Meriam Ibrahim and Her American Family Free in Italy!


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Giver-ize Yourself

Have you seen the cool movie posters for The Giver?  I love how everything is black and white, except for a strand of color over the characters’ eyes.  (My book club members will get what this is referring to!) [Read more...]

WALSH: If You Want to Prove You Don’t Hate Gays, All You Have to Do is Worship at Their Feet

Have you heard what’s been going on with Coach Tony Dungy? [Read more...]

Tripp Started Football Today!

Crazy how proud you can be as a parent, never imagined how much he could completely fill my heart!

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The Giver Book Club – Chapters 3 and 4: Sameness or Individuality?


Welcome to my first ever book club!  We’re reading “The Giver” by Lois Lowry together, in preparation for the August 15th movie by based on the book!

If you missed it:

Chapters 1 and 2


Ever feel weird for being different than everyone else? [Read more...]