#‎Selfies‬ with my Favorite Parents!!

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  • MyGMa

    The Palins and the world are laughing at Obama’s latest gaffe in calling Europe a “developing country”. Obama is so stupid that he does not know what any third grader knows — that Europe is a continent, not a country — and Europe is certainly not a developing country. Obama is the butt of jokes worldwide.

  • Jan

    Are you or your parents going to help with Samaritan’s Purse that are taking Wounded Warriors fishing in Alaska this weekend?

    • Katie

      Why come here to spread lies and weird comments?

  • Meghan mmmgood

    It does reflect on liberal blogs that allow trash written about any conservatives, but say anything remotely truthful/critical of the lies spoken by the President, you’re ousted.

    Patty, find perspective. Get a life. Stop living so hatefully.