not see it, it dies here.
        Clicking your name shows you post on Conservatives 4 Palin. I found my May 24, 2009 email to one of its editors. That request failed. I did not know it had an active discussion board.

        If you permit, I could compose a one line prayer here if you did not mind seeing if there is interest there for more of them for Bristol. I was hoping she would see one of my posts here, but that appears unlikely given the hateful things she would need to wade through to see it. I assume she does not read the comments here.

        Again, thank you for the thank you. Hopefully you can help me. I hate trying to do something based on prayer and failing.

        • melory3

          The only way I can help you at this stage is to pray that the Lord will open a door for you to do what you feel led to do.

          I agree with you that we ask for prayer against all kinds of attacks, harm and evil, and that we should do the same for politicians. Today’s America is a dangerous place for people like the Palins who are so publicly outspoken against the evils of liberalism and our evil and corrupt leftist government.

          I came across some very evil postings about Bristol on the internet – in all my life I have never seen people sinking that low. A portion of our society is very sick and there are unfortunately some leaders and politicians and the media that want them no other way!

          What I did in the past to keep evil at bay here at Bristol’s blog, I used to post scripture – so I would think – you can every now and then, as you feel led, post a prayer or scripture, or even Christian music.

          If the libs can come here and spew lies and filth in obedience to their lord and master, Satan – you should be able to counter that with the truth, beauty and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, since the Palins are Christians.

          In the end, it is Bristol’s decision.

          In the meantime – keep praying for them and trust the Lord to open the door at the right time – and if He doesn’t – you can still continue to remind us to pray for Bristol – or even post a prayer.

          Don’t worry if you don’t get likes, that is not what it is all about.

          I have been thinking about this – I know there is a time for prayer in private where our Heavenly Father sees and rewards us in public – but I also believe there is a time for public prayer – especially for public issues. I may be wrong – I just can’t see how public prayer will do any harm – especially when we have such a public and viscious enemy.

          I wish someone wiser than I could give you advice!


          • melory3

            Please DO post the prayer you were talking about so I can agree with you in prayer! Where two or three gather in His Name, there is He.

          • sanguine33

            It is 2 a.m. Wednesday.
            I awoke Tuesday with the one line prayer, in case you allowed me to post
            it. And then all day I was hammered with
            how if I came out forcefully on spiritual warfare on her behalf, it would be
            disastrous. I kept refuting it. But I put off checking your response till now
            since my ordeal really worked me. I desperately needed you to accept that Satan
            was behind her unrelenting attack. How
            could I hope you would accept that?

            So I check and you say it.

            The hesitancy in your message threw me. I was going to ask you to use the fact we are
            corresponding on praying for her. I was
            going to ask you put that on the other website to lead to my posting my prayer
            for her. But then when I read down to
            the end after the attacks, there was your second post with permission to post
            my prayer here.

            Here is my background so you understand my one line prayer: I
            was raised in a house full of demons. My
            siblings were aware of them, but I was the one they attacked. For 17 years I had no idea what they
            were. Then I learned thanks to a blessed
            man on radio they were angels who revolted when Satan did. I learned from him how to fight them using
            Jesus’s name and blood, since as he explained, they were still subject to the
            command of Jesus.

            I blank out my childhood.
            It is too painful. But I also
            resolved never to kneel to Satan because of what he had done to me.

            I understand why the above had to occur.

            Anyway, I have battled them ever since, when they attack.

            I am shunned by Christians who reject demons exist. So I fight alone.

            If I serve Him, what I got was that she cried out to Him for
            protection, and that she needed to know He sent people to pray for it. She needed to know He heard her. I was one ordered to try. But I never got permission from those around
            her mother. I also never got
            confirmation she did that cry, although I did not ask for it.

            So that is my background.

            I know what I face if I actually do the prayer. I want others posted for her. I want them one or two lines long. Short ones are easily read by visitors. Otherwise a long one will be all visitors
            will read before they stop reading. I
            want America to see people are outraged this young woman is still targeted so
            as to convince other young American woman not to oppose Satan’s will or they
            will face similar hate.

