#‎Selfies‬ with my Favorite Parents!!

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  • Sue B

    Love the photo. You are blessed to have such wonderful, caring parents. If they were in the White House this country would be in such a better place.

    • Lillie Mae

      While I disagree with Obama politically, his family is beautiful as well. I like that righties have no hate for liberals on a personal level. Repubs stick to what MATTERS. Democrats demean and trash. Good thing the blogosphere isn’t respected nor looked to for good sourcing.

  • Firelight

    LOVE it! I’m cracking up at the term ‘selfies’. It’s probably my age but I LOVE the picture and you have such a great family!!

  • Joseph White

    Very Nice!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Jthom26837

    Great Photo of you, your Mom, Sarah, and your Dad, Todd. Suitable for framing.

  • Jan

    GREAT photo. All of you look so happy. Your mom just jumps in the back seat. She looks like a teenager. You are all blessed.

  • David

    Great photo !
    Thanks for sharing, Bristol.

  • Ruth

    slicksarah- so unhappy and full of hate and envy. Pitiful.

  • Jan

    Rosie O’Donnell tweets that sign all the time.

    • Megs

      I love Rosie O’s insta feed. Her family is beautiful. She certainly loves that new baby. I love being a parent because once your kids hit adulthood, they turn into your friend and not teenage enemy. God bless.

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    It’s still would be cheaper than the Obama’s 100 million trip to Africa and the 1.4 Billion spent every year in the White House under Ozero…Wild Parties? My…my….I suppose that you have not been invited yet…they have had the Hollyweirds Parties several times…then the Black Entertainments Parties….then the LGBT Parties….then the Muslims parties…then…His Friends only Parties…and on…Get a f*g life…

    • Guest

      Um, right.

      Those figures are classified and have been for EVERY President. Vacation costs are NEVER released to the general public. Look on any Government site and post me the figures. You can’t.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Great shot, Bristol! Beautiful family. ♥

    • Guest

      Pistol looks cute but that’s about it.

  • Melory

    Wow, tell your mother not to make public appearances just after getting her face botoxed. It’s as tight as a drumskin. Saw a still of her from eric ballings fux news show yesterday, her eyebrows are almost at her hairline. And that huge American flag necklace draped around her chicken neck is hilarious. Does it make her more patriotic than the rest of us? Lol

    • idesign2

      Look, it’s a moronic native from the Obamanation, attacking a young woman, What a small little man you are..

      Behold the tolerant left.

      • idesign22

        Look, another Fux News drone using talk radio buzz words. Pathetic loser.

      • Guest

        We are NOT tolerant towards conservatives.

    • SusanWo4p

      You guys are still trying to blow some life into that Botox hoax, eh?

  • melory3

    Bristol, I see that you have another poster here called “Melory”. Please know that it is not me, melory3. Just another sick liberal doing what liberals do best.

    I respect and admire you and your family and anyone using my name posting negative about you and your family, please know that I will never do that.

    • melory666

      Yes, we know you enjoy kissing palin butt melory. Do you have posters all over your walls too? The one of $arah shopping for toilet paper at Kmart in her get up suitable for a 15yo is priceless. I bet you have that one.

    • Fanny

      You’re so cute melory3 , thinking Brisyol actually read this blog!

    • Guest

      So, can I call you just melory then?

  • LisaGinNZ

    Cute pic Bristol. Count me among the millions wishing your family was in the White House instead of the current regimists. Keep on keepin’ on!
    A Chicago fan gone Galt living in NZ.

    • melory666&6

      Grow up Fux News cultist. You can always tell a cultist by the buzz words and phrases they use from listening to right wing talk radio 24/7 and watching sean wannity etc.

      • idesign2

        Look, it’s an Obama zombie who is one of MSNBC’s 17 viewers…LOL

        • idesign666

          Oh look it’s the fat 60 year old grown man who posts his palin love everywhere on the internet. Sick and gross.

