Horses, Mom, and a Great Patriotic Gift

Just making sure you saw that Mom’s book, America by Heart,  is now in paperback…  with a super cool, new cover.

Buy it here, if you can’t find the new cover in your local bookstore.

Way to go, Mom!

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  • Maisie

    Why are critics immature? So much to do in a positive manner and you feel you’re mission is to be the internet jerk?

    Guess what? The entire blog community is not real life. Successful people do not live at blogs. Note I said “live at” not “visit.”

  • David

    I will look for the paperback next time I’m in the bookstore. I like the cover.

    • Ooops

      ” Don’t judge a book by its cover ” !

      • David

        I don’t. “I like the cover” was just a side note.

  • bellagrazi

    A great American patriot.