Little Girl Makes Unforgettable 911 Call – Very sweet

Oh my gosh — I had to post this, because it is so sweet.  This five year old girl talked to the 911 dispatcher while her dad who was having a heart attack.  It turned out fine, but you’ll be impressed by her sweet demeanor.  Check this out for a pick-me-up!

(I hope Tripp would be this calm and collected!)

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  • Cheryle Dean

    I couldn’t help but to cry…adorable little girl and so glad dad had her there with him. What a blessing in so many ways! God Bless our kids!

  • JrMiss33

    Youve raised him well. Have faith.

  • David

    Amazing for a 5 year old to handle a 911 call that well.

    • AussieTEK

      Yes it was. I am so glad Jesus was there to help her through the call.

  • Kaleinani

    That was precious!

  • Kristy Patullo

    That is super sweet! I know that Tripp would do the same for his Mama.

    • AussieTEK

      I think Tripp would call grandma first. Sarah is so awesome with her kids and grandkids.

  • Sue Lynn


  • AussieTEK

    OMG that is so adorable

  • AussieTEK

    Bristol …. me and Sarah (voted for her not McCain) we prefer Tripp’s mum has no heart attacks.