If You Wouldn’t Say It About a Boob Job (Don’t Say it to Adoptive Families)

Omigosh, this is so funny!  Tara Edelschick posted this and wrote:

Here’s a little PSA to help you avoid being an idiot.  I wish I had seen it twenty years ago, before I spent so much time as, well, an idiot.

Here’s a handy guide on what not to say to adoptive families:

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  • Michael Cummings

    Really good thanks Bristol. I was hoping it would be until I read under the link. Recently (I can’t remember the context) I heard someone say “is it a boy or a girl?” Thank you very much.

  • cant_believe_it

    No no no people, you really, REALLY have to be careful not to ask adoptive parents the wrong questions, that makes them feel very, very annoyed.
    How refreshing! Bristol Palin imposing exaggerated political correctness on her readers now….

    • Jog

      It’s so un Sarah Palin! This is clearly a personal pet peeve video from the writer of the blog, an adoptive parent herself.

      • guest

        Bingo . If you click on the link you will see she was the only one to comment. I took the opportunity to ask her why she is posting white supremacist materials and debunked propaganda on “Bristol’s” page, and posted links to show what I was talking about. My comments were deleted of course. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/homeschoolchronicles/2014/04/dumb-things-people-say-to-adoptive-parents/

        • Bhgy

          Of course they were deleted! She is buddies with Tara. So much fir honesty and free speech, eh?

  • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

    I have seen this before on some of my friends who have adopted children. Good to share.

  • Michael Cummings

    Yes i had to watch it again. Haha. Can you imagine people tearing into this…get a job.

  • Michael Cummings

    I guess what I REALLY meant to say is: “Get a REAL job”.