Tripp, a Lake, and Some Minnows: Three Summer Photos of Fun

What is summer for?  To learn how to drive a pontoon, of course!  Stay tuned for more summer photos.

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  • Joseph White

    It’s nice to see a young boy exploring and enjoying the great outdoors.

    Thanks for Sharing!

  • Sue B

    Great photos. Such a handsome young man!

  • Deborah Woolley

    He’s a “little man” already!!!! He’s a precious little soul and CUTE too!!

  • Agent 54

    Could have been worse. At his age I would have been catching them to eat.

  • David

    Good photos of Tripp.
    Looks like he is enjoying Summer.

  • Sunny

    Absolutely adorable.These are the moments you’ll remember.

  • bellagrazi

    Tripp is blessed with the best Mama. Lots of activities to keep him busy this summer.