Planned Parenthood’s President Says Women Need Abortions for Valentine’s Day

From Breitbart:

For most women Valentine’s day invokes feelings of romance and expressions of love. However, for Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, men can skip the chocolates, the back rubs and the flowers, because what women really need most for Valentine’s day is a “safe abortion.”

Check out her ridiculous Vine here.

Remember when Bill Clinton said abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare?”  Today’s pro-abortion advocates now what it to be “safe, legal, and romantic.”


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  • Caleb

    Absolutely disgusting! Thanks for bringing light to this, Bristol. I also noticed that Cecile left off the rare part – probably because she is the CEO of America’s number one abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

  • Ken Garcia

    Talk about a one track mind. It just seems libs are happy unless they are killing babies.

  • Renny

    THEY are everywhere. Unfortunately. And quite insane. Check this out, Bris.

  • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

    She may be on the wrong side of the life issue, but she saying that her mother should have decided to abort her isn’t right either.

  • dollehouse

    Well maybe there would be a lot less abortions if people like that were not alive! 😉

    • NoMoreFalseGods

      Did you just threaten to kill a pro choicer?

  • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

    If it is such an awful thing for a woman to give life to a child she’s conceived, why not just have a tubal ligation done before being sexually active. Then there’s no worries, and you can have as much sex as you want without any concerns of horrors of the nine months of pregnancy. Besides, with fall the advances in medical science today, there has to be a relatively easy way to do a tubal ligation that could eventually be reversed.

    • honestyingov

      What if the couple was in their early twenties and just married? Young kids just starting a career and don’t have steady jobs and no money to support having kids,, YET.
      But they know in say 5 or 6 years they would like to start a Family. This is a VERY COMMON scenario and smart.
      Don’t have kids if you can’t support them. 100% would AGREE with that.

      If the young married woman has a tubal ligation.. how does she start a Family years later? (When she can AFFORD kids)

      • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

        I’m being somewhat facetious. I’m sad that we have this mindset in our culture that it so vital in our world to have sex and so terrible to continue life for a child that may be created in the process, maybe we just need to make the child bearing capability just an option.
        Again, remember, facetious. I just have always remembered something learned a while back. Even with birth control, and just short of having had a hysterectomy, just realize that when you have sex, there is a possibility of getting pregnant. That is part of the nature of sex.
        I understand the young couple just starting out. Been there. Be responsible andd and birth control, but realize that pregnancy CAN happen.
        And now I re-entered the blog world….here we go…..Let the criticisms fly………

        • Bcgf

          I actually commend you on encouraging responsible use of birth control for those not wanting a pregnancy, Denise.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            Thanks! Sometimes its a little lonely out here in the blog world!

          • Bcgf

            This is what we should be striving for…. Common ground. Have a lovely Sunday evening Denise

    • NoMoreFalseGods

      All great and wonderful until the doctors won’t do it. Even women in their 30’s get the run around from doctors not wanting to do it for them. Google up ,” They would not tie my tubes”, and see all the articles. By the same token men who do not wish fatherhood should get their tubes ties real young, but getting the right wingers to agree to that will be a miracle.

  • Freebird4

    Good golly, you can’t even handle any criticism now. All comments go to MODERATION.

  • Bcgf

    Oh that’s lovely Michael. Way to represent Prolifers.

  • Canada

    Yeah for the typical Palin supporter!

  • Bcgf

    Well, whether you like it or not, you are representing Prolifers. And btw, Sarah Palin, who makes a big deal about not being politically correct ( like that’s a good thing to not be) is totally against the R word. Or well, at least when a liberal uses it…maybe she’ll let yours slide…..

    • Michelle Erb

      She is fine when Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter use it. She literally hugs Rush Limbaugh.

      Rahm Emanuel used it once in private and apologized and she would not let up on calling for him to be fired.

      • Canada

        She knows who’s boss. Lol. Tick off Limburger or nugent and she would be done. She loves nugent, the pant crapping, pedophile draft dodger.
        I wonder if Limbaugh pays for all his Viagra or if it’s covered under his medical plan. Lol

  • Bcgf

    Hmmm… Did you bother to watch the whole video and consider its context? Or are you just so against a woman’s right to choose that you can’t. Given your choice of words, I’m thinking the latter. And pretty safe bet for Canada to assume you support Ted Cruz, Allan West, Sarah Palin, etc etc etc.

  • Bcgf

    Well, fortunately you are in the minority on a women ‘s right to choose and on your choice for President. It’s looking more and more like another Dem win and ( not so sure how a good ol boy like you will handle it) a woman. Good luck with that Michael.

  • Canada

    Our bodies our choice. Don’t want to get a woman pregnant, get yourself snipped. In fact it would be doing the world a favour.

  • Canada

    Snip yourself you misogynist pig

    • Canada

      Not that you could actually get anywhere near a woman with your personality.

  • Bcgf

    Very lovely Michael. You got a mother, wife, sister, daughter????? How do they feel about your attitude toward women ?

  • Bcgf

    Okay, so they are against abortion rights too. But how do they feel about your misogynistic attitude? I don’t know any women who thinks its okay for a man to use such derogatory words.

  • Bcgf

    Whether you use it around them or not, it says a lot about your attitude toward women. Hopefully your daughter learns that such words are not okay. You might want to think about that, as a father at least.

    • Michael Wayne Everhart

      I have a great attitude around women and am very respectful. Just not women, just not bitches who promote killing babies.

      • Bcgf

        Again, your choice of words to describe women, regardless of their position on abortion , says a lot. You may want to consider that. Or not.

  • John Russell Shook

    The only time I will POSSIBLY understand why a woman would get an abortion is if they are raped. Other than that, the man needs to keep it IN his pants or use protection at least and the woman needs to keep her legs CLOSED. I find it sick that people are willing to take the life of an unborn baby because they decided to get “active” and not use protection

    • Stephanie

      It’s not about “not using protection” because birth control fails more often than the companies would like us to believe and now 51% of abortions in the U.S. are due to failed birth control. It passed the 50% mark c. 2011. In European countries where birth control is widely available, 2/3 of abortions are due to failed birth control. People who are not ready to be parents need to keep their legs closed and their members in their pants.

      Family planning can be used when married couples want to space births or are not able to afford more children just yet, But they should NEVER fall into a mentality where a child conceived will not be loved and cared for. That is how abortion happens. Many people who thought “I would never have an abortion” ended up getting one because they had a contraceptive mentality and decided they “weren’t ready to be parents.”

      As for rape victims, they should not abort. Abortion does not un-rape a woman and women have a more difficult time healing from the abortion (which they chose) that they do the actual rape (which they didn’t choose). Do not respond to violence with another act of violence. Some brave women are able to raise their children: they say they think of the child as their own and don’t see the rapist when they look at their child. For others, it’s too painful and/or they’re not ready to be parents (why they weren’t having consensual sex in the first place) so they place their babies for adoption. There are thousands of married couples on waiting lists to adopt infants (even ones with disabilities), and adoption is a brave and loving option.

      • Bcgf

        It fails when it’s not used responsibly and consistently. And in Europe and other countries where it us used more often as such, abortion rates are lower. And guess what fails the most? Whdn people aren’t in birth control because they are planning in being abstinent and that doesnt work for them. Ask generations of Palins about this.

  • Harry Johnson

    I agree, Bristol’s tiresome.

  • myintx

    You do know what ‘terminating a pregnancy’ means right? It means killing an unborn child. Abortion is never safe for the unborn child – it’s always deadly.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Planned Parenthood is truly disturbed.

  • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

    Just had to post the link to this well-written argument against abortion/ ()It’s the March 4th post).