            I will post the prayer in the next post. Please show our exchange on the other
            website. She won’t see it here.

            Thank you for letting me show the prayer to you.

            I will add this to strengthen you:

            When someone continually repeats what a demon tells him to
            say or write, he is emboldened.

            The demon flatters him about his wisdom while using him.

            But if someone makes that demon flee through His power, that
            vain person is back to his mere human knowledge, against someone open to God’s
            wisdom and power. It is amazing how
            shocked the willing idiot is when he loses the demon’s counsel and flattery,
            and must think again for himself. Hold
            that to heart.

            I will pray on posting the above and on posting the prayer
            in a subsequent post. If prayer says go,
            these will be posted … Regardless of whether I get the green light, thank you
            for helping me to this point. Basically
            all who I go to flee from those Satan persecutes. I head straight into it when ordered to do
            so, if I serve Him. So I almost always
            go alone. Thank you for helping me. Now I pray …

          • sanguine33

            Received Tuesday 6-18-13 8:25 a.m.:

            Father, mark the demon leading the unrelenting persecution
            of this precious victim, so that I can pit it in a manner which makes the other
            demons working with it, and the fools repeating their words, shudder.

          • Patriot

            Ha ha ha ha. That is hilarious sanguine33. Did you sacrifice a calf before you said the prayer?

          • donalddump

            Bristol a victim? Heh. Let’s see…what’s the message she sends to young women to be independent. Get pregnant as a teenager, don’t get an education, ride your grifting mothers coattails into reality stardom, sell yourself to the lowest (only) bidder no matter what the job is (WifeSwap), when the easy paychecks start to dry up. And last but not least, make sure to sell your kid into reality tv too.

          • otlset

            You are victimizing Bristol right here with your hateful crap posts. You and Patriot and the rest have nothing positive to contribute, instead showing up here only to insult, belittle, and spread bad vibes like any boorish morons. There’s no reason for your vile behaviour here. Either it’s some sort of Obama digital Youth-brigade semi-organized activity for unquestioning ‘youth’ drones still to wake up, or merely the spewing out of your own juvenile spiteful and hate-filled personalities.

            ‘Haters gonna hate’

          • Patriot

            Bristol needs no help from anyone in “playing the victim”. She has that down to an art-form. Hey yall…check out my new reality show…hey yall i’m on dancin with the stars….hey stop being mean to me and making fun of me..I’m done with hollyweird! hey yall I wrote a book please buy it…..

          • donalddump

            Truth = hateful, vile and victimizing in conservative spin land.

          • melory3

            In Jesus Name, AMEN!

          • melory3

            The one-liners sounds like a good idea.

            Thank you Lord for the beautiful Palin family, for bringing them into our lives, and for your Divine protection on them, always. In Jesus Name Amen!

          • sanguine33

            Melory3 – Thank you for writing the second one-line prayer.
            Any chance you can get this to Conservatives 4 Palin where someone could let Bristol know they want to post one line prayers intervening for her?
            Any chance you can reach Pat Grey? I don’t know if by “friend” you mean you are a fan, or that you actually can reach him.

            I note the attack here leveled at removing any demons fueling her persecution is, oddly, that she should not be working on a particular TV show. So I will refute that, thanks to Clint Howard. He is Ron Howard’s brother, the actor from Happy Days, producer, etc. He appeared on Dennis Miller and was asked by a caller why he took roles which might be deemed offensive morally. He crushed it by saying he was an entertainer, and that the viewer had the option not to watch. He was moral, but his business, his job, sometimes required he take such roles. Bristol is in the same business. I give her the same pass Clint Howard demanded. In short, a reality show actress has to work. As Mr. Howard stressed, the actor is not what he portrays. He is working as an entertainer. Obviously he would reject some roles as being too objectionable for him. But the principal he held was he needed to work. So does Bristol. And I will add what Rush Limbaugh stressed when he was challenged – you go where the sinners are, or they will not hear about Him.

