What I Did on Mother’s Day (Three Photos!)

What I Did on Mother’s Day (Three Photos!) May 12, 2014

On Sunday, Joey, Tripp, and I went out to the large, “zig-zag” shaped Kenai Lake on the Kenai Peninsula.

Here’s a photo of Joey letting Tripp drive the boat.

Tripp was in heaven!  Check out the joy on his face!

Here’s a great photo I took while we were there.  I love Alaska!

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  • Moviesforlife

    If you love Alaska then why are you hiding in Arizona?

    • Bhgy

      Custody trial coming up….

      • Jthom26837

        You, Commie troll are several French fries short of a ‘Happy Meal.’ Go crawl back under that rock of yours.

        • Bhgy

          Commie? And your use of French is funny here!

    • David

      Maybe she loves Arizona, too. Maybe … when you live in a cold place, it’s good to spend a little time in a warm place.

      • blueniner

        You cant reason with trolls…they are hopeless….LOL

    • Colleen Phillips

      I love Alaska. Lots of people love Alaska. That doesn’t mean they have to spend 100% of their time there and never leave the state.
      What’s your problem, anyway?

    • Jessica Giudice

      Hiding? What does that even mean? People choose schools they like and where the have friends, if they have friends there. I believe the family has friends in AZ. I have several friends who are from Alaska who chose Arizona as a 2nd home. Pretty great state.

      • Bhgy

        And take their young son away from his father and other family members?

        • Jessica Giudice

          For 6 mos. That’s far less than millions of kids are away from extended family and even second parents. Look at parents who live across the country from each other fulltime. OMG I’m done with this. NONE of our business. These are all human lives we’re futzing with. Wrong on all of us.

          • Bhgy


  • mainelysteve

    She’s been going to school in Arizona and was in Alaska on Mothers Day. What’s your problem Skippy???

    • Moviesforlife

      You mean hair school, Skippy?

      • Bhgy

        No no that was Willow. Bristol went tonthexsame expensive school but for skin care.

        • Jessica Giudice

          To add to her knowledge base for the job she’s held sine age 18.

          • Bhgy

            Jessica, that’s some kind of job if it allowed her extended absences to be on DWTS two seasons, work on three different reality shows, move to Arizona with her toddler to a house she owned for awhile, go on junkets with her mom, do a book tour, go to paid events and speeches when she was an abstinence spokesperson…… And pray tell, what ” knowledge base” would she have had doing this sporadic office work and having a high school diploma?

          • Jessica Giudice

            Um stalker much? You don’t know her schedule. That’s 2 shows, and one was literally a week long and SPA was very little presence. The other mostly in Alaska where she could work alongside it. Her book tour was like a week. She had like 3 events, and 2 Candies events where she tried to help teens make smarted decisions. (Teen pg has declined). And I’ve never seen her traveling with her mom. ???

            And remember, she didn’t even start to take her much-deserved bigger opportunities until she had been working a year.
            Why are you assuming ALL jobs are the same? That’s closed-minded of you. It’s also coming from a place of envy. If you hate your job, maybe get a new one, Bhgy.
            She’s talking about her job and what she enjoys at work. None of that’s secret. She doesn’t have to talk about her life at all. Most people don’t care and shouldnt care.

          • Bhgy


  • Michael Cummings

    Yes, that’s a great look Bristol! It’s good to see him having such a great time.

    • Bhgy


  • David

    Beautiful photos … love the Lake with the Mountains in the background.

  • Renny

    Of all the days and moments that might never existed if you’d followed the liberal way…abortion. But, you have this and that handsome, little face. 🙂

  • Sue Lynn

    Awesome pictures…so glad you are happy! Tripp is so cute and a great captain!

  • Tommy Raymond Cota

    great pics! makes me want to go sailing

  • Bhgy

    It would be fair to ask if Bristol Palin’s position on abstinence before marriage has changed, seeing as she was making money as a spokesperson for it.

    • Jessica Giudice

      She, more recently said people need to be smart and think about people’s future selves and measure more roundedly, instead of how a teenager sees things. Notice that she, unlike many young moms, still only has one child despite her stable relationship.

      • Bhgy

        She said she wasn’t going up have sex again until marriage. And she made a lot of money preaching abstinence ( which didn’t work fir her and others in her family). Haven’t heard her day whether that has changed. Fair enough to ask.

        And would you call her relationship with Gino ”
        “Stable” as well?

        • Jessica Giudice

          lol gino was a lifetime ago it seems. People have to experience rough things value what is right and true.

          You seem obsessed. Maybe get a life and focus on positive things, as she does here?

          Just a thought. 🙂 Have a good evening!

          • Bhgy

            Funny how reality TV makes your life public eh?

  • Tony

    Bristol is not a hypocrite for promoting abstinence before marriage. She made a mistake, but now she is a TEACHER.

    • Bhgy

      Thing is, she’s ” teaching” something that didnt work for her . No did it work for her brother, mother and grandmother). Truth is only about 3% of Americans wait until
      Marriage. and in the 50s when people married younger and begire the Pill it was still only 11%. And Bristol claimed after Tripp was born that she would remain abstinent until marriage. How’s that working out Bristol? Change your position? Fair question to ask.

      • Jessica Giudice

        She’s said “be smart.” And she to date has one kid. That would be acting smart. Though I know she will have more. Definitely seems like the type.

        • Bhgy

          No, she said she wasn’t going to have sex again until marriage. Fair enough, to ask if that position has changed.

          • Jessica Giudice

            She said abstinence is most effective, then said she cannot dictate others’ live but that they should be smart. Her decisions aren’t important. She’s pretty directly addressed this. Her life isn’t your business. As long as she doesn’t have another child out of wedlock, you have no right to stalk her in this manner.

          • Bhgy

            She made her life public, including her abstinence vow.

    • Jessica Giudice

      Actually to be fair, she has said people shouldn’t idolize or view her as a role model. She’s a “normal girl who couldn’t hide her problems from a gawking world and learned lessons along the way.” I imagine a big lesson is not settling for less then she deserves and remembering family is the only constant in life.

      • Bhgy

        She thought people would idolize her? Why?

        And yes, she couldn’t hide the fact she was a pregnant teen after the way her mother announced it but she sure could have had more privacy than she’s had if she hadn’t sold her and Tripp’s story and photos to tabloids and reality TV. Sorry but that’s not the way you “Hide your problems from a gawking world” . That’s how you cash in on them.

  • Ginger

    You know, Bristol, you never shared your delivery of Tripp with us. Were there any complications — any unforeseen problems — was everything O.K.? How sad we could not share your joy with you because of the lack of pictures in the hospital.

    • Jessica Giudice

      Um, she did share it. She said it “took a lot” to bring him into the world. She implied there were no major complications. Why would you even want to know more? He’s here, he’s healthy and happy and provides her little brother with lifelong friendship. Fate smiles at destiny. 🙂