Unbelievable! Is Being Pro-Life “Torture?”

Unbelievable! Is Being Pro-Life “Torture?” May 13, 2014

If you are pro-life and speak out against abortion, are you committing torture?

From the ACLJ:

This is hard to believe, but it’s true: The Center for Reproductive Rights, a powerful and radical international abortion group is trying to use the United Nations to stop the pro-life movement.

They’re actually trying to force the U.N. to use anti-torture treaties to silence the Church, arguing that the pro-life message tortures women.

They argue that not even religious freedom should protect the pro-life message and that pro-life leaders should be viewed as international criminals.

This is exactly backwards. Killing children is brutal and inhumane. The pro-life movement saves lives.

So…  let me get this straight.  The Left is killing babies.  When conservatives speak out and say abortion’s wrong, The Center for Reproductive Rights is trying to say that we are the ones inflicting pain?

Unbelievable.  In case you have forgotten, check out this post to see what abortion really looks like.  Then, come back and tell me who are the torturers.

Fight back by signing the petition to send the United Nations a message — they have no authority over the Church or Americans’ freedom of speech.

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