            A lot of people are watching Bristol. I want them to see her defended. Thank you Melory3 for the help so far. Please get this to C4P or Mr. Grey or to both. Our exchange here is sufficient to take there. Hopefully you agree.

            And thank you otiset for your stance for Bristol here. Very appreciated.

          • melory3

            I am only a fan of Pat! As for conservatives4palin, you can try posting there. Chances are better that Bristol will get your message here, the other website is way too crowded.
            Please try and post there – but as I said – if you wan’t Bristol and her family to get the message – this is the best place to do it.
            Bristol and her mom do not respond to posters – a wise strategy – but I do believe they read and appreciate our support.

          • sanguine33

            melory3 – This will cover a lot:

            Thank you for responding.
            I feared I lost you when I did the post on how Bristol should use Clint Howard’s position to defend working. I felt compelled to post it but cringed doing so. I feared I lost you doing it.

            But I post that June 21, 2013 2:05 a.m., then see the morning of June 24, 2013 my Yahoo opening page blasting Bristol for being on Wife Swap. You post something cringing doing it fearing you will lose the one person helping you and then three days later you see you planted the way for Bristol to defend herself from a Yahoo (meaning seen by millions) assault.

            So if you are correct that Bristol and Bristol Mom peruse
            this posts, please Bristol go to Clint Howard and get his defense in full. You have a right to work. Don’t let your critics try to get you to throw that away so as to be deemed “moral” in their eyes. Otherwise, as Clint Howard implicitly warned, you won’t have anyone hiring you. The sole job available to you is entertainer. Do it fully and let Clint Howard shield you from the attempt to make you give that profession up.

            Second, I posted the prayer I had to go after the demon
            heading her persecution, if Bristol allowed it. As one of those practiced in taking these hideous angels on taught me, when He created the angels He made some more powerful than others.

            … which reminds me. I posted Monday June 17, 2013 4:07 p.m. asking your help on posting my proposed prayer if I wrote one, and you responded June 19 do it here after you were verbally assaulted for your first June 19 post in response. After I posted June 17 I knew I was setting up a chance at finally confronting the demons persecuting Bristol. Thank you for affirming demons are behind her persecution. I knew there was a vague verse alluding to a third of the angels revolting when Satan did, which was then confirmed by the demons Jesus confronted and by the demons others have faced down through the years. Because of that, everyone knows Satan is not the only demon who revolted. If I you let me set up a prayer and it led to my intervening for Bristol
            against her demonic persecution, I could be challenged to identify that verse I rely on.

            Anyway, I posted my proposed prayer at 3:01 a.m. Wednesday June 19, 2013 that I had received Tuesday 6-18-13 8:25 a.m., which turned out to be go after the
            lead demon if I got the chance to do so. He is amazing, if I serve Him, for three hours after I sought your help
            posting a prayer if I got one to use, I saw Jack Van Impe on June 17 at 7:05 p.m. say the verse showing a third of the angels revolted along with Satan is Revelation 12:4. I knew it was a vague verse. I thus had it on file when I
            later posted my proposed prayer, thanks to a recognized expert on Scripture.

            Back to what I was writing … so some angels who revolted are more powerful or wise than others. Given
            how vital it is for Satan to intimidate young American women into not opposing his will, I assume he put a strong demon in charge of her public and unceasing
            persecution. That means when I posted my
            proposed prayer on 3:01 a.m. Wednesday June 19, 2013 I faced a vicious battle with a powerful piece of filth. I just needed you to keep helping me set that up, which ultimately leads hopefully to Bristol’s
            permission I do the intercessory prayer. Without permission from the target or from one on her behalf, there is no sense confronting a demon. I learned that from the demonic confrontations Jesus had. If the victim wants the demon present, there is no getting rid of the thing absent someone like a family member asking it be forced away. There is another way but I won’t put that here. I just need her permission.

            Anyway, I post the proposed prayer 3:01 a.m. Wednesday June 19, 2013, and so faced the dread of possibly actually doing this battle. Every time I do this I might lose, so I avoid demonic confrontations as much as I can. But I was ordered to do this if she permits, if I serve Him.