          • idesign2

            Impersonation is the sincerest for of flattery..:)

      • LisaGinNZ

        Oh, my bad, you’ve convinced me its a horrible photo of horrible people because you have a clever “666” (the devil!) in your name moniker. Wow, yes, Lefty banter convinces me of so much – I’ll just go beat myself or throw all my time tested conservative principles out the window and start hating all things Palin.

  • Fanny

    What is going in with her moms face? And what’s with her always wearing huge sunglasses indoors and out even when others aren’t? She looks like she on something a lot lately.

    • idesign2

      I can see you turning green from my house..:)

      • Fanny

        Sorry idesign but I have no desire to look
        like Sarah Palin these days. It’s not a good look.

        • idesign2

          So you prefer that gigantic butt Moochelle look…LOL

          • idesignfat2

            I’ve seen your picture idesign. You ain’t no prince charming. Too many big macs and milkshakes?

          • Guest

            Is that true? Too many CHEESE burgers, eh?

          • Founders1791

            Caribou “PAYCUT” Barbie, posts then deletes, again!

          • idesignthongs2

            Actually, I feel a bit sorry for him. He craves palin attention. He must be a lonely old man. But, that’s 50 percent of sp’s fans. Lonely, uninteresting old men. And, ya, he’s overweight and just blah looking. Someone you wouldn’t take a second look at.

          • Guest

            Must be that elite living in Wisconsin.

          • section9

            Quick! Leave the thread before Caribou “Klaus” Barbie can claim overtime vacation points from OFA.
            There’s a contest at the OFA Central Office for Best BrownNosing Troll. So far Barbie’s in the lead for the 3 Day, 2 Night trip to Djakarta to make pilgrimage to Lolo’s gravesite.
            Chicago hasn’t told the troll contestants that you have to fly coach and that it’s on a Hajj Flight, but there’s an in-flight movie and a peanut snack.
            Good luck, Klaus! We’re pulling for ya’!

          • idesignsection9

            Here comes the other half of the “palin patrol.” Must defend every fart a palin makes. Do you and idesign have secret internet chats to come up with your daily defense plans? He goes to some websites and you go to others. Must be nice to have so much time on your hands. Pathetic. Lol

        • idesigndiapers

          well…unless you like looking like a scarecrow with a face that doesn’t move. lol.

    • Founders1791

      Politicalgates must be passing out the stupid sticks to the cult crew…
      ……….which of the seriously homely trolls is you?

      • Founders1791

        Big world? ……oh yeah, those delusions run very deep.

  • idesign2

    You know when the Palin’s are over the target, the trolls come out of the darkness.

    Like moths to a flame..:)

    • Guest

      “Bristol’s Blog is being attacked as I post, any help would be appreciated”

      You are a wimp. Defend it yourself.

      • Founders1791

        Better than what you are CQB

      • idesign2

        It’s hilarious that you follow me, like a little lost soul..:)

        What a pathetic life you must lead

    • annes_123

      Your “Gotcha” got me… now go giggle with glee at your victory.

  • section9

    Anyway, so I was minding my own f**king business when I read idesign’s post on C4P that somehow the Troll Horn had sounded.
    Poor Bristol, apparently, can’t post a pic with her, her mom in the backseat, and her Dad doing the driving on her own damn blog without the Obamajugend coming out and beating up on her for it.
    Hey Obots, it’s a Sunday. Even you Sturmabteilungen need to take a breather now and again. At some point, there are only so many shop windows through which you can throw a paving stone. And you might want to dial it down on the glasses: they’re prescription. This is from that trip to Lake Powell they were on, I suspect.
    The Schadenfreuden-elicious thing about any time the Troll Horn sounds and the Obot Brownshirts show up is this: ten years from now you poor sods will have to look at yourselves in the mirror and realize that THIS is what you did with your internet time – online thuggery for Barack Obama.
    What a waste of bandwidth all this hate towards Sarah Palin and her family really has come to be.

    • Fanny

      I guess this would be a good time to remind you she doesn’t even write this blog. Puts it all in perspective, eh?

    • Guest

      You do know that Lake Powell was built with funds from the Federal Government? Right?
      I believe it’s what you Cons like to call “Pork”

      • idesign2

        I don’t think Obama like’s pork.

