Patricia Heaton’s Gutsy Tweet About Black Abortions

Patricia Heaton’s Gutsy Tweet About Black Abortions February 27, 2014


Do you guys watch Patricia Heaton’s great show The Middle?

Well, she’s one of the only Hollywood stars who has the guts to speak out against abortion. 

Last week, Heaton shared a National Review article about how more black babies are aborted than born in New York City.  Alec Torres writes:

In 2012, black women in New York City aborted over 6,500 more children than they gave birth to. Data from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene shows that, among non-hispanic black women, there were 31,328 “induced terminations” to 24,758 live births, according to a CNS News report.

Heaton tweeted this article, by adding: “Margaret Sanger gets her wish.”  Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood and actually believed in ethnic cleansing.

I’m so proud of Patricia for having the courage to speak out against the evils of abortion!  Follow her on Twitter here.

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  • JessieJones

    I’ve asked these questions before because I can’t seem to find adequate statistics online. Does the number of families wanting to adopt compare with the number of abortions? If so, are these families willing to adopt children of any race? Are they willing to adopt children of birth parents that have mental illness and/or addiction? Will they adopt children of birth parents who’s credibility regarding not having used alcohol or drugs during the pregnancy is poor? These questions need reliable answers before anyone can claim that adoption is a viable alternative to abortion

    • Mrs. A

      These are all good questions. There are a few other alternatives to abortion and adoption. How about birth control or abstinence. That is where the problem is. Anyone can get birth control. There needs to be more education on both. Then there wouldn’t HAVE to be so many abortions.

      • Frydo

        How about also making it easier for working mothers, particularly the working poor? How about improving the social safety net and compensation for low income earners? How about making health insurance more affordable and not allowing insurers to not cover pregnancy, childbirth and pre-existing conditions…… Oh wait, Obamacare fixed that. And the same people complaining here about abortion are the same ones crying foul on Obamacare and all the rest.

        • Mrs. A

          My comment had nothing to do with the working poor or Obamacare.

          It had to do with women using the minds that God gave them and have protected sex using birth control or not have sex at all. Both are *very available* and very viable options.

          These are two alternatives to *abortion* the topic of this commentary. If the woman would follow either one of these options, she would not have to make a decision to kill her baby in her womb. It’s pretty simple.

          Planned Parenthood offers birth control. What a novel idea. Instead of going in there to get an abortion, how about women go in there to prevent getting pregnant in the first place? It boils down to lack of planning, lack of responsibility, and sheer focus on the self and the right now.

          Babies should not have to suffer the consequence of any woman. There is no reason for 1.21 million American babies to be murdered and thrown into a bucket or bag each year. At least not here in America.

          .. and by the way .. MEN are just as and equally accountable for the American abortion issue as women are.

          • JessieJones

            I am not so sure that Birth Control (effective birth control, not condoms) is as available as you state. I wish it were. I think that cost, and inability to get parental approval are real barriers. Planned Parenthood is not in every community and is being opposed at every level of government. This is sad as they also prevent abortions through birth control.

          • Mrs. A

            You could be right about pp Jessie, but at the national level contraception IS available. If it be birth control or condoms. I think that if women would simply be smart and plan better, it would reduce the number of abortions. If you read my other comment, most women getting abortions are ADULT women aged 20-24 who are more than capable of getting some type of contraception. Not only are they more than capable, but what about their partners. While I wish it could be eliminated, I know that is not going to happen. One is too many and the long term affects on the woman very harmful.

            I am not promoting sex outside of marriage. I believe that if women would only have sex inside of marriage, there would be less rates of abortion. As we know, even married women are getting abortions for the same reasons as the others I listed in my other comment. However, if they were planning things the way they should they would not be having sex with men who are not committed to them in marriage- which is a huge factor in the decision to get an abortion. There are so many things going wrong. Too big to list here.

            I don’t think I’ll be back on this thread, as I am not a blogger on social issues like this, as most people would become offended because my Christian beliefs would have to be shared at some point and I don’t like to argue with people. For some reason I was in the mood to talk about this today.. Have a good day. You and Frydo. Many blessings.

          • Tred

            Most people would be offended by your Christian beliefs?! Poor you! Ha! Try being an agnostic or of a faith other than Christian.

            That aside, your religious beliefs shouldn’t come into play on social issues because they are yours not everyone’s.

          • Mrs. A

            See what I mean? Prime example of a person who wants to be confrontational. Have a great day Tred..

          • Tred

            Not at all. Just making you aware of the reality

          • Michelle Erb

            Try saying “Happy Holidays” because you in fact are not Christian and have no idea if the person you are speaking too is either. Get ready to feel bullied. Some of us are a little sensitive when we are told there is a “war” that we have no desire to be a part of, we just want to share good wishes.

            So when Christians claim to be under attack in a country, where Christmas has already taken over Thanksgiving and is coming for Halloween, where Muslims have to fight just for the right to build a place of worhsip, and where almost no one can hope to earn elected office if they do not claim to believe in the Biblical god, you are going to get a reaction.

          • Tred

            Exactly Michelle.

          • Susan A Davis

            The Muslim goal is to take over and apply SHaria law is that wht you really want / with Christianity you have a choice .

          • Michelle Erb

            You sure love yourself some propaganda don’t you? You really don’t realize that is made up? How on earth could Muslims manage to pass Sharia law in this country? Meanwhile Christian fundamentalists do not even hide the fact that they are trying to impose Christianity on all of us and even try to rewrite history by claiming this is a “Christian nation.”

            Separation of church and state is supposed to be a shield to protect your own rights not a sword to lash out at others.

          • Susan A Davis

            You are sure blind aren’t you? I suppose Muslim aren’t killing innocent people everyday in the name of their religion..

            Christian leaders in Raqqa, Syria who had been captured by a former al-Qaeda affiliate, have signed a treaty this week that bans them from practicing Christianity in public in return for protection by Islamist rulers.

            According to Elhanan Miller writing at The Times of Israel, the submission document, which displayed the stamp of al-Qaeda, was signed Sunday and distributed through Islamist Twitter accounts. The document states that the Christian community in the northern province of Raqqa, captured last March by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, ISIS), had been given three options: to convert to Islam; to remain Christian, but vow submission to Islam; or to “face the sword.”

            Christian leaders reportedly chose the second alternative, which is known as “dhimmitude,” a reference to the Muslim ruler’s protection, or “dhimma,” in exchange for a tax known as “jizya” that must be paid by Christians and Jews living under Muslim sovereignty.

