This Covers It

I’ve been reading my Bible lately, and I love to share anything that jumps out at me.  Here’s the latest:

“Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers all wrongs.” Proverbs 10:12

I need to utilize this more often.

I think everyone does!

It’s so easy to get frustrated with others, and their beliefs/lifestyles.

But the most important thing in life is living how you’d think God would want you to.

His opinion is the only one that matters.

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  • Joseph Ritter


  • Andrew Glasgow

    To love another does not require you to agree with them, their choice or actions. But rather only to see them as created by God. Loving others in spite of wrongs or disagreement is not acceptance of what is wrong, it is an act independent of any wrong. All are loved by God and it is left to us to accept or reject. I cannot control what is done with the love I give, but I can ensure that I offer it, and pray God uses my imperfect love to accomplish His will.

  • Lisa

    Oh really, just go back in this blog and see the attacks and lies by Bristol and see the hatred she spreads.
    Her mother is much worse. Her mother is disgusting.

    • “Her mother is disgusting” (Oh, the irony of your posting this on this post by Bristol – just proved her point). Seriously, why not try to speak life in our lives?

      You would deny Bristol the opportunity to learn and grow from her mistakes. “I need to utilize this more often.” is a statement of self-awareness and an acknowledgement that she (and we) are not perfect. That’s a good thing. It’s also a hard thing to do. I encourage you to give a try yourself. You may find yourself understanding that we all face struggles in life.

      The easy path is to get mad. The harder path is to forgive and love your enemy.

    • sallychuck

      Couldn’t have said it any better.

    • ernst1776

      And we love Lisa too. May love someday dissolve the hatred that surrounds her heart.

  • cant_believe_it

    Why would you get frustrated with other people’s lifestyles to begin with? It’s neither your place, nor your job, it’s as easy as that!
    Try to raise your foulmouthed kid to be a good person and stay out of other people’s business and you won’t have to be so “frustrated” any more…

    • ernst1776

      We love you the haters too. And YOU can believe it!

      • cant_believe_it

        I don’t care, since I am not a hater!

        • You are here looking for any possible way you can twist what Bristol says to some sort of negative condemnation of her…your motivations and feelings are very evident. What is quite incredible is the level of your arrogance in the low opinion you have of the intellect of others who read this blog…to believe they are too stupid to see your remarks for what they are. Your arrogance has blinded you to your own foolishness.

          As to your ridiculous argument that people have no place to be frustrated with the behaviors or beliefs of others is a failure as well as being ironic. It fails because we are individuals with different beliefs and opinions, and inevitably that will lead to ideological conflict with those who have differing views. But when they fail to win the argument they then resort to personal attacks upon the person and their family (such as you have done to her son) it is only human to become frustrated with such circumstances.

          To seek wisdom on managing such emotions, such as contemplating the wisdom in a Proverb, is a virtue. The irony is that you are here trolling this blog, which is exactly the opposite of your argument on how people should behave.

  • $3838536

    Your fans love you, Bristol. Would like to see you in public appearances more often.

  • Michelle Erb

    I welcome your new attitude and look forward to seeing the change in your blogs. Feel free to go back and issue retractions/apologies.

    • Michelle Erb

      How cowardly to delete the post where I pointed out that you have already proven your insincerity by choosing to distort the Holocaust and use heroes who were killed by gunfire in order to “bear false witness” against Obama.
      Obama is not trying to take everyone’s guns away. His reasonable gun control proposals are far more moderate than those that Ronald Reagan actually passed. Additionally, there is no support for a claim that Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln or Gandhi would have thought everyone should be able to own extended magazines or semi automatic weapons, or would have opposed universal background checks..

      Apparently your moderator thought it was inappropriate for me to share some of the lessons of the Holocaust with you. But I think it is critical for members of the tea party to actually understand what made the Holocaust possible.

      • Michelle Erb

        Hitler came into power by embracing the hate, fear and, resentment
        of the German people of communists, Jews, homosexuals and other
        non-aryans. . He was loved by a large percentage of Germans.

        Hitler actually loosened gun restrictions. The German people were armed to the teeth. They made up the German army. Jews did have their weapons confiscated along with their businesses and all of their other property, but that was not what made them victims. Even when they did have weapons they could not make more than a small temporary stand against, the gestapo, the army and their fellow citizens.

