Love This NewsBusters Interview with Mom

Loved This was a great interview with NewsBusters about Mom’s new book:

The topics for discussion were her new book “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas,” Martin Bashir, Santa Claus, and Charlie Brown.

NEWSBUSTERS: Tell us what you were trying to achieve with your new book “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas.”

SARAH PALIN: Honestly, it’s easy to lose track of the true meaning of Christmas. Beyond the “Jesus is the reason” type slogans, there are deep truths that should permeate our lives the entire year – good tidings of great joy we all need to hear, especially in times like this.

NEWSBUSTERS: Early in the book you wrote, “An angry atheist with a lawyer is one of the most powerful persons in America.” Please explain.

PALIN: This takes a little explaining about how our rights are normally protected, about why and who can sue a city, county or school. I go into this deeply in the book, but here’s the bird’s eye view.

Normally, a person can’t sue a public entity for a violation of constitutional rights unless he or she has a concrete injury. In other words, someone would have to show how the action of the public institution harmed his legally protected interests. For example, if you’re told not to speak, your right to free speech is violated. If you’re prohibited from holding a Bible study, your right to free exercise of religion has been compromised. In these examples, the power of the state is forcing you into silence or subjection.

But there’s a double standard at work. If someone is offended by a religious expression or speech in a public setting, then courts have allowed that offended person to sue — even if they weren’t censored, made to pray, or coerced into compliance with a different belief system, and even when they have a right to speak out and try to change public policy. Not only can people sue over hurt feelings, many times they’ve won.

This means people can silence their fellow citizens for no other reason than the fact that they were offended. This should stop.

Read it all here.

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  • Alberta Brett

    Your mom is my HERO!!!

  • Richard Smit

    Sarah Palin is the greatest person ever!!!

  • Sue Lynn

    I have 2 copies of the book and one audio version. Your mom signed both book and audio at the Grand Rapids book tour in November and it was wonderful meeting her and your dad they are so awesome. The book is so well written and it draws you in and will help everyday folks battles what is going on. I got one book from SarahPAC after a donation…I trust her with my money because she can be trusted. Sarah Palin Leads will the GOP seeks cover and consultants.

  • Ave Ashley Victoria E

    Finally someone intelligent about the laws, and understanding about Freedom, for those that are offended against The Christian Faith; and no other Religion, and try to make it impossible for my people to express what is “A” “Right” as a Free American, You are an Offense to ME, my Freedoms are stolen because of those like you because you dislike what I and fellow Christians stand for, which is the complete opposite of the Media and Secular’s World interpretations and Slandering and Categorizing based on mere lies and just plan misunderstanding …

    Alot of people prefer making me an issue merely because I believe differently, and because I believe differently I have the Power to change a world’s perception, this is what I noticed in those who “Hate” and “Fear” me …

    Otherwise their is no reasonable or other explanation to justify the death and lack of “Tolerance” in and outside of America towards Christians ..

    I”m obviously a “threat” when my voice is silenced ….

  • Pam Rios

    AFlakyGirl, perfect name for you. You are the one who sounds critical and bitter!

    • Ave Ashley Victoria E

      LoL – Truth …

  • Michael Cummings

    Yes please thank mom for standing up for those without a way to defend themself from an islamic terrorist president and his islamic crip friends (and okra)

    • Jerry Lee

      I didn’t know that Joe Biden was an Islamic Crip, that’s a shocker!
      And what’s wrong with okra? The fried okra with stewed tomatoes at Threadgill’s is outstanding!

  • David

    Bristol, obviously these Liberal Trolls are never going to change their Stupid Minds about the Palin Family … so … just ignore them.
    Bristol, I hope you and your Family have a “Happy New Year”.

    • Bhgt

      She likely never even reads this blog or the comments David.

      • minus47

        If she doesn’t post her own content it’s unlikely that she does actually read it, and that is assuming that she can actually read.

  • john norton
    • SecludedCompound

      Johnny Cash was a liberal, you schmuck. You can have Ted Nugent and Pat Boone. We get the talent, you get the stupidity.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Good interview with NewsBusters. God bless Sarah Palin. A Godly woman.

  • Returnoffds

    “Buy my book!!! I wrote this one for Sarah. And Bristol’s! And I write this blog! So if you like all this, you like the book. Buy my book!”

    Too funny. It’s all just marketing and moneymsking


    True Conservative, your ignorance is disgusting. Helping Jesus? No! The Palin’s are trying to help this nation know Jesus, the true meaning of Christmas and our savior! Shame on YOU for your slander! Please tell me what is “conservative” about your attitude?

    • Ave Ashley Victoria E

      Totally agree with you GOPPUNK89 … Good Statement

    • SecludedCompound

      What? The Plains are flogging the stupid things you yokels believe in to try to make a buck on the way off of the stage. How can you guys be this gullible?

  • minus47

    Gee, I had no idea that Mrs. Palin was your mother!

  • L R

    Just finished reading Sarah’s latest book. Loved it…love all her books! Thanks Bristol, for being a supportive daughter and a wonderful single mom. Millions of people love The Palin Family and what you’all stand for. Please tell your mother that I look forward to her next book. Please keep writing your Bristol Blog despite the ugly trolls spewing hate and ugliness. (trolls commencing down arrows and ugly comments in 3…2…1…

    • Jerry Lee

      Here’s another review of Sarah’s book.
      “Palin’s book is neither well-written nor informative on either a political or a theological level.”
      The full review is here:

  • colorado_df

    More importantly, where’s Sarah’s wedding ring? Is there hope for me?! Just kidding. But where’s her ring?

  • Jerry Lee

    Here’s a review of Sarah’s book. “Her inability to use words correctly illustrates perfectly her disconnection from the world.”
    The full review is here:

  • Ghin

    Hmmmmm. Quiet here. I wonder if Naaancy’s contract to write this blog wasn’t renewed?

  • Beaverton

    Bristol, some folks are saying that the picture you posted on your Facebook page of your Mom teaching Trig yoga is not her. Can you set them straight?

    • Ghin

      It looks like ” Bristol” has left the building. Beaverton. I wouldn’t be surprised if now that Bristol is in beauty school and headed for a real job they have decided to stop funding this blog. Its purpose is gone.