            So as of June 19 3:01 a.m. I am dreading a possible battle with a likely very powerful demon (like I haven’t done enough of these already) and then June 20 10:10 a.m. I learn my persecution at work just kicked into overdrive. I won’t post details of what I already endured, but it is frightening. Now more is set up.

            So I was warned what has been set up. I prayed to Him maybe 2 minutes later, implored Him, please if I must be destroyed, please let me hurt Satan dramatically first. I don’t want to simply succumb to persecution. Immediately if I serve Him, it was strike at the lead demon persecuting Bristol, if you get the chance. So as of June 20 at maybe 10:15 a.m. I want this battle. I crave it. If my persecutor finishes me off as it appears he is now setting up, I want first to hurt Satan by taking down likely one of his strongest angels. I no longer dread it.

            Third, you write you assume Bristol and Bristol Mom read
            these posts. If so, please Bristol at least open a special thread here for those who want to post support for you. There I can submit my request you allow one line prayers for you. Two here want to post you support. We need a place to do it. Do this, and you spotlight the injustice of the unceasing persecution you endure since others can refer to that thread.

            Fourth, please direct me how to compose a paragraph you will feel is appropriate for you to post on Conservatives 4 Palin. Play teacher until I get it satisfactory for you. I will redraft it 15 times if you permit, if necessary. Then if you post it, it will be seen. I can condense my request.

            If Bristol sees this post and gives me a thread or something like it as I seek, please alert me. I am consumed with trying to save myself at work. It is very frightening. Also I have another effort I labor on, which is why I was hammered at work. So rather than scanning this website for my hoped-for thread, I am relying on email alerts that someone responded to me on this thread.

            I hate Yahoo for attacking her. My save of the front page portion on it is below what I am typing now. I did not
            read the article. The front page portion was sufficient to know Yahoo was after Bristol. I am so fired up to intervene in prayer for her. I need her permission or it is pointless to try.

            Please get me to craft a paragraph which you would feel
            comfortable posting on Conservatives 4 Palin. I can pen several versions to speed things up, some more mild than
            others. I did that for a candidate – I wrote three – and to my shock he chose the most impassioned one. I was trying to secure Party funding of his mailings. So just a few months ago I did this attempt to craft a satisfactory paragraph. I can do it again.

            That is everything to this point. Except I forgot to add that if B or BM is reading this, B or BM need not post a response. Send someone else to post for you. That way B or BM keep their posting identity secret. Send a third person to respond to me. He just has to open with “I spoke to Bristol and here is what I need you to address”. Then I just need to respond while cognizant the poster might be faking being your contact.

            Some here may flame am I daring to say all of the above
            happened for my sake, including Yahoo posting a prominent attack I would see? The answer is yes. Satan is not the only one who can lead those against Him to do what he wants. He can lead those against Him to do something whenever He wants to do so. So yes, He could lead Yahoo to do an attack so I would see it. He can do anything and no one can resist Him when He moves. He just prefers, as He said repeatedly in Scripture, to wait to be asked before He intervenes. And I am trying to do so for Bristol, assuming she indeed cried for it in 2008. Once He is asked, He is unstoppable, if those He directs follow His steps. Hopefully I am in regards to Bristol. If so, then all of the above could easily have been directed by Him, commanded by Him, for her sake. Her cry to Him, assuming she made it, carried great weight with Him.
            Otherwise, none of what I am doing here makes sense. Anyway, that is for the flamers who ravage these posts.

            I will post this if prayer says to do so. Thank you again for responding. I feared I lost your help.

          • melory3

            Saguine, thank you for sharing with me. Hope everything is ok with your work situation, I prayed for you.

            Please continue to intercede for Bristol and her family, even though she cannot respond to you. Many times the Lord have placed someone on my heart to intercede for, and long after that I found out that the person needed prayer at the time the Lord called me to intercede. You do not always need the person’s permission to intercede for her/him.

            Thank you for your support and love for the Palins. From what I have seen of this beautiful family, they do not take people for granted, they are very grateful for our support, they have expressed that many times.

