How did Noah Build the Ark? Here’s How These Filmmakers Did It.

I recently got the chance to see “Son of God,” and I loved it! Who’s excited about the upcoming Noah film?

Here’s a clip that shows how they actually built the ark.  Not Noah and his family, but the producers of the film.  :)

What do you think?

I think anything religion-driven will open doors for conversation about God and faith.

That’s so much better than what’s on television!

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  • Guest

    The earth is full of evidence of Gods flood in Noahs day ! Gods word repeats the testimony of mans early years – Gods Son affirms the accounts of judgement past and future. The Holy Spirit breathed prophesy in Revelations and elsewhere confirms that the world will be judged again – not by water but by fire ! He that hath the Son hath life – Choose life ! Love to all

  • religionandhistory

    The earth is full of evidence of Gods flood in Noahs day ! Gods word
    repeats the testimony of mans early years – Gods Son affirms the
    accounts of judgement past and future. The Holy Spirit breathed prophesy
    in Revelations and elsewhere confirms that the world will be judged
    again – not by water but by fire ! He that hath the Son hath life –
    Choose life ! Love to all

    • Michelle Erb

      You mean that there was a great flood that the writers of the Bible knew about and explained with the myth of Noah. Back then anything having to do with nature was explained with myths.

      There is nothing in the Bible that shows any knowledge beyond that of the people of the day. That is why the Bible does not recognize that the earth is not flat and that there is not just one planet with heavens above.

      • religionandhistory

        You obviously have not read the Word of God ! Or know the testimonies of God or his Son who became flesh ! Or read the prophesies fulfilled and being fulfilled even today ! Ever hear of Jesus ? I am not fond of what the bulk of so called Christians call religion ! I do believe Jesus the Son of God more than I believe your unsubstantiated testimony . He that hath the Son hath life – not religion nor even a great secular mind . Grab 400 sheets of paper and write down what you know is true and why by deductive reasoning – throwing out all changing and conflicting evidence and then ———God is still there with wisdom and love if we choose not to be blind . love to all

    • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

      Absolutely! When looking with a Biblical view at evidence and artifacts using the gifts of observational science, so much supports the young earth theory and the global flood. But…I probably won’t go see this one, either, at least not in the theater. I heard there are too many Biblical inaccuracies. It gets frustrating to watch.

      • Tred

        No Denise, the geological record does not support the young earth theory. It simply doesn’t. Sorry.

        • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

          If you are referring to the study the layers of rock layers, studying fossils, and sediment deposits, it. actually does.

          • Tred

            Denise, you’re talking to someone with a bachelor and masters degrees in Earth Science. I can assure you it does not tell us the earth is thousand of years old. You have no knowledge of the science and are easily convinced by those who talk nonsense. It boggles the mind how people like you are so uninformed.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            So by studying the layers of rock and fossils, it is clear that you can determine positively the age of the earth?

          • Tred

            Denise, we can say the Earth is incredibly older than the Bible says. We also know so much more than man knew when the Bible was written. If you are interested I suggest you read some actual textbooks, or better yet take some courses because somewhere along the road you missed out on a lot. But something tells me you aren’t interested. You prefer to believe your Bible stories.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            So how did the earth come into existence since we know it can’t possibly be only 6,000 years old? Please help me out because Bill Nye,s answer leaves me completely unsatisfied. “It’s a mystery.”

          • Tred

            Denise, I don’t have the patience for your ignorance of science. Take some courses ot do some readng on your own and become informed. Or not. I suspect that you won’t.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            I have, and it always comes to that final answer, so where do those first elements come from that create life? We don,t know…….and then it all falls apart. I suppose you go by the faith in your own studies, science speculating to something for which you were not present, which is fine. We simply have different belief systems.

          • Tred

            No Denise it doesn’t ” all just fall apart”. And comparing science to your bible stories just shows your ignorance of science. Those stories were written at a time when we didnt know what we know now. But you go ahead and keep living in the distant past. Suit yourself.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            So then how did the elements that come together to create life come into being? Help me understand so that the process doesn’t fall apart?