        Obama: My Muslim faith…

        • annes_123

          google Obama eating bacon. You will find it.

          Why hasn’t anyone “caught” him praying 5 times a day?
          Ramadan just ended… did anyone see him EAT during the daylight hours?

          And for the record… what is so horrible about being Muslim?
          Oh, I know… any belief that is not perfectly inline with scripture is spawned by the devil himself – I spent many years listening to crap like that being pumped out by the man at the pulpit.

          THINK… it’s a good thing.

    • idesign2

      They’re Obama’s hate brigade, they know nothing about truth, freedom, and love of Country.

    • section9lovesidesign

      Its section9! Part of the 2 man “palin defense” team. Do you wear red, white and blue tights while doing your daily palin defense internet missions?

      • idesign2

        Do you wear a burka?

        • Guest

          I hear you do because you’re fat.

    • Guest

      “I always wonder if some of them are self-aware enough to wonder what they’ll think of themselves ten years from now.”

      I will be alive 10- 20 years from now. You, not so much. You are an old man

      • idesign2

        You’ll be in a coma, just like you are now..:)

    • Love is better

      It is THEIR lives that revolve around hating. Let them hate on these people they don’t know. It reflects poorly on their lefty party. Though none of they are people who matter to anyone other than their tiny segment.

      The sad thing is, this behavior is directed at ALL public figures, including kids and teens.

      These “liberal” trash talkers are literally showing kids it’s ok to bully and judge.


  • SusanWo4p

    I see the trolls are here.

    Very sad that they devote so much of their lives posting negative/nasty anti-Palin comments on the internet. What kind of a way is that to live?

    Can’t you folks find something positive to do with your time?

    Go out into the sunshine and take a deep breath…the world is a beautiful place…why not let yourself be inspired by the goodness that is out there?

    How about going to the Huff Po and posting comments IN SUPPORT of the politicians that you do admire? Instead of spreading darkness and negativity and attacking someone’s family, why not try and post uplifting comments somewhere?

    Your life is passing you by…

    • SusanWo4p

      I am a Palin supporter. I am here to post something positive.
      Spending time cheering on someone that I support is completely different from posting denigrating, demeaning, catty insults. Can’t you see the difference?
      I am choosing sunshine and you are choosing darkness. Surely there is somewhere you can go to post something “nice” for a change.

      • Guest

        May the force be with you.

        • annes_123

          She only finds sunshine by using the darkness.
          Which is it? Sunshine or Darkness?

          • Founders1791

            Put down the pipe for awhile and you might see….

        • SusanWo4p

          The force is with me every day and can be with you too, if you give your life over to Jesus Christ.
          He loves you and knows you by your name…and if you call out to Him, He will be there for you.
          Jesus loves YOU.

          • annes_123

            The Almighty Creator doesn’t need you insulting folks and then rambling generic “be saved” lingo….not to be mean… just saying.

          • SusanWo4p

            It may sound generic because it is so simple. JESUS LOVES YOU. Shout if from the rooftops! He LOVES YOU!
            He loves you annes…please don’t ever forget that.

          • annes_123

            Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw
            Jesus Loves You Whether You Like It Or NOT!!

            One day you may realize one’s faith is and will always be something personal. Pounding your own view never “saves souls”… ever.
            If God is a big God…….quit insulting Him by racing around hollerin’ “lingo” (especially right after insulting someone)

    • Founders1791

      The usual psychos from politicalgates with their twisted thoughts…

      • annes_123

        ah just go back to 1791 already

        • Founders1791

          Your miscreant Donkey party of Filthy Filner, Carlos Weiner, Bill Clitty, etc, are consumed with crotch politics 24/7/365

          • annes_123

            Are you going to stalk the Palin family when they finally tell the world toodles?
            She should be concerned by the mental state of her followers. Shudder…..

          • Founders1791

            The police should be concerned with the mental state of everyone you know…..