          • Susan A Davis

            They are relly joyful fun folks to be around huh..

          • Michelle Erb

            You do realize that is only a very small percentage of the billions of Muslims in this world? But we were talking about this country. No one is trying to pass sharia law in this country, although the tea party has been nicknamed the American Taliban because of their bold attempts to insert their own religious beliefs into our personal lives and even our bodies.

            Did you know that in the last year 6 different right wing extremist groups have been caught buying bombs planning attacks on Americans?

            Are you seriously pretending Christians have never killed in the name of their religion? Ever hear of the Spanish inquisition? Pogroms? Crusades/ blood libel? The Holocaust? My history teachers must have skipped the part about them giving non-christians much of a “choice.”

            Best we focus on the present and this country/ MMMkay?

            The only point we were discussing is that Christianity is not in anyway under attack in this county. The fact that you cannot totally impose your beliefs on everyone else does not mean you are under attack.

          • Guest

            You need a hobby.

          • Susan A Davis

            We will all be Muslims if we keep following this Administration… Just ask any Muslim that is their goal. So then you will have no choice.

          • Frydo

            Your original comment had to do with alternatives to adoption and abortion. That would include keeping the baby. Many women believe abortion is the easiest or only manageable solution because either they can’t afford the pregnancy, childbirth and raising the child , especially if there are special needs. And this is especially true for the working poor. Do yes, your comment did have a lot to do with the working poor and Obamacare.

          • Mrs. A

            Agreed and you are right! There ARE more choices out there other than those two basics.. as you mention keeping the baby.. or how about perhaps the extended family helping the woman or young lady until she can get on her feet and go to school. There are A LOT of options. Many to list.. I had mentioned that education would be a help too. If women knew their options.

            There are some areas where all women are equal and I’d like to focus on those. It is my opinion that working poor has nothing to do with a woman being able to use her mind in making choices. The choice to have sex and the choice to abort goes outside of the realm of being poor. While the abortion rates among the poor are higher, there are still those who are not poor who are also having abortions. The national rates are roughly 40-50% poor and 50% above the poverty level. Most of them citing the same reasons for abortion, poor or rich.

            “Most women
            identify multiple reasons for having an abortion: Three-fourths cite
            for or responsibility to other individuals, including children;
            three-fourths say they cannot afford a child; three-fourths say that
            having a baby would
            interfere with work, school or the ability to care for dependents; and
            half say
            they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their
            husband or partner.[40]
            The reasons U.S. women give for having an abortion reflect their
            understanding of the responsibilities of parenthood and family life.”

            All the result of lack of planning and poor decision making. I think the rates could be greatly reduced if they would follow one of the two basic options. Most women getting abortions in the US are *not* minor girls. They are adult women between the ages of 20-24. What a way to start off their lives, when there was something they could have done to avoid making that decision.

            I don’t want to get into an Obamacare discussion with you as a lot of
            people intend to use it as a distraction from the topic and to create
            arguments, fights, and division. Next thing you know it, this thread is all about Obama, Obamacare and becomes counter-productive. I don’t want to argue with you or anyone else on that issue.
            So I’m not going to comment anymore on that.

          • Tred

            No of course you don’t want to discuss Obamacare or other ways that we as a nation couldld make it easier for those 3/4 of women getting abortions who say they can’t afford a child. Or the 3/4 of them that say it would interfere with work or school. Yes, that would be a distraction from the problem ( yes, that’s sarcasm)

          • Mrs. A

            I don’t agree that Obamcare is the nation’s cure nor the cure to abortion. You have your opinion and that’s great, I just don’t agree its going to fix the problem with women making bad choices. Sorry.

          • Tred

            It’s not THE cure, but it will help, Sabrina. Think about it. Suppose you arent opposed to abortion. What if you didn’t have coverage for maternity care and childbirth and you found yourself pregnant? What if you were pregnant and found out you were at risk of having a child that had severe medical conditions that wouldn’t be covered as pre existing conditions or that would put them quickly at their lifetime spending limit? These would be reasons to have an abortion. Now they are not. You can thank Obamacare for that

          • Susan A Davis

            Who will it help i have not heard one happy person speak about how Obamamcare is helpin them.

          • Laureen Acton

            Now, now Sabrina, be careful. You will confuse the libs with that common sense. Individual accountability and responsibility is something that the libs don’t believe in !!!

        • Susan A Davis

          Well hell we thought that was what OBAMA was doing but look we got screwed again.

          • Tred

            Actually, that’s what he did Susan. All of those things.

          • Susan A Davis

            YES well his changes are destroying our economy

          • Tred

            You’re cute Susan.

          • Michelle Erb

            You are right. We did get screwed. Well at least those of us living in red states like Florida and Texas did.

            Obama recognized that the working poor are not getting preventive healthcare but instead are ending up in the emergency room , we all end up absorbing the costs, and their prognosis is much worse.

            For that reason the ACA expands medicaid to cover those who earn too much for traditional medicaid and are too poor to buy insurance on the market even with subsidies.

            It was concluded that expanding medicaid will save us all money. Moreover the ACA pays 100% of the costs to those states that accept it. But many republican governors are refusing the money and keeping those people uninsured. It is estimated that in Florida alone 7 people will die each day because of this, and hospitals will close when they stop getting reimbursed for patients who cannot pay.

            The people in those states are doubly screwed because their federal taxes go to the medicaid expansion in other states but their insurance rates and state taxes will still go up when those people end up in the hospital. They will also have to wait longer in emergency rooms since patients will still go there as a first resort.

            What will you guys say when abortions go down in the states that expanded medicaid but continue to be the highest in states like Florida and Texas?

          • Susan A Davis

            We have no state taxes and we are supporting the rest of this Country right now .

          • Michelle Erb

            No state taxes? I guess you do not own property (or rent from someone who does) you do not pay any sales tax? You have never been to a doctor or emergency room and had a bloated bill because of the uninsured?

            What state are you from, that you think your state pays more than it takes back from the federal government?

    • Michelle Erb

      Ask the million kids in the foster care system.

      Some more thoughts to ponder:

      Just being pregnant can cost a woman her job. Women in low wage jobs will be fired for missing any work. Add bad bouts of morning sickness or even more serious complications and they could lose their home or the children they already have. Before the ACA it was nearly impossible to purchase maternity care insurance through the private market, without a significant waiting period.