          • sanguine33


            I’ve been pondering for 10 minutes how to start this reply, and this is what hit me: because of what is happening at work, I was forced to act quickly without warning to try and guard against what was being done. I went through it calmly. No warning, unprepared, and I went through it calmly. What hit me is I must attribute that in large measure to your prayer. I remember being shocked how I got through it so well. So now I have someone, with great gratitude, to thank.

            I am not praying on Bristol and family without a green light. I need to know my prayer cannot be shut down on that end. I don’t like talking about my battles with demons, since I get shunned for it, but I will note this: if I just launch at one, it will get the one on whose behalf I pray to cut off His right to intercede. He does nothing until asked. If the recipient can be coaxed to deny that, my prayer goes nowhere. Meanwhile I will be exposed to attacks from demons myself. So I want a green light from the person on whose behalf I seek His intervention, since it actually is a way to prevent the demon from coaxing the victim into declining His intervention.

            I don’t want anything getting in the way if I seek His intervention. The angel leading Bristol’s persecution must be strong. Satan would not order a weak angel to head that up. Many young women, perhaps young men as well, see the unceasing vile hurled at Bristol, and more importantly, see that she goes undefended during it. Satan uses that to prevent opposition to his will by American young women, and perhaps young men as well. That angel must be powerful. Because of my recent work situation, I want to confront it.

            So everything I need is in place except a green light.

            I assumed you would stop talking and I would file this away. But you kindly sent me a message again.

            What I am getting is to ask you is that you post on C4P that someone well practiced in spiritual warfare is stuck trying to get permission to seek His intervention against the basis of Bristol’s persecution. Since “spiritual warfare” is the cute way of saying battling demons, I might as well ask you to use your words on your website. Perhaps a second one might surface who knows how to go from being buried in an old entry on a basketball player to a reserved spot for one line prayers. That would then lead to my green light.

            If prayer says post this, I will. Thank you for your prayer on me. Something enabled me to act quickly and flawlessly when I should have floundered. I now assume it was your prayer.

            Before I pray on posting this, please realize the demon I want to confront knows everything I have done against demons up to this point. It knows ordinarily I would dread facing another one, especially one which should be quite powerful and wise. And yet here I am all fired up to take it on. Thank you for getting me to this point.

            I not getting this cleared in prayer until I add this: if indeed there is a powerful demon behind Bristol’s long persecution, and I succeed in putting it in the Pit, Satan will not readily replace it. If Satan must relent on what he has done to Bristol since he cannot pull from other places to replace the loss of that demon’s services, many suffering due to her persecution could be shocked by suddenly feeling Satan’s burden lifted from them. A lot of fear could disappear overnight. And I could certainly do follow-up, if allowed, against lesser demons exposed by the removal of that key one. Satan has a lot invested in maintaining this unceasing persecution of her. Rip a hole in that, and good things can happen.

          • donalddump

            Bristol is very busy right now taping Wife Swap (snicker) with Joan and Melissa Rivers. Willow is part of the show too. Back to Hollywierd! I thought she was never going back there. Wow, just wow. Saw a preview of the Joan and Melissa Rivers show this week. Joan catches Melissa having sex with some guy she barely knows. I guess Bristol doesn’t care about who she associates with if it involves a paycheck.
            Now here comes the Bristol brigade to defend the hypocrite. Lol.

          • otlset

            I wonder what Bristol and sis will earn for this TV stunt. 50 thousand? 100 thousand? Half a million? Shoot I’d do it for that kind of money…despite having to put up with that stretch-faced loon and her striving-to-be-normal daughter. No wait, we’re talking Joan Rivers here — make it a cool million!

          • Patriot

            Thanks for confirming that its all about the money otlset. The Palins have ZERO integrity.

          • otlset

            Please explain why Bristol and sis temporarily trading places with Joan and Melissa Rivers for a paid TV stunt earns the Palins in general your judgement of having ZERO integrity.

