Who’s on the Naughty List?

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  • otlset

    Uh-oh, here come the food police…

    • Guest

      haha These pics are the best. They show that really, life is about simple joys, joys that change with age.

  • RevvvKare

    I LOVE kids with their halloween candy. The simple joys of being little. You’re so funny! I have one of my daughter on top of candy staring down at it wide-eyed with her tongue hanging out. It’s framed on my desk. hehe

    You’re such a good mother. I admire your strength and calmness and the way you’ve remained the girl next door who doesn’t care about celebrity. You really can do anything through grace. Not many people I know can smile nonstop at having a little boy who’s got more spunk than 100 boys playing soccer. He’s always such a sweetie, and smart. And you can tell he loves his Nana. He got so excited with her. You really were born to be a mother. Tripp has always shined with love. Impressive at that age when all they want is what THEY think they need (bet it took a minute to convince him he didn’t really need to eat all that candy at once 😉 and are more stubborn than iron bulls. Well done.

    • PA_John

      If you examine the photo carefully, many of those candy wrappers have price tags. Looks more like a splurge at FiveBelow than a Halloween haul. And if that’s the case, wow, nice dinner at the Palin household.

  • Guest

    Another creepy kid pic put up by n a n c y not Bristol.

    • RevvvKare

      You need help. This is not creepy. Kids like candy and Halloween. Google kids with candy halloween to see more of this. And this is an interesting comment considering it wasn’t Bristol who published this boy’s NAKED baby pictures for money. It’s the digital age. She has supporters. It’s not that many when you think of country population. And she’s not alone in posting pics for her supporters. It’s not like she’s ever considered herself to be a celebrity. That is your mentality.

    • justme

      Totally agree. Posting a half naked picture of your now school age child out on a pullic web site is just sick! This exposure will follow that kid all of his life.

      • RevvvKare

        You’re in serious need of perspective.

  • Michael Cummings

    A great picture thank you Bristol!
    The candy looks unopened so it looks like he made the nice list 😉

  • Heather

    So stinkin’ adorable!!! My kids do that too.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Oh, Tripp! Hahaha Mom should be on the Naughty list.

  • David

    He looks happy … “like a kid in a candy store” … I think I’m addicted to dark chocolate.

  • Terri McKerahan Jones

    Cute picture! I remember those days!

  • hawkj68

    Looks like a fast track to diabetes to me. Cute kid, though!