      Some women are on psychiatric drugs or other medications, going off those meds or just being pregnant could cause harm to themselves or their family. (Andrea Yates). A woman with a drug addiction risks being imprisoned if she remains pregnant.

      There is also a huge difference between a fetus with no consciousness and an actual baby. Once a woman has gone through pregnancy and born her flesh and blood child, adoption is not that easy. Many are also pressued by their family to keep their child and statistics show that causes many to remain trapped in poverty and abusive relationships. While adoption can be a beautiful thing, many adoptees do struggle with abandonment issues.

      The best thing we can do to limit abortions is increase sexual education, access to contraception, expand head start, raise the minimum wage, and give women more access to healthcare. . The worst things we can do are: Oppose the ACA which requires insurance to cover maternity care, refuse to expand medicaid in our states; insist on abstinence only education; and close clinics like planned parenthood.,When planned parenthood moves into a neighborhood the abortion rate goes down, because women actually get access to contraception and healthcare.

      The Palins of all people should know that preaching abstinence does not work, considering that no adult in that family has ever managed to be married before the first pregnancy. I wonder how many abortions are a direct result of the Palins own promotion of abstinence only education.

  • Wendy Miller

    Good grief. Do you think poverty and other associated social circumstances might have something to do with these statistics? Why don’t you speak out about the *evils* of poverty?

    • Susan A Davis

      Because our President is making poverity worse then it has ever been congrats to change.

    • missiemeghan

      Because she has never worked a real job a day in her life.

      • Laureen Acton

        Sportscaster at KTUU-TV, a sports reporter for The Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman and working at your own spouse’s commercial fishing business. Are you saying that these are not real jobs??

        • missiemeghan

          I was talking about Bristol, not her mother’s twenty minute sportscasting “career”, which she also quit on. This is “Bristol’s” blog.

  • Frydo

    Well, well, well…. Comments deleted for pointing out the connection between Sarah Palin and the Koch Brothers!

    • Richard Smit

      No they where deleted because you where telling lies!

      • Frydo

        Good one Richard. Facts! We don’t need no stinking’ facts!

        • Richard Smit

          sarah palin hasnt anything to do with the koch brothers! and the Koch brothers are not even conservatives.

          • Frydo

            Wrong on both counts Richard. But you knew that already didnt you, cheeky monkey?!

          • Richard Smit

            I am not wrong! Sarah Palin cant be funded by any corporations! she had faught against the power of corporations in the time when she was governor!

          • Frydo

            Really makes one think then doesn’t it?! Well played Richard.

          • Richard Smit

            `you dont have any prove of that palin has any ties with the koch brothers!!

          • M_Baker

            And you obviously don’t have any proof to prove him wrong.

          • Richard Smit

            I already did!

          • M_Baker

            Denying something is not proving him wrong. You have shown no proof that he’s wrong.

          • Laureen Acton

            You do understand that when someone throws an accusation out there it is up to that person to provide the evidence to back up their comment. Seriously, you do understand that that’s how it works don’t you? Richard Smit doesn’t have to prove him wrong, Frydo needs to prove that he’s not a bold faced liar !!!!

          • M_Baker

            Of course I do, but since it has been censored we only know part of what was written. Since Smit is saying it’s not true, it’s also up to them to back up their own comment which is separate from the original comment.

    • Laureen Acton

      Frydo, are you equally concerned about the connection between George Soros and Hillary? George Soros and most of the democrat/progressive party? I bet you aren’t !!!!

    • Laureen Acton

      Frydo, are you equally concerned about the amounts of money that unions gave to the democrat party? That the 6 of the top 10 contributors to the democrat party were the unions? Does any of that bother you? Or do you just have a hard on for Sarah Palin?? LOL, you libs are just too damn funny !!!

  • Margaret Sanger

    Ethnic cleansing is not the same as eugenics.

  • Michelle Erb

    So much for your mother’s not so genuine plea to “stop playing the race card.”

    As for the right wing propaganda that Margaret Sanger started planned parenthood to destroy the black race. As usual you guys took a kernel of truth and spun it into something that meets your agenda.

    The truth is that there is not one iota of evidence that Sanger was
    racist, actually the opposite is true. The so called “proof” comes from
    a letter that she wrote to a black minister where she was stating that
    she did not want people to get the wrong impression and think they were
    targeting blacks, because she recognized that impoverished blacks needed
    services at a higher rate. Every single quote being used to try and show she had a problem with blacks is completely out of context. The way she lived her life disproves the alleged racism.

    The kernel of truth comes from the unfortunate fact that she
    did believe in a form of eugenics, but it was NOT about race. Back then
    mentally disabled people were a matter of shame and were treated
    horribly. Families lied about having disabled children and sent them
    away to live wretched lives in sanatoriums.

    In light of that time, she believed in sterilization of the
    disabled, so that they would not pass on a gene and the misery that
    came with it. She did adamantly oppose the way eugenics were applied by
    the Nazi regime. That was not what she had meant.

    So there is a dark side to the person who started planned parenthood.
    But it has nothing to do with race or the planned parenthood of today.
    And it does not change the fact that her main mission was to give
    woman control of their own lives in a time when pregnancy after
    pregnancy kept them trapped in poverty and abusive marriages.

    As always the goal of planned parenthood has been contraception and education first and foremost with abortion only as a backup.

    Good luck using this crap to try and get black votes. Most thinking people understand that blacks need abortion at a higher rate because they are impoverished at a higher rate. Now that NYC has elected a progressive mayor, who cares about things like early education and the minimum wage, the abortion rate will go down exponentially.

    • Susan A Davis
      • Susan A Davis

        Read these are her words not mine…

      • M_Baker

        Reading your link quickly identifies it as a piece that was written to slander PPP. It’s very slanted and consists of far more opinions than facts, in fact you might as well say it’s an opinion piece disguised as being something factual when it’s not.

        • Susan A Davis

          My link was her words taken from her writings

    • disqus_SVPp3a4grk

      Actually, Michelle, you are 100% WRONG. There actually is some pretty solid proof that Margaret Sanger was for eugenics.

      An excerpt from LiveAction: “Sanger published articles in her newsletter, the ”Birth Control Review,” that depicted her opinions that certain groups of people should have “never should have been born” and that birth control was intended to “create a race of thoroughbreds,” and ensure that society had “more children from the fit, less from the unfit.”