            I’ll tell you who has ZERO integrity: that incompetent liar in the White House you and all the other legion of dumbed-over fools think is cool…”This is the most TRANSPARENT administration in HISTORY.” Now we know the truth of that whopper (among *many* others) by Odumbo, don’t we?

          • Patriot

            Oh my look who is doing the name calling now. You have about as much integrity Otlset as the Palin family.

          • otlset

            Obama by his actions and incompetence deserves my utmost disdain. He deserves yours too, if you’d only take the blinders off and be honest.

          • Patriot

            Just one ridiculous statement after the next. My god I can’t wait for your generation to die off.

          • donalddump

            Bristol has whined and complained about Hollywierd and the people in it for awhile now. If she was sincere about her beliefs, she would have run a mile from this Wife Swap show. Where will she draw the line and say I won’t do that no matter how much they want to pay me. She’s in the gutter now, can’t get much lower. Joan and Melissa Rivers? hehehheh. But that is the new conservative way. Anything for a buck. The do as I say, not as I do crowd.
            After this show airs and the critics have a field day, she’ll go back to crying and playing the victim. And the Palin Posse will be right there to defend the grifters no matter what they do.

          • otlset

            I complain about my job, and the people I have to deal with, lots of times. Yet since I have to pay the bills, I buckle down and do what needs to be done in a cordial way, even with people I don’t care for or respect. I only wish the paydays were as lucrative as I know Bristol’s are in her dealings with the shallow self-centered Hollyweird (yep, ‘ei’, not ‘ie’) crowd. At least she’s earning money and paying taxes, more than can be said for a lot of folks.

          • donalddump

            There are many things I wouldn’t do for money. I sure wouldn’t climb into the gutter with the people I am critical about, just for a few bucks. Here’s a novel idea for Bristol, get an EDUCATION. You can’t go any lower than doing this kind of crap show. She can only live off of Hollywierd money for so long as she has the personality of a wet dishrag and that ain’t going to cut it for long.

          • Patriot

            Agreed DD. Obsessed Palin fans like melory3 won’t have a word to say about Bristol “palling around” with someone like Melissa Rivers. They truly see what they want to see. Biggest hypocrites around. Melory especially talks like she’s some super christian….when she couldn’t be further from the truth. Delusional. I read recently that scientists hope to one day find a cure for religious fundamentalism…can’t come soon enough for me.

          • otlset

            Name-calling. It’s the last resort of liberals who have no argument, so they resort to the grade-school tactic of calling people names. You might as well chant “nyah nyah hypocrits! nyah nyah delusional!, nyah nyah nyah” Patriot, and if lucky you’ll get a laugh out of Mr. dump there.

          • Patriot

            I didn’t call anyone names…and I explained why the Palins and there fans are hypocrites.

          • otlset

            Here’s more hypocrisy from the incompetent boob people like you inexplicably re-elected…


          • Patriot

            Ha ha ha ha. This is the best you can do? Post a story about WATER guns at a pool. No wonder people don’t take conservatives seriously anymore.

          • otlset

            I’m a fan of the Palins. You calling me a hypocrite?

          • Patriot


          • otlset

            I rest my case then if you can’t show my hypocrisy. Just an ad hominem cheap shot.

          • Patriot

            I’ve already explained why the Palin family and their fans are hypocrites. If you had trouble understanding then I’m to assume you were either home-schooled or attended a “christian” academy of some sort. Sorry you are poorly educated and lack reading comprehension.

          • otlset

            You got nothing, or else you’d simply explain how I’m a hypocrite rather than all that blather above.

          • melory3

            A liberal calling someone else a hypocrite is like John Edwards and Bill Clinton calling Billy Graham an adulterer. Ridiculous and laughable. Or as my friend Pat Grey would say “the unmitigated gall!”

          • melory3

            Ole ishy got a new name!
            You do remember the “scientific studies” that your fellow liberal posted here? According to those studies, liberals are sociopaths. So keep proving them right, haters!

          • 1MiddleRoader

            I think I’m the “fellow liberal” you are referring to. There was nothing in those studies even remotely saying liberals are sociopaths!

          • melory3

            I beg to differ!

  • melory3