Watch an Armed Houston Man Confront Possible Looters: ‘I’m No Afraid to Cut Your A– in Half’

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A car full of women see a man standing outside Houston’s “Little York Food Mart” with a gun and begin filming.  The man walks over to the ladies and explains that he is absolutely sick and tired of all disrespect of the law.

“It’s a shame,” said the man, claiming to be a former law enforcement officer.  “We need more real men out here to step up and protect where you live.”

One of the ladies wonders aloud if he’s called 911.

“You can’t call 911, you can’t call the police,” another lady in the car says.  “They’re probably about to declare martial law around here now… This sh-t is real.  This is what they ain’t showing you on the news.”

The man goes on to explain that he used to be a SWAT-member and he still believes in the Constitution.  He talks about how he is simply using his 2nd amendment rights to protect himself and his community.

A few moments into the filming, some possible looters start trying to rob the store.

“I’m telling you one time: I’m not scared to shoot you, I’m an ex-f**king SWAT deputy,” he yelled.  “I will cut your ass in half.”

The possible looters got the message and ran away.  You can see them running scared in the video’s background.

When the ladies leave that area and start driving around town, they see things that you don’t typically see in modern America.  A flat screen television someone must’ve tried to steal is floating down the street.  An ATM is turned over.

I feel for the people in these flood-ravaged areas…  Especially those in the video who feel that they are not going to be taken care of.  I hope that looting, theft, and violence do not escalate and that we continue to hear even more of those amazing stories showing the strength of Texans.

I also commend the man in the video for trying to do something good for his community.

Warning:  Foul language is used in this video:

Image Credit: Screen Cap from Texas Proud

Hat Tip: Independent Journal Review


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