      Eugenics-advocate groups like the American Eugenics Society, of which Sanger was a listed member until 1956, suggested that the government should consider putting birth control chemicals in the food and water supplies in certain areas of the nation, specifically in urban areas that were dominated by minority groups. Sanger even suggested imposing a law that would disallow women from having children without first obtaining a permit from the government—a permit that would good for only one baby—and if approved, the couple would receive an antidote to counter the effects of the involuntarily ingested birth control chemicals.”

      Good job on preaching the “truth” from the Planned Parenthood website…. Maybe you should try digging a LOT more into actual history, next time, before spewing off hate-filled comments that lack proper research or intelligence.

      • Michelle Erb

        I said she was for eugenics but it was never about blacks. She was quite progressive in her hiring, socializing and treatment of black people. She wanted them to have choices and opportunity to get out of the ghettos.

        I did not get my info from planned parenthood but from a professional researched thesis. Please show me the proof with her actual writings in context, not piecemeal quotes and not what an organization she belonged to is purported to have stood for.

        This is all besides the point anyway. Since it has nothing to do with planned parenthood of today, and is merely race baiting and “playing the race card” in its purest form. Something Sarah and Bristol claim to be against, yet can not stop focusing on..

        Do you really think modern planned parenthood is targeting blacks as Bristol has suggested? Please do not pretend that Bristol gives a hoot about blacks. Her choice to spread white supremacist propaganda proves the opposite:

        • Yolanda Estrada Munoz

          Most abortion clinics are in predominantly areas where women of color live…

          • Tred

            Right Yolanda. And that also happens to be where the highest rate of unintended pregnancy is too.

          • M_Baker

            Again, poverty, lack of education, and the lack of opportunities education brings. People in poverty tend to have more children than others only because of their lack of knowledge and affordability of birth control. I could be wrong, it’s only my opinion with nothing to back it up with, but that is what I see as the problem and I’m not necessarily correct.

          • Michelle Erb

            The race that has the largest percentage of abortions in this country is still Caucasians. Black people do have a larger percentage of abortions than their percentage of the population because blacks are disproportionately poor.

            Free clinics that serve the poor are
            located in poor urban areas. It is not like poor women can get in the
            car and drive to a suburban clinic.When Planned Parenthood is easily accessible, people in that neighborhood are LESS likely to have an abortion, because they actually have access to affordable contraception and education.

            Once someone is desperate and pregnant they will travel, even if it is a hardship, to get that abortion. So when you pull planned parenthood out of the neighborhood, you raise the rates of unplanned pregnancies.

          • Michelle Erb

            For hundreds of years Southern whites separated black families, tore children from their parents, forbade marriage, and banned slaves from learning to read. After the civil war they kept them in separate inferior schools, and even after the civil rights act passed, some cities actually closed their public schools and set up “scholarships” so that every white child could attend “private” schools.. Many actually cited the Bible to claim that blacks were better off as slaves and then servants.

            Given this history, coupled with republican policies that continue today, is it any wonder that for many the cycle continues, and a higher percentage of black women find themselves poor, lacking sexual education, and desperate?

            Yet today, many of those who waive confederate flags claim they know what is best for black people. Bristol even supported the Duck Dynasty guy, as espousing “Christian values” when he said that blacks were happier working in the fields before they got civil rights. And she claims to wonder why blacks are more likely to vote Democratic.

          • Todd Hirner

            They are more likely to vote Democratic because of the victim mentality all you liberals preach to them. Therefore they think they are entitled to free everything and not work for it. repeatedly you throw past wrongs in their faces, and remind them white people are the devil that spends all thier free time thinking of ways to prevent Blacks from moving up in society….Scooby Doo you need to get a clue.

          • Michelle Erb

            So you do not think blacks can think for themselves and decide which party supports policies that are better for them as well as the rest of the country. You do realize that most welfare recipients are not black. If people actually voted based on how much welfare they got, every southern red state would be blue.

            Most African Americans are not gullible like members of the tea party, who do not even realize that their largest organizations were started by the Koch brothers to support Koch brothers interests. You even believe the 3% of scientists who claim global climate change is a hoax, even though those scientists do not hide the fact that they work for big oil.

            Just keep voting to give big companies billions of dollars in subsidies this year, meanwhile the infrastructure of our country is literally falling apart, and more and more people are dying in extreme storms every year due to climate change.

            How did that whole “trickle down” thing work for you? Why do the rich have the largest percentage of wealth in U.S. history. Are you sure it was your idea to keep the wealthy paying a smaller percentage in taxes that you do. Was it really worth shutting down the government to keep their tax rate (the lowest in U.S.history) from going back up 3%. How did that help your interests again?

          • Laureen Acton

            You can’t argue with her. She suffers from a huge amount of white guilt. She is the typical liberal who is arrogant, condescending, she loves to hear herself talk and marvels at her own brilliance !!! LOL, if she wasn’t so pathetic she would be amusing !!!

          • Michelle Erb

            Some info:

          • Laureen Acton

            What racist policies continue today? Exact policy please??

          • Laureen Acton

            Ok, so let me make sure that I have this straight. Black women can make it to the “poor urban” clinics for abortions but they can’t make it there for contraceptives? They do have contraceptives there don’t they? And don’t they sell/give them out using a sliding scale as to what they will charge the person? So are YOU saying that poor black women are too stupid, lazy, uneducated and just plain don’t give a damn about contraception?

          • Michelle Erb

            Well since abortions are only 3% of what planned parenthood does I would say a hell of a lot of them are getting contraception and avoiding pregnancy. But you guys have to stop making it so tough for women to go in there comfortably.

  • Susan A Davis

    On respecting the rights of the mentally ill:
    In her “Plan for Peace,” Sanger outlined her strategy for eradication of those she deemed “feebleminded.” Among the steps included in her evil scheme were immigration restrictions; compulsory sterilization; segregation to a lifetime of farm work; etc. Birth Control Review, April 1932, p. 107

    • Michelle Erb

      So you are not for immigration restriction? You do not think farm work is better than the mad houses they were being sent to at that time?

      I am not sticking up for her, just giving you some historical context. You do realize that back then our government was in fact sterilizing the mentally infirm? Were she alive today her opinions would most likely have evolved like most peoples have (with the exception of the tea party).

      And what does this have to do with modern planned parenthood or blacks?

      When you have to go back to Margaret Sanger and Abraham Lincoln to try and show that blacks should be anti-liberal, you have a problem. How are those recruitment efforts going? You guys seem to be getting older and whiter by the day.