        It took the greatest military powers in the world several years to defeat the Germans. At any time during those years the members of the German military could have chosen to join together and turn their weapons in the opposite direction. They did not.

  • Michelle Erb

    You have no business bringing up Hitler (or race) until you make at least a small effort to educate yourself.

    Hitler came into power by embracing the hate, fear and,
    resentment of the German people of communists, jews, homosexuals and other non-aryans. He was loved by a large percentage of Germans.

    Hitler actually loosened gun restrictions. The German people were armed to the teeth, because they made up the German army. Jews did have all of their property confiscated which included weapons. But that was not what made them victims. Even when a few of them had weapons they could not make more than a small temporary stand against, the gestapo, the army and their fellow citizens.

    It took the greatest military powers in the world several years to beat back the Germans.

  • David

    Bristol, your posts seem to draw Left-Wing-Nut Comments like honey draws Flies.

    • Michael Cummings

      It’s the Christian Palin’s Against Obama’s kkk, islamic, nazi, catholic, illuminati, southern baptist, antisemitic satanic lefties.

      • Michelle Erb

        Yep. No hate here.

      • Tom

        Lol, coming from a grown ass man who comments on how he loves Barstools new hair extensions. #creepyoldmanpervert

      • 1MiddleRoader

        Last I checked, Catholics, Illuminati, and Southern Baptists are all Christian.

        • Michael Cummings

          Worship of Mary is not Christian (there is no Mary in christian), the necromancies of speaking to the dead and torture are not Christian, the southern baptists broke off the mainstream baptists because they support slavery (like Obama, oprah, islamic terrorism, the kkk many are confused as being Christian with no love which is essential). You are not Christian to troll here claiming to be in the middle. You don’t stick your neck out against powerful enemies while defending islamic practices are Christian. You may be one of the goofs (that now works for Obama) claiming the kkk is Christian.

    • Tom

      Blow it out your ass, you hitler lookalike.

      • David

        Why don’t you show us what you look like? You probably look like a Monkey’s A** … because you sure act like one.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    At least Bristol is not as hateful in her language as her Mom. In a recent FB post, titled “Obama’s Palling Around with Cop-Killer Advocate…” Sarah says “evil reigns” b/c our “leader” (quotes are hers) nominated the “advocate” (Adegbile) to head DOJ’s Civil Rights Division. In fact, the American Bar Association
    commended Adegbile for defending Abu-Jamal’s Constitutional rights, noting that a “lawyer’s representation of a client does not constitute an endorsement of the client’s political, economic, social or moral views or activities.” As Bob Beckel pointed out on “The Five,” Chief Justice John Roberts helped defend a mass murderer. BTW, in the Pavlich article that Palin links to, Abu-Jamal is referred to as “unrepentant,” yet he maintains his innocence. He well could be lying, but “unrepentant” implies admission. All that said, Obama could have chosen a less controversial candidate, and Reid apparently misestimated the votes. Those are political, not evil errors. Sarah would do well to heed her daughter’s advice, but she is probably riling up the crowd for CPAC speech this week.

    • Michelle Erb

      John Adams would be rolling over in his grave. He represented the red coats after the Boston massacre, because he believed in the justice system. Those are the very principles our country was established upon.

      Adegbile represented his firm’s client regarding the legality of the jury instructions. Since the Republican appointed judges agreed with his position, how does that make him unqualified exactly?.

      Ms. Palin has to be one of the least patriotic candidates who has ever run for national office. How did her support for the separatist organization that Todd belonged to ever get overlooked?

      • 1MiddleRoader

        Didn’t know that about John Adams…Interesting!
        I do think Palin is patriotic in the sense that she loves her country, but her attacks are becoming more and more vicious.

        • Michael Cummings

          You brought up vicious. The reason we don’t like Obama is he pretends to be Christian to get elected but his religion is rape, murder, & totalitarianism.

    • Michael Cummings

      You are not standing in the middle pretending to exonerate Bristol while attacking her mother. You are not on their side in case your liberal bloggers think that’s how.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        You are correct- I am not on the Palins’ side. I am not “exonerating” Bristol, just pointing out that, at least in her blogs, she is a bit more measured in her words. And yes, I am “attacking” both Sarah’s political views and her way of expressing them.

  • Kristy Patullo