Saeed’s Wife Responds to the President’s Despicable Inaction

Saaed’s lawyer — Jay Sekulow — appears on Fox News to discuss the deal our President made with Iran’s.

Let’s just say he’s furious.

Also, Saeed’s wife responds to this stunning development too. Watch it below and pray.

P.S.  You can sign a petition here.  You can tweet about it here.  You can even write a letter to Iran’s new president here.

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  • otlset

    But wait! Obama pleaded with Rouhani over the phone for the pastor’s release!

    “Ha ha, beg harder Obama you mouse! We will NOT release the infidel outlaw pastor, and we WILL keep on developing our nuclear weapo.., er power facilities, and there is nothing you can do about it! Ha! Now goodbye and Allah be praised!” *click*

    • otlset

      “Send out a tweet and press release saying I did all I could for the pastor, and I’m confident as a result the Iranians will do all they can to secure his release as soon as possible.”

      Yay Obama!

  • otlset

    I think she’s on your side.

  • Sarandipity44

    Wow. This comment needs explaining! FOX is the least dishonest of all the media outlets. There is absolutely nothing dishonest about this report. How, pray tell, does Sarah Palin make money from obama?? FYI – if you’re going to trash someone, you should at least learn the correct spelling of their name.

  • Frank Padilla

    The prisoner is a Christian. A Muslim, president or not, DOES NOT help a christian.

  • David

    What else can you expect when we have a Muslim “Thingamuhbob” for our President?

  • Guest

    Seems like he wasted money on a good lawyer. If he committed crimes in another country then guess what, he’s going to be judged in another country. Blaming Obama helps no one and He is busy doing an awsome job.

    • $70129662

      Only problem, he did not commit any crimes – unlike the two liberals who went to Egypt (during so-called Arab Spring) and engaged in violent protests against the Egyptian government (they were arrested for throwing Molotov coctails (petrol bombs), our State Department (Government) was quick to stand up for them, ensured their release and safe return to America.


      Iran is in violation of its own constitution and the international treaties that it willingly bound itself to:

      Iran has repeatedly and continually abused the most basic human
      rights of Pastor Saeed Abedini, a U.S. citizen. For more than 160 days,
      Pastor Saeed has now been incarcerated in one of Iran’s most abusive
      and deadly prisons merely because of his religious beliefs – a blatant
      violation of numerous international treaties to which Iran has willingly
      bound itself and in violation of Iran’s own constitution.

      However, this is not the only violation of his human rights by any
      means. Iran’s deliberate and systematic violation of Saeed’s rights is
      almost unbelievable. No one should suffer this cruel fate for their
      religious beliefs.

      Among other human rights treaties, Iran has willingly signed to be bound by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam. Iran is in willful and blatant violation of each of these treaties and even its own constitution.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        Of course Iran is violating human rights and international and its own laws. But comparing Iran and Egypt is apples and oranges. We have diplomatic relations with Egypt. People get arrested there fairly often, and the U.S. usually gets them released. BTW, 1 of the 3 Americans arrested in 2011 worked for a GOP Congressman (originally worked for Obama campaign and switched allegiance). Not that anyone’s political or religious views should have any bearing on how hard the U.S. government tries to secure their release.

  • $3838536

    Obama doesn’t care about Christian Americans. He listened to 20 years of hate-speech from Jeremiah Wright.

  • oo

    this is what happens when the Evil Parasites out number the working people… they elect an out and out Marxist, bent on the destruction of a country from with in… this Parasite King Barry Obama WILL destroy this country… and it is the parasites’ who killed it… lazy greedy worthless scum of the earth leftist parasites … and they elected the plague to destroy America…… and it is the so called (apathetic) Christian who are most to blame… Thank You Christians … one hell of a job you all did….. it is you who will be held responsible for the down fall of this country… because YOU knew what God expects and you sat by and allow this to happen… judgment day is not going to be pretty for so called Christians… as a free people…Christians will be the ones to blame…

  • Kristy Patullo

    So gut-wrenching, Bristol. Jay Sekulow’s anger is palpable. I will continue to
    pray for Pastor Saeed.