      • Susan A Davis

        I believe in immagration restrictions ,,, i do not believe we have the right to sterlize anyone tho i wish sometimes we could… Did you read the entire story if so how you can come up with she was not out to cleanse the Country of those she deemed not up to her standard is beyond me. The Tea Party lol the Tea Party is for less Govt. less taxes and more rights ……I am not sure all of them are pro life. So you are judging them on the basis that they are Tea Partiers then they must be pro lifers well that is not what the tea party is based on .. Not on Social issue but GOVT. taking over everything.

        • Susan A Davis

          I still can not wrap it around my head how it is more important for a Animal to live and a baby to die. I once tried to justify Abortion i can’t find a way to do that anymore. It is taking a live human being .

          • Michelle Erb

            Susan I understand how you feel. The problem is that since a fetus cannot survive on its own and it does require a lot from a woman, we simply cannot force a woman to take that on at least in the beginning.

            If we legislate based on people’s moral beliefs we would have to make masturbation and contraception illegal as well since some religions consider them to be immoral and sinful.

            Moreover, the “embryo personhood” laws that many tea party groups are trying to enact, would even make IVF and the morning after pill illegal. I can’t understand how anyone would think an embryo with no soul or consciousness should have rights over the woman who is being required to carry it, and they would so brazenly deny a raped woman the morning after pill, or a childless woman the opportunity to have IVF..

            Nearly everyone agrees that once a woman allows a pregnancy to get past a certain point abortion has to be illegal except in certain circumstances. The problem is that when the law allows old male legislators to override the decision of the woman and her doctor we end up putting women who desperately want children through hell when they have to make a difficult decision because either their health is in danger or the fetus has a horrifying prognosis.

            The best thing we can all do is stop fighting and work together to make abortion rare. Now that there is an abortion pill, you cannot pass laws that will stop it, we can just make it hell for women who need one. But, if we would work on making education and contraception more available, embrace the ACA which makes it possible for many women to buy maternity coverage, when it was previously unavailable to them,, and support programs like head start and a higher minimum wage, We can change these sad statistics.

          • Solo

            You do not know it yet, but yes ALL children have souls. This is what God has to say about it:
            Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. The Lord knew all of us even before we were formed in the womb because our souls were with Him.

          • Michelle Erb

            That passage means that our souls exist independently from our bodies, not that “god” puts souls in embryos. Did you know that more embryos fail to implant than ever make it through pregnancy?

            Do you really think your “god” would create more souls that never even get a chance to live than that do?

            Why does the Bible say that if a pregnant woman is attacked and the pregnancy is lost “but no harm is caused” than it is not murder?

            Why didn’t Jesus ever mention this issue at all if it was so important? Women commonly ended their pregnancies back then, but according to the New testament Jesus never thought it worth mentioning either homosexuality or abortion. Yet you guys put those issues over and above the sanctity of fully formed conscience human life.

            If an IVF lab were on fire and you are in a room with 2000 embryos in petrie jars (all ready to be implanted), but you can hear a living breathing two year old crying in the next room, would you really hesitate before grabbing that child and getting her out of there)

            Even the Pope has pointed out that you are too obsessed with these issues and in the meantime you are supporting Republican policies that cause far greater harm.

            Do you know who really does not want abortion to ever be illegal? Republican leadership.

            If abortion were illegal Republicans could not trick you into supporting policies that benefit large corporations and harm your own interests, by distracting you with abortion. Did you ever notice that when they actually get to appoint judges they choose those that care about corporations not abortion.


          • Michelle Erb

            I cannot believe they deleted my response to you. I hope you got a chance to read it, I empathized with your view and pointed out many reasons why abortion needs to be legal and how we cannot stop it anyway because there is now an abortion pill.

            But I also pointed out that the best thing we can do is work together to make it rare by increasing access to contraception and sex education, helping people rise out of poverty, and embracing the ACA provision which requires insurance to provide maternity care. Before the ACA most of us who had to purchase our insurance on the private market could not even purchase maternity coverage.

            When i get a chance I will try to repost most of it and will keep a copy in case the moderator decides to delete again. (update:Weird my post showed back up, it definitely was not there before, I even refreshed and reopened the page).

          • Michelle Erb

            Please let me know when someone is trying to “save” animal embryos. We sterilize animals to prevent overpopulation. As much as we care about animals, most of us can see the difference between animals and humans.

            The problem is some forced birthers can not recognize what it is that makes us human. That is why they also try to interfere when people are “brain dead,” or pass laws that say that embryos in a petrie dish have the same value as living children.

        • Michelle Erb

          Tea partiers are against government taking over everything? They are not trying to put Christianity in public schools, make mosque building illegal, restrict womens’ access to planned parenthood, require vaginal ultrasounds, require women to report a miscarriage, ban doctors from even being allowed to tell women correct information about their bodies or ask suicidal patients if there is a gun in their home, make IVF illegal, restrict certain types of people from being allowed to marry., and, use our tax money to give subsidies to big oil and Walmart and millions to congressmen who own family farms, while requiring drug tests for people who earned their right to draw from unemployment?..

          The tea party wants the most intrusive government policies this country has ever known.

  • David Bell

    We cannot tell one group to stop playing the race card and then turn around and play the race card. There is a difference between an outside force “ethnic cleansing” and a culture destroying iteslf.

  • Danielle

    I don’t think it matters what race they are because a lot of white women abort babies as well , I just think its barbaric and cruel how can any woman go through months of carrying a child and then just let someone murder it everyone should have a chance and there should be love and kindness have a heart !!!

    • Guest

      Matthew 24:12
      And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.

      Isaiah 49:15
      “Can a woman forget her nursing child, that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Patricia Heaton is super gutsy! She’s a conservative in a liberal’s world. And a
    very vocal one at that. God bless her. I’ve never seen “The Middle”, but I’m a
    huge fan of “Everybody Loves Raymond”. Patricia is so awesome on that show. Now
    following her on Twitter.

  • Michelle Erb

    Congratulations Bristol! When your Mom obnoxiously attacked the President on MLK day by saying he should “stop playing the race card,” (even though he had correctly pointed out areas where institutionalized racism still exists), someone said that you guys play the “Christian victim card” but it would not be possible for you to “play the race card.”

    But through blog after blog you have shown that white privileged christians can play the race card. As long as you are spreading white supremacist propaganda I do not think you are going to convince any black people that you are standing up for them.

