Will Chelsea’s Pregnancy Cause Hillary to Reconsider Her Stance on Life?

Will Chelsea’s Pregnancy Cause Hillary to Reconsider Her Stance on Life? May 12, 2014

My mom hopes so!  She told Mario Lopez:

Sarah Palin thinks Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy could cause Hillary Clinton to change her mind about abortion.

Palin told Extra host Mario Lopez that, ‘Just knowing that her daughter Chelsea is pregnant with a baby — it’s a real baby — it’s not some disposable something,’ will perhaps make Hillary reconsider her stance on the issue.

The former vice presidential nominee noted that her comment ‘will be controversial, but those who, perhaps, they’re in this position now as a parent or a grandparent, they realize sanctity of life, how innocent, how precious it is.’

Congratulations, Chelsea!  You have a lot of fun to look forward to with your new little one!

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  • Sue Lynn

    Love it!

  • Wraith

    If Hillary’s already having a daughter of her own, didn’t change her mind, I doubt this will. Some folks, unfortunately, love their ideology more than life itself. 🙁

  • Jorah Mormont

    I have friends with 2+ kids who are “pro-choice”, so I’m not holding my breath for Hilary to change her stance.

  • Bhgy

    Seriously? Why would she change her mind? She didn’t when she had her own baby. Hillary is a smart woman and her position is based on many considerations I’m sure.

    • Panther13

      Smart? How about an evil witch?

      • Bhgy

        Yes, Hillary is a smart woman. You may not agree with her on the issues…. But a witch? That’s just silly.

        • retvet

          Educated but still a fool.

  • Rock Sadler

    not saying anything here, but

    Congratulations, Chelsea

  • Bhgy

    Did Bristol Palin’s pregnancy cause Sarah Palin to rethink her stance on sex education? That would be a more likely question.

    • Panther13

      No. She still believes in teaching abstinence until marriage.

      • Moviesforlife

        It didn’t work for her.

        • Bhgy

          Nor for her daughter, son or mother…..

  • Northof55

    I’m sure hitlery would be more prouder of her if she aborted it

    • Bhgy

      Your parody is isn’t too far off 😉

  • Panther13

    Hillary will do whatever it takes to get votes and no matter what she says the same people will vote for her and support her no matter what. Cant stand the woman.

  • Panther13

    What difference at this point, does it make????? I hope she gets fried on Benghazi. Her daughter’s no Princess Diana so who gives a rats ass about it anyway. Thousands of babies are born every day and we don’t see them in the news. What the heck makes this person any more important than anyone else. Yes I hate Hillary.

  • Moviesforlife

    At least Chelsea waited for the right man and married him instead of becoming a pregnant teen.

  • David

    Maybe Hillary will decide to retire from politics so she will be able to spend a lot of time with her grandchild after the birth and maybe spend more time with Chelsea before the birth.

    • Bhgy

      Or maybe Bill can take care of that….. Shy would you assume Hillary would? Can’t imagine what you must have thought of Sarah running fir VP at a time when her pregnant unwed teen daughter and infant special needs son might need her.