The war on cops continues as two Iowa police officers ambushed and executed

Not since 1977 has an officer been shot and killed in the line of duty in Des Moines, Iowa. But sadly in the early morning hours on Wednesday, two officers were gunned down just twenty minutes apart in ambush-style executions as they sat in their parked cruisers.  [Read more…]

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest bombshell investigation of Hillary Clinton

It’s amazing that Hillary Clinton continues to avoid criminal charges even though she clearly broke the law as secretary of state. The FBI was way too easy on her the first time around but decided to re-open the case against her after new evidence surfaced. Will it be enough to bring an actual charge to the Democratic candidate? Time will tell — what little of it we have left before the election. [Read more…]

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Model Amanda Booth is raising a child with Down Syndrome, and she’s doing it beautifully

This is precious!  When model Amanda Booth and her husband had a son, they didn’t realize he had Down syndrome.  Though it was a tough time of life, this is when she began to see the strength that her little one had.

According to Yahoo News, she said:

“When Micah was born, there were so many complications and doubts, but it was in those moments that I discovered his strength; and he taught me to see mine.”

After researching more about Down syndrome, she has decided to try to defy stereotypes by sharing her life more openly.  She believes this will encourage others who have children who are differently abled.

“A few months after settling into our new roles as parents to a child with special needs, we started our social media outreach. Mainly because I had found so much comfort in seeing other little ones flourish, I felt a responsibility to be that for other people.”

She sees at least part of her mission to be to “normalize” having a child with Down syndrome.

“Now that Micah has grown into a very typical, tornado of a toddler, I’m able to give myself a little shift in my parenting needs: I am starting my advocacy for my son. I need people to see him for who he is. I need them to recognize his ability, and to allow themselves to give him the opportunity to succeed. I need them to not miss out on the love that he has to give. He won’t miss out, that’s my job.”

Which I think is great!  When Mom had Trig, it was a little intimidating…  but I now know that we’ve been blessed beyond measure — I wouldn’t trade him for the entire world.

Enjoy 2 more photos of Amanda and her son by clicking CONTINUE:

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VIDEO: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Dances His Tail Off For His Daughter’s First Halloween

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 2.20.07 PM

Perez Hilton has the cutest story. [Read more…]

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The woman who asked Hillary about the Flint water crisis (the question Donna Brazile leaked) is furious – here’s why

[Read more…]