    • Susan A Davis

      He plays the race card everyday , he is cutting our Military to the point of unsafe measures for this Country. He has every foriegn country un afraid of us and that means our safety is in jepardy. He has give to the Muslim Brotherhood and the jhadist money that they will use against us . In their own words the goal is to turn everyone to islam no matter how they do it killing beheading . So if this is what you want keep preaching it. I have kids grandkids and great greatgrandkids i am yelling for. I will not be used and trained by terriost and Administrations that do not care about mine and our Country no matter the color of their skin black white or both. So preach to the Choir i think for my self.

      • Michelle Erb

        Have you ever seen how non-right wing members of the military react when they see Obama? They love him. Odds are your grandchildren probably love him as well.

        • Michelle Erb

          You know who funded the Taliban and Saddam Hussein? Ronald Reagan. Guess who gutted the military? Dick Cheney:×1475736

          How much harm did Bush cause all of us when he lowered taxes on the rich and gave away trillions in a sweetheart deal to prescription drug companies (that Democrats opposed) while putting us in huge debt for an unpaid for war that he he lied to get us into. Did that make us safer?

          Our military industrial complex is so bloated, because of lobbying, that trillions have been spent on items that the military says it does not even want.

          Most thinking people agree that making the military more efficient and actually releasing some money to work on our dilapidated infrastructure is in all of our interest. Although we do disagree with the way Republicans have forced cuts to be made across the board instead of in a more focused manner since they refuse to compromise on anything.

          • Michelle Erb

            Liberals do think we should be spending more money taking care of our veterans. Did you know that just this week Republicans blocked another bill to help properly fund the VA? Keep that in mind every time the Republicans stage photo-ops where they claim to care about the veterans.

          • Susan A Davis

            I do and everytime they have been blocked is because the Dems want to add some God forsaken idiot crap to the bill.

          • Michelle Erb

            What do you think the Democrats tried to “add” in this week’s bill? You do realize the republicans run the House and Boehner decides what goes on the floor. If they do not like the Democratic bills to try and help our veterans why have they not brought forward one of their own? They can do that you know, and put whatever they want into it.

            They are the ones that kill bills everyone would agree with by adding stuff to it, and refusing to allow the Democrats to bring any “clean bills” forward even though they will pass.

            Why have they not allowed a single “jobs’ bill onto the floor, but have voted about 40 tomes to defund the ACA even though they know it will never pass? Do you have any idea how much it costs us for them to keep voting on things that can’t pass? Millions. But in the meantime corporations keep their huge subsidies, millionaires are making a fortune in the stock market without having to pay taxes, and as the wealth gap grows bigger corporations get to pay desperate Americans lower and lower wages.

            Do your realize how much it would improve the economy if we took the billions we spend on corporate subsidies and used it to hire people to repair our infrastructure? Democrats keep proposing this and Republicans keep blocking it. What will they say when more unsafe bridges collapse?

          • Susan A Davis

            Senate GOP fails in final bid to block military pension cuts in budget bill

          • Michelle Erb

            Source please?

          • Michelle Erb

            You do understand that attacking Iraq made Iran far stronger? Do you really think Bush chose Iraq because it was the biggest threat to our country? Or did he have a more personal reason?

          • Susan A Davis
        • Michelle Erb

          I wish you did think for yourself. But if you really think Obama “plays the race card” every day or is a secret Muslim, you have been brainwashed by the right wing propaganda machine, and have shown that you can not think for yourself.

          • Susan A Davis

            Are you crazy i can tell this is photo shopped.

          • Michelle Erb

            No it is not. You seriously did not know how close the Bush oil family was with oil sheiks? Did you not know that Bush allowed Osama Bin Laden’s family to be flown out of this country after 9/11? You probably do not know that a Saudi Muslim Prince is a large co-owner of FOX news?


          • Michelle Erb

            standard protocol

          • Michelle Erb

            Rupert Murdoch and Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, co-owners of FOX news. (Neither of whom is an American).
            They have succeeded in tricking you into voting for Republicans who do not support your interest by scaring you about Muslims, immigrants, black people, and “takers.”

            During the mosque controversy FoxNews actually characterized Bin Talal as a “terrorist supporter” without mentioning that he owns part of the company. It is all spin and propaganda.

          • Susan A Davis

            It is photo shopped he is not kissing him like your previous post.

          • Michelle Erb

            What do you think they are doing with their mouths? Even if you do not think they are kissing here, how many “Obama is a Muslim” conspiracies would we have to listen to if that was a picture of Obama (who unlike the Bushes does not consider Suadi oil sheiks as extended members of his family)

          • Michelle Erb

            There are so many pictures like this. Many predate photo shop. Do some research for yourself. You do understand the Bush family was in oil?

        • Susan A Davis

          He has to have these photo ops are you kidding? He has divided this Country back to the 50s and 60s era. And i have to say the Black people are more racist today the the whites. Tks to the nedia un in formed people believe Obama is KING. You tell me i am brainwashed lol what news agency do you get your facts from ? msnbc cnn abc ? He has them all bought off with putting people in his cabinet related to people on these stations. He is so pissed that he can’t buy Fox News it drives him crazy. They live and vacation like Queen and Kings i don’t make this stuff up it slams it in our faces while Americans drown. Also on Bush i never said he done the best or always the right thing. But as for the wars causing our economy to crash nononononono it was the housing that the Dems so said everyone needs a house even if they can not afford it. Then DODD and FRANK making a killing off of Freddie and Fannie while we drown again. They waked away with their nest egg. So preach somewhere else …. You like socialism leave and go where they embrace it.

  • arealpatriot

    Congrats Bristol! Your Mom is 100% correct in blaming our clown in the White House for playing the race card because he does constantly. Funny how these libtards forget about history. The democrat party has always been the RACIST party. The KKK was and still is the democrat party. Who fought against The Equal Rights Amendment? It was the DEMOCRAT party! Who killed MLK? James Earl Ray and he was a DEMOCRAT! Liberals today are democrats! Todays blacks blindly vote democrat even though this party cares less about human rights. Bristol, ignore moron libtards like Michelle Erb and the others since they are ignorant, low unformation voters and haven’t got a clue about history or politics. Thankfully, they are a minority.

    • Michelle Erb

      You should go out on the campaign trail We would love to see you vocally supporting Republican candidates, make sure you get on camera!

      Now for some history:

      Before the civil rights act white Christian southerners were primarily Democrats and Liberal northerners were the Republicans who fought against slavery etc. After the civil war, white southerners imposed the horrible”Jim Crow” laws, and started the KKK.

