Meet Lucy, My Mutt — Plus Some of the Animals You Love

Meet Lucy, My Mutt — Plus Some of the Animals You Love July 28, 2014


I love how into this book club you guys are!

I am loving Lois Lowry’s The Giver, but here’s the thing about their hyper-controlled community — there are no animals…  Anyone who’s ever had an animal knows they are inconvenient and messy, which is why the people in The Giver have decided to make their environment more predictable and tidy without them.

There, children are given “comfort objects” that looks like elephants or bears, but no one has ever seen a real elephant or bear.

This doesn’t seem like much fun, does it?

Not only are animals inconvenient — remember when my dog ran away? — they are also amazing friends.

As part of the book club, I asked you to send in photos of the animals in your life that you could’ve life without — no matter what the government told ya.

Here are some of those pics!  And check out my mutt named Lucy above.  (Yes, she is home safe and sound!)


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  • zenhog

    Our animal friends help bring us back to the real world. They could care less about the incomprehensible world generated by the corrupt media.