          • Tred

            Denise I’ve already told you, I do not have the patience for your ignorance of science in general and the geologic record, in particular. Become informed or continue to believe your bible stories if that’s easier for you to wrap your head around.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            I guess it’s still a mystery based on faith.

          • Michelle Erb

            So you cannot believe that everything we see has evolved slowly over billions of years, even though evolution continues to occur right before our very eyes. But you can believe that this “god” that is so much greater than the galaxies, that had the ability to create everything in 7 days and is all knowing, just happened to exist. HOW DO YOU POSSIBLY EXPLAIN HOW SUCH A GOD CAME TO BE? And how come he didn’t know about any other planets or even that the earth was not flat when he “wrote” the Bible?

            We respect the fact that you have faith in these myths because you were raised to do so and questioning would be too painful to the very foundations of your being. If you has been born in a different time and place you would be telling us about Zeus or Mithra. But please do not try to claim that your faith is in anyway backed up by science or any other “facts.”

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            It would seem that there are many different belief systems or things that we attribute creation to , whether that be Allah, the Triune God, Confucious, etc. and in many cases, theories developed through the study of science itself. Sometimes we even think we ourselves are the rulers of our universe. Whatever it is we choose to belief will be considered myths by those who oppose us, and I’ve become more accustomed with Scripture being considered a myth in such situations.

            I consider evolution to be a myth because I haven’t seen any evidence of macro evolution, but I’ve seen some interesting theories. I’ve seen some fascinating things looking at fossils, study of the structure of layers of rock and sedimentary layers that, when viewed through a Biblical world view that fit perfectly with a young earth.

            I am intrigued by science and belief that it has an important place in our world today. Granted I am not an expert in the field (and I’m sure that will be duly noted) but that doesn’t mean that laymen can’t learn with a discerning ear from and trust those who are. There are many scientists in our society who, while holding to the integrity of science, have made significant contributions to the science world AND believe in the evidence for a youth earth. But….was there anyone there when the Big Bang or Creation would have happened? No. In essence, these are both speculations based on two different theories. I can’t proof that God created the Earth, (but I can give you some great evidence!) nor can it be proved that the Big Bang or evolution is fact. Two different belief systems. So, I guess it’s time to “coexist” as they say and realize that we will view each other’s ideas as myths.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            But row if started thinking about those who believed in the Greek gods and the stories created to describe how things in nature came into being, Is there a name for that religion, and does it still exist today? Were he followers who believed those myth persecuted for believing, and were thereany martyrs for they faith. I’m not going anywhere in particular, just thinking back to religions with myths. Who was the definitive writer of the myths, I mean can we’d go back to a specific source? Any world religion aficionados out there?

          • Guest

            LOL, no she’s not. You have a degree in baloney.

  • Tiffany Blair

    Why are people saying this movie is bad to see? Is it not Biblically accurate?

  • Nam Vet 67-68

    This is a must see movie!!!!

  • Don Perrin

    How many trees were lost by these Hollywood tree huggers to make this silly movie about a myth?

    • Peggy Hall

      who cares?

    • Guest


  • Peggy Hall

    I won’t go to see this one.

  • DrStanWilliams

    As a writer, filmmaker and sometimes Christian apologist the more I see of this film the more I can’t wait to enjoy it. Thanks Bristol.

  • David

    I will see the new Noah film … probably after it comes out on DVD.

  • Tom Wiley

    I thought the construction of the depicted arc was pathetic. Either you believe ancient man was a neanderthal, or you believe they had more skills and wisdom than we have today. Judging from other ancient constructions, I think it was built better than the movie depicts.

    • Tred

      Um, actually, ancient man was Neandarthal, but that was long before the time period the story of Noah is set in.

      • Guest

        You’ve got an ocean view in Nebraska? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
        Sure you do.

  • catsunn

    You’re an idiot…

  • Kristy Patullo

    Amen. It looks awesome!

  • Tred

    How did he build it? However you want to believe he built it. Honestly I don’t doubt there was some man named Noah who built a large boat and put his livestock in it and saved them and his family from a flood that devastated an area. And over the years his story morphed into something else. Whatever that else is can be anything really.

  • Michelle Erb