      When the Democratic party realized that civil rights was the correct
      thing to do, most southern whites jumped ship and became Republicans, including all of the white supremacists. In the meantime, the racist “Southern Strategy” was so sickening that many decent people could no longer stand to be Republicans.

      Rand Paul actually had the nerve to go to Morehouse college and try
      to “educate” the students who know far more about civil rights history
      than Paul ever will. When he asked them if they knew about the
      republicans party history, he was booed for his condescension.

      African Americans know which party the people wearing the white sheets belong to now. Bristol’s propaganda only works to convince her fellow racists that they are somehow on the side of angels. The rest of us can still see the white sheets.

      p.s. I don’t think you know what the Equal Rights Amendment was.

      • arealpatriot

        Everything you have posted is rhetoric and plain BS! You are full of it Michelle Erb and you are doing what a typical liberal does and that is that you are creating “facts” to suit yourself. This is what libtards do-they distort history to suit their twisted agenda. You make me laugh at your stupidity and ignorance. YOU are the one that is ignorant about history. Get off your mom’s computer and leave this to adults that have a clue.

        • M_Baker

          If you believe that then you should post what you think is true and provide the facts to back up your point. Saying something is BS without having anything to back up your accusation is just an empty and hollow comment that means nothing to anyone. Besides, calling someone names just shows how desperate and fact free your comment really is.

        • Michelle Erb

          When people try to reason with you in person do you cover your ears and yell “I can’t hear you”?

          Is there a specific fact from my post that you dispute?

          • Laureen Acton

            Yes, who exactly in the Republican party is a racist and in what way?

          • SarahNugent

            Victoria Jackson fan alert!!!! Lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

      • Laureen Acton

        Another libtard who thinks that everyone else is below her in intellect. She loves to hear herself talk and marvels at her own brilliance. LOL, very amusing !!!

        • JessieJones

          Anyone who uses the word Libtard is disrespecting Sarah, Bristol, and Trigg Palin. Bristol and Sarah have often spoken out about the evils of the word Retard and “any of its mutations”-(Bristol’s words). They have even called for others to be fired for it.

        • SarahNugent

          Hahahaha, you are a regular poster on Victoria Jackson’s blog. That absolute freak nutcase of the right. Lollllllllllllllll. Nobody should listen to a Victoria Jackson fan, EVER.

      • Susan A Davis

        It should not be me or anyone else who disagrees with abortion paying for somene else to have one. Get the pill abstain use a rubber. Quit using abortion as means of birth control.


        About Us


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        Home » News

        Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report: Got $487.4M in Tax Money, Did 329,445 Abortions

        – See more at:

        • Michelle Erb

          Whose abortion do you think you have been paying for? Abortion is only 3% of what planned parenthood does, and government money is not allowed to be used to fund it. If there was an iota of evidence that they violated that rule, you can be assured that all those gung ho state attorney generals would be prosecuting left and right.

          But if you think we should not have to pay for state sanctioned murder, can I please get a refund for the Iraq war that George Bush lied to get us into (in order to make Halliburton richer) I am not thrilled that I have blood on my hands from 1 million dead Iraquis (including babies) and all of our dead and maimed soldiers.

          Just saw a story that since Texas closed all those health clinics that provided contraception, there have been 30,000 unplanned pregnancies among women who lost access to contraception, and half have resulted in abortion. Doesn’t sound very pro-life, does it?

          • RJ

            When do they fit you for the tin foil hat?

      • What does this have to do with what she wrote about abortion?


    • Michelle Erb

      Three people liked this nonsense? Really!?
      Big surprise they did not leave their actual names?. Is there just one of you posting this garbage and then coming back and liking your own posts? Sure hope so.

      If not at least one of you should look up the Equal Rights Amendment. Hint; it was not about race.

  • dr. woo

    Soooo stirring the pot equals gutsy and courageous? Ok.

  • dnl1234

    Why are some of you even following Bristol Palin’s blog? You obviously have a bone to pick with almost everyone on here? Give it a rest… Now to what Patricia Heaton Tweeted: Love that someone is standing up for life, no matter what the race of the child.

    • Tred

      Seriously???? “… No matter what the race of the child”? Omg

  • shatto

    Race War.

    Women chose (It’s my body, and my choice!) an abortion
    so are blacks at war with blacks?

    • kcherevko

      It may be your body, but the baby is NOT your body. It’s its own body!!!!!!!

  • Todd Hirner

    It”s the governments attempt to keep non-white minorities under control by reducing their population numbers all under the guise of womens reproductive rights.

  • Rob Saxe

    Actually Margaret Sanger was against abortion and never in favor of ethnic cleansing…but what do I know, I only studied her work for a few minutes to know that. You’d think if you’re going to write an article and reference her you might have the “guts” to do the same.

    • Matt Ellis

      You should probably do a bit more research.

      • Rob Saxe

        Perhaps you should do any research and try, for just a moment, to step away from your divisive tendency and give Margaret Sanger some credit for her original intent. Condemning anyone without looking at both sides of the issue is sheer ignorance..but if you’re happy there..head on.

    • Guest

      I can believe you have studied her work for only a few minutes. She was indeed a hater of “inferior” races and was for ethnic cleansing and forced sterilization

      In 1932 Sanger said: “Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.”

      In 1922 she said: “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

      • Michelle Erb

        Totally out of context. She thought certain people of each race should not procreate, not that one race was preferable to another. She never ever mentioned inferior “races.”

        The letter you quote from was her saying that she did not want black people to get the wrong idea, and think they were out to exterminate the black race. So she wanted representatives to “straighten out the idea”

        But what does any of this have to do with modern planned parenthood? It is pure and simple race baiting. When you have to go back to Margaret Sanger and Abraham Lincoln to try and prove that black people should be voting republican, you should know something is very wrong with your party..

        • Guest

          If you read the entire book she published, it’s not out of context. She did hate “inferior” races and was blatant about it. I never mentioned voting. You apparently cannot stay on topic. We are discussing how evil Margaret Sanger was. I provided proof, you ignored the facts.

          • Michelle Erb

            Actually we are discussing the fact that Bristol is posting blog after blog focused on race (after claiming that she wished everyone was color blind). This is a continuation of her propaganda filled blog that blacks should not be voting for liberals because they are “targeting black babies”

            You all seem to think Margaret Sanger is somehow relevant to the present when she is not.

