What Repentance Looks Like

This is a touching story:

On September 20th, during a Papal Audience, a man drew close to Pope Francis, carrying with him a somewhat suspicious looking bag. Inside were half a dozen surgical instruments of various types and sizes which he, Dr Antonio Oriente from Messina, ex-abortion gynaecologist, wanted to deliver at all costs to the Holy Father.

This luggage had already created problems as he boarded the plane from Palermo… These were the surgical instruments which, until 1986, Dr Oriente had used to break apart tiny developing human lives before they had a chance to be born; scalpels and forceps used by him, before his conversion, before he had embraced with courage and conviction the pro-life pathway.

Apparently, Oriente is now working to correct his past mistakes, as the vice-President of the Italian Association of Catholic Gynaecologists and Obstetricians.

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  • Jeff

    Obsess much “Bristol”?

    • falling321

      If one is going to obsess, what better thing to obsess over than the life and safety of our children, whether born or unborn? She is saving lives, both of the unborn and the young women who might have felt they had no other choice but to abort, if not for hearing Bristol’s story and the story of other young women like themselves.
      Better to obsess with saving life than working to take it from an innocent child.

  • otlset

    Oh Dr. Oriente, don’t worry so much. After all, those little ones you used those instruments on actually hadn’t even become ‘persons’ yet according to Bob Sidesplitter’s “spectrum of personhood”. So, no harm no foul!

  • Guest

    Like you know! HAHAHAHAHA

  • dwrogero

    Bristol, pray for those who don’t understand…like the posts below have expressed. You are an amazing woman who’s been through more in your young life than anyone I know! You’re a blessing. 🙂

  • Thank you for posting this story

  • Mommamia1

    Thank you for sharing this story Bristol. Now I will do the same. BTW ♥ your momma!

  • Kristy Patullo

    Amen. God bless this man.