Absolutely Perfect “Father-of-the-Bride” Speech!

Oh my goodness!  I love this!!

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  • Jim Roe

    So Awesome! I gave my Little Girl to her hubby 3 weeks ago. I wrote a poem for her. This guy done a great job !! If it comforts any daddy’s out there; the poem went like this: So you say you love my daughter, and you want to take her hand- do you know what you’re asking?- I’VE always been her man. If I walk her down that isle, I’ll wanna go real slow- cause when we get down to the end – I’ll have to let her go. You may take her heart, and she may take your name, but always remember, that one thing stays the same, you see she may be your woman- as you walk through this world, but she’ll always and forever – be my little girl. Show her you love her- every time you can, make her laugh until she cries-then make her laugh again, and be careful when ya hold her hand, and don’t squeeze too hard, cause wrapped around her little finger- is where she keeps my heart

    • Michael Cummings

      Really good, sir.

      • Jim Roe

        Thank you sir 🙂

    • cherylpine

      Thank you for sharing that… so beautiful!!

      • Jim Roe

        Thank ya ma’m 🙂

    • Pippyfrooty

      That is a beautiful, beautiful poem! You should publish it.

  • acompetitorschallenge

    way to go Jim… my princess http://AaralynAnderson.com is only four but this moment “haunts” me already lol sneaking up on us all … thx for sharing your great words!

    • Michelle Erb

      I hope your daughter’s public website does not attract the wrong type of attention. If she already has a good agent would it not be more prudent to keep that stuff more private instead of looking for more publicity? Do you really expect to get legitimate bookings from the internet? It looks like you guys are already making plenty of money off of her.

    • Jog

      Wow, you put your kid in the business right away….. Just wow.

    • Jim Roe

      You’re quite welcome. Treasure every moment man. God gave her to you, so give her all ya got 🙂

  • Kristy Patullo

    That was so awesome!!! This girl’s got a great Dad. She sounds a lot like you
    and your Mom, Bristol. I can see your Dad doing the same thing. He’s a man of
    few words, but he gets his point across.

  • David

    Good speech … pretty funny.

  • Pam Carter Jackson

    :Makes me cry every time I see this,what a great hand off to a new couple

  • April DiObilda Curry

    I wasn’t even certain my dad would show up to my wedding. My backup plan was to have my brother walk me down the isle. However, I made one small change to the “who gives this bride…” part. The preacher said, “since a woman is not property to be bought or sold, given or taken, she cannot be given away, she can only go willingly with the support of those who love her. I ask who stands next to this woman in support of this union” my father did show up and luckily he only had to say “her family and I do”
    It was important for me not to be “given away” I know most fathers don’t see it as giving away property, but they are “letting go of their little girl” or “giving their permission” and the concept still shines through those good intentions. it is the fact that the tradition comes from women traditionally being treated as chattel or bargaining chips in a man’s quest for power. I can’t stand by that tradition, as with many things that are “traditional”. I am a grown woman, and yes, perhaps I would feel differently if my father had been a daddy or if I had even one man in my life that treated me that way, but I didn’t. Honestly, I doubt that would make a difference in how I view the tradition of being “given away.” I make the choice as to who I marry, and I don’t need any man’s permission I just ask that my choices are respected. No person can be “given away” they go willingly, otherwise they are slaves. The only thing you can do is respect the decision of a child you raised and hope it turns out alright, if it doesn’t you can be there for them when it falls apart.

    • Michelle Erb

      I had my dad walk me about 2/3 down the aisle. Then I walked a bit on my own, and my husband came forward to meet me so we could walk the rest together.

      • April DiObilda Curry

        That is actually a great way to do it. It is symbolic of your life’s journey.