            Regarding the specific point: Please give me one quote in context where she said something about inferior “raceS” as opposed to inferior members of “THE [human] race”?

          • Susan A Davis

            Then get off her page and you want have to see it.

          • Michelle Erb

            When someone spreads hateful propaganda I will speak up. As a relative of holocaust victims it is the least I can do.

          • Susan A Davis

            Hate there wasn’t any hate speech in her blog ..

          • Michelle Erb

            There was “Liberals are trying to kill black and Hispanic babies,” The defamatory misogynist attack on Wendy Davis, the racist digs at the Obamas, and worst of all the blog that she took straight out of white supremacist literature, where it is being used as “evidence” of a “war on whites” :

            Not to mention all her fake “war on Christmas” crap where she actually attacks jewish children for sticking up for their right not to have to sing about Jesus in public schools and pretends that non-christians who say “Happy Holidays” to wish others well are actually attacking Christianity.

            I am especially concerned that the racist stuff has been escalating in just ten days.

    • S Davis

      Hitler did not kill any Jews either, but the platform and stage that he built enabled other to fill in the blanks, threw there own interpretation, “but we know what he means and what he wants us to do”…….

  • Charles Little

    Rob. Sanger was a VORACIOUS champion of abortion. Id call her the mother of all abortion, but…well….Sanger. Her pathetic rationale, all deeply rooted in an inferiority complex and self documented penis envy, is manifested today in whores like Wendy Davis. She further tried to market the idea by packaging it as eugenics in an effort to make the monstrous act accepted. Sanger was a demon. To that end and with a netloss in black birthrates, ‘Sanger got what she wanted’ is a completely accurate statement.

  • dr. woo

    But I thought mom said “no playing the race card”.

    • cant_believe_it

      Oh you little silly, that’s for only THE OTHER people, the Palins are above everything, they are all “do as I say, not as I do”….

      • mrs mcguire

        Well mom is a politician after all. Seems that’s about all we can expect from them anymore.

  • cant_believe_it

    Bristol is always especially “gutsy” when it is about ranting over people who have nothing whatsoever to do with her own life and her her own mistakes….

    • Richard Smit

      its because the palins are always right!

  • Michelle Erb

    Why the focus on “black” abortions? According to the story only 42% of abortions in New York City were on black women. It appears that there were more abortions than births among all of the poor people in New York City. I suspect the abortion rate among affluent African Americans is low.

    I thought Bristol wanted us all to be color blind?.

    Wouldn’t suit your purpose to draw attention to the fact that the abortion rate is always higher among poor less educated women, who can not afford healthcare (at least before the ACA). That might lead to discussing the type of solutions that would lower the abortion rate.

    • So the fact that blacks are outnumbering their living babies with aborted murder victims is actually good because Bristol Palin said it was bad. You have to believe that everything a Palin says is wrong because otherwise Sarah Palin might be right…that you’re nuts for supporting Obama.

      • Michelle Erb

        Black people are NOT having more abortions than live births. That is the conclusion Bristol wants ignoramuses such as yourself to draw. If she reads the comments on her facebook page she knows her race baiting is working. That is why she has devoted half her recent blogs on race based propaganda. Why is a young uneducated white girl so obsessed with race?

        The study this came from is uniquely skewed because it took place in NEW YORK CITY. Although the author chose to focus on black people, the study actually showed that new york city itself has a high abortion rate compared to live births that take place in the city.

        There are a number of reasons for this. First NYC has a huge income disparity people are either very wealthy or very poor. Many of the poor earn minimum wage; prior to the ACA most were uninsured. No one should think that is good, which is why NYC finally elected a progressive mayor.

        Moreover, New York is unique in that people tend to live there as students and while they are struggling in their art/career. Later they move to adjacent states and suburbs. New York City is not an easy place to raise kids unless you are wealthy. So the very same people may have an abortion while they are still living in the city, and later give birth outside new york. Also, people from neighboring states/suburbs will go into new york city to have an abortion.

        In conclusion, the rate of abortions compared to births in New York City is high among all of the poor not just blacks, and people go to New York City to have abortions and leave it to have their children, There is not an iota of evidence that black people who are neither poor or living in NYC have a high rate of abortion compared to births. But Bristol wants to encourage her fans who (based on their facebook comments) already think blacks have the majority of abortions,even though Caucasians are the race with the largest rate of abortions overall.

        • Michelle Erb

          By the way most liberals do not decide what they think based on the opinion of some “celebrity.” That is what the tea party does. If it is one of your faux heroes speaking you just go along with it, not matter how stupid.

          For example, if a liberal says something offensive we call them out, If a right-wing “hero” does it you go along with it.

          If Rahm Emanuel used the word retarded in private just once and apologized, and Sarah Palin calls for him to be fired you go along with it. When Limbaugh and Nugent do it day after day, and she says they are “patriots” and “heroes” you go along with it.

          When the President occasionally speaks about race in a meaningful and constructive way, Sarah Palin says he is “playing the race card” and you go along with it. When Bristol race baits in half her recent blogs and even gets her arguments straight out of white supremacist literature, you go along with it.

          I am beginning to think the tea party is an experiment to see how far they can get people to go.. They gather
          up the type of people who need to defend “their kind” no matter what, and see what happens.. At this point not one of them can possibly be ignorant to the fact that they are embracing pure hypocrisy..

          I used to wonder how “good Christian Germans” could fall in love with Hitler even though he did not hide his hateful agenda. When I see tea-partiers cheering along while Palin defines who is or is not a “real American”, and Nugent actually steals “subhuman mongrel” straight out of the Nazi dictionary for Jews, it starts to make more sense. Some people just go along with it.

    • S Davis

      Its this Affordable Care Act that is partnering with Planned Parenthood that’s liquidating the black population…there should be no more discussions, blacks wake up, this is the Tuskegee Experiment ….

  • S Davis

    In the end Black Babies Are Being Killed,there is no excuse….

  • Michelle Erb
  • mrs mcguire

    I don’t believe Margaret Sanger was trying to ethnic cleanse or promote abortion. She was working to free women from the bondage of being breeding stock;being kept barefoot and pregnant by self serving chauvinistic men who believed woman’s place was in the bedroom getting pregnant and in the kitchen doing the cooking and other woman’s work. Those are the kind who use “religion” as a means to control their women.

  • DivineMissEva

    You know what economically disadvantaged women really need? Some rich white woman telling them ‘how to black’. Yeah. That will solve everything.