        • I am here for you “friend”

          Dude, how old are you? You’re literally a perfect example of ‘hate troll.” There’s nothing production in what you write and you’re dragging every “liberal” down to your gutter.

          Kind of sad that the blog you feel is insignificant is something you cannot live without.

        • I am here to help you friend

          Don’t lower yourself to their level. And annes, can you read? ALL your friends online write is distorted trash that makes innocent things nasty.

          You need a retreat.

    • SusanWo4p

      I am not taking issue with anyone’s right to “free speech”…I am just pitying those who can’t seem to post anything but hate and vulgarities.
      Do you really think a meaningful or productive discussion can take place when one side posts childish and hate-filled insults?
      I don’t spend time over at the blog sites of politician’s family members and degrade their loved ones. If Anthony Weiner’s mom was posting stuff about her fun weekend with her son, I wouldn’t go over there and post insults about her and her family.
      I am saddened for you, and others like you, who spend so much time posting unproductive and mean-spirited taunts.

      • annes_123

        I almost agreed with you until your last line.
        You were “right there”, too

        • I am here for you “friend”

          And the last line makes the most sense. Annes, do you need help paying for a mental cleansing retreat? I will fund this for you. I want to help you.

    • Meghan mmmgood

      There is free speech, and there is being a hate troll. I personally cannot understand the type of people who spreads hate the way you, Anne, and others do. There’s a difference between asserting an opinion and just being nasty. You can do the former without imposing ignorant judgment on someone or something. Try it. Just try to be positive.

      There’s nothing negative about this blog. But the people who make a positive thing negative need serious help.

  • mainelysteve

    The “guest” is feeding off your responses because he/she has not thinking ability of their own. Give “it” the credit it’s due and just ignore!!!

    • Megs

      Why do you automatically think scared? There’s nothing frightening about an anonymous coward spreading hate. If anything, it makes “liberals” look like ignorant haters since people naturally group people in irrational ways. There is no point to writing hate on the internet or speaking hate. There’s nothing hateful about this blog until someone uses his/her precious time to distort or fabricate some garbage. I promise you your life will feel much more fulfilling the minute you stop thinking so hatefully.

  • conservativemama

    Bristol, beautiful picture. There is nothing greater in this life than having a family that loves you and stands with you and respects you.

    All the best. Living well, living happily, is always so sweet.

  • friskyness

    great family………looks like a lot of family fun…..God Bless………….

  • MyGMa

    The Palins and the world are laughing at Obama’s latest gaffe in calling Europe a “developing country”. Obama is so stupid that he does not know what any third grader knows — that Europe is a continent, not a country — and Europe is certainly not a developing country. Obama is the butt of jokes worldwide.

  • uhhh JOE

    I’ll keep it PG…so won’t mention the democratic kkk…

    A very cool pic though I was trying to figure out the thumbnail with the sun shining on dad and I thought mom was your friend in the back.

    Have a good day I’ll talk to ya’ll later, looks like you are having a good time. I am jealous, will smoke a cigarette trying to figure exactly why I’d feel bad

  • Patty

    So calling the President “Muslim Trash” and using profanity is allowed….but criticize the Palins and your comments get deleted. Nice Christian values Bristol!

    • Hahaha

      Bristol is not the one deleting comments Patty. I doubt she even reads them.

  • Righteous

    Well well well…. Looks like the blog writer has been given the directive to try to make the comments more Positive about the Palins. That’s a bit if a problem though isn’t it? Without the debate in the comments, the posts largely get ignored. Hmmmmwhat to do what to do ……

    • Patty

      This “blog” will quickly die. Deservedly so.

  • Jan

    Are you or your parents going to help with Samaritan’s Purse that are taking Wounded Warriors fishing in Alaska this weekend?

    • Patty

      They are too busy shopping and lounging by the pool in AZ.

    • Katie

      Why come here to spread lies and weird comments?

  • Meghan mmmgood

    It does reflect on liberal blogs that allow trash written about any conservatives, but say anything remotely truthful/critical of the lies spoken by the President, you’re ousted.

    Patty, find perspective. Get a life. Stop living so hatefully.