My Parents Are Selling their Bus!

We’ve had a lot of fun in this thing, but Grandma is scared to drive it.  (She wants something a little smaller – which would be just about anything, because this thing is big!)

Here’s some video of the bus in action:

If you’d like to own it, click here!

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  • Alberta Brett

    Try 19 Kids and Counting!!

  • Sue Lynn

    I saw the Big Bus when I drove from Michigan to Indianola Iowa in my mustang convertible to see your mom make that historic speech and yah it was awesome The One Nation Tour Bus and it looked awesome up on that hill and gave us so much hope….well we still have hope and the bus did its duty. Hope it sells fast, if I could I would I did share it on my wall! Godspeed.

  • Alberta Brett

    Are you referring to your mom when you say “grandma”? Either one, no way I’d drive that thing. I re-watched Sarah Palin’s Alaska and your dad looks like a pro.. like he was born to drive that thing. I drove an 18 passenger van when I worked for the United States Marshall Service, transporting prisoners from Laredo,TX to Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Dpt. That was the longest and largest vehicle I have and ever will attempt!

  • Loren Lebherz Sack

    How much?

  • mmt

    Have your mom ‘raffle’ it off for $10.00 tickets….with balance going to PAC. 30K tickets. I can’t afford it, but what a cool thing to win for $100.00 or so. I think we’d use it for tea party or true the vote events.

    • Michelle Erb

      Very few people could afford to “win” that. If you cannot afford to buy one you probably cannot afford to own one.

  • Glenn Selan

    Their asking 279,000 for it.

  • Dick Silk

    The person who suggested raffling it off was on a good track, but I was thinking you could auction it off on EBay — the big question is, was it bought with campaign funds, and if so, does it belong to the party or to the person? Regardless, you should ask a professional consultant or two (or three or four) which would bring a greater profit: raffle or auction. There are some mighty big Palin fans out there who might be willing to pay through the nose to own that campaign memorabilia.

    • Tred

      Even if the bus were bought with Sarah PAC money, the Palins can probably still keep the proceeds. Because Sarah isn’t actually running for office, she can do pretty much whatever she wants with the donations people give her.

  • Joe Maz

    Make, Model and Milage?

  • Michelle Erb

    Are your parents leaving the country now that your Mom has finally admitted that she does not like America? We already knew it from their participation in a secessionist group but I am impressed that she officially outed herself with her poem “I do not like this Uncle Sam.”

    • Tred

      Where would she go Michelle? Honestly, she doesnt hate this country. She just hates some of the progressive changes that have occurred : gay marriage, end of DADT in the military, the Affordable Care Act….. Or at least she pretends to hate them because that base is an easy target.

      • Michelle Erb

        What does she like about this country? She hates diversity, separation of church and state, and democracy. The way she talks about Putin it sounds like she would be happy in Russia. They are getting pretty close to a theocracy.

        Personally I think she could care less about the Affordable care act and most of the things she attacks. She hates anyone who in her book does not count as a “real American” and those who do count she grifts. She is a narcissistic sociopath.

        • BermudaBob

          Michelle, you are so full of crap. A majority of Americans do not like what America has become over the last five years. Nevertheless, we are a republic, not a democracy. In case you do not know the difference:

          “The key difference between a democracy and a republic lies in the limits placed on government by the law, which has implications on minority rights. Both forms of government use a representational system
          where citizens vote to elect politicians to represent their interests
          and form the government. However, in a republic, a constitution or
          charter of rights protects certain inalienable rights that cannot be
          taken away by the government, even if it has been elected by a majority
          of voters. In a pure democracy, the majority is not restrained and can
          impose its will on the minority.”

          “Personally”, I do not care what YOU think. As for who is the grifting, narcissistic sociopath, take a long look in the mirror. You lurk on this site, never post anything positive, and deem your viewpoint as worthy of being read by others. In other words, a classic troll. Why don’t you go back to where your HuffPo/Slate/Salon friends are and leave Bristol’s blog better off.

          • Tred

            “Better off”? Bob, what do you think the purpose of this blog of ” Bristol’s” is?

      • cant_believe_it

        The Palins like it when other people pay for her health care. That’s why they go to great lengths to claim that 1/64th drop of Eskimo blood coming from Todd, so they can hold their hand open for first class healthcare on the taxpayer’s expense….
        No wonder they are against the ACA, they are afraid the free ride will come to an end!

  • David

    Beautiful Bus! It is really big … would have trouble finding a parking spot for it.

  • pasta65

    So your family is selling off the bus they bought with SarahPac money.
    You guys are good at ripping off the rubes I’ll give you that.
    Bristol, how much allowance a week do you get from SarahPac?

    • Tred

      Does the blog writer get a cut if it sells through this?

      • pasta65

        I am sure Bristol gets something out of it.

  • Michelle Erb

    Will your mom stop ragging on the Reverend Wright thing now that she has publicly read a poem telling us how much she dislikes America?

  • anti-teabaggers

    I love how you quote the bible about gay marriage. But seem to forget that it was over and over to not have premarital sex. Hmm. Goes to show you that republicans cherry pick. #winner Oh btw glad your mom didn’t win. Last thing we need is a gun loving racist hypocrite in office!

  • anti-teabaggers

    So since your mother is selling the bus I guess we won’t see her on the 2016 ballot. God I hope not. I can’t handle to much more of her. She’s freaking nuts. I wish we could deport her ass.

    • cant_believe_it

      I would LOVE to see her on a ballot!
      Showing off her well-rounded knowledge about things, telling people what the “rialll Amurica” is supposed to be like and what conservatism is about….She was so great last time around!
      Pleeease run!

  • T. Bagger

    Sarah selling the Griftmobile? It’s the end of an era.

  • Kristy Patullo

    She’s a very sexy Grandma!

    • Jog

      Well, apparently that’s the look she’s going after anyway.