Military Mom’s Surprise Reunion at Son’s Basketball Game

This is so sweet!!!! Happy moments like this one make me really appreciate our men and women in uniform…  and their families:

Thirteen-year-old Derrick Jenkins got the surprise of his life at his middle school basketball game. Thinking he was performing a routine free throw shot, Jenkins had no idea his mother, Lt. Col. Cotina Jenkins-Sellers, was standing right behind him.

“I told my husband that I wanted to surprise Derrick and he said we would do it at a basketball game,” Jenkins-Sellers said. “He thought I was coming home February 1. We’ve been planning it for about a month and a half.”

Can you imagine the shock?

 … In the video, Jenkins misses his free throws, and his mother, silently standing behind him, says to him, “That’s alright, Derrick.” 

Watch his very emotional — and sweet — response here.

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    So, where’s the video? Guess it’s not allowed in my pasture. Never mind. Slow cow… I see the link at the bottom. Let me chew my cud.

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    Where’s the video?!

  • David

    Yep, I think Derrick was ‘shocked’ when he saw his Mom …’surprise’ does not describe his reaction.

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    Dusty in here… something in my eye…

  • Kristy Patullo

    Oh my gosh, tears just shot out of my eyes! Super sweet moment.

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    Bristol’s brother, Track, served in the Army. She has an understanding of this type of separation. You are a petty person.

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    So you know their visitation schedule do you?

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    Yawn. So you don’t. As I said you’re petty.

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      As I said her brother served, she has feelings on the issue. Get over it. I’m done you bore me, you can have the last word.

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    Just awesome.

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