Mourning with the NYPD: the NYC Mayor Needs to Realize What Happens When Cops are Portrayed as Racist Murderers

NEW YORK, US - NOVEMBER 22: Detail of door of New York Police ca

I don’t even know what to say about this. [Read more...]

NFL Player: Racism is not a Skin Issue, It’s a Sin Issue


Benjamin Watson is a tight end for the New Orleans Saints.  He’s also an amazingly thoughtful guy.  With all of the racial nonsense going on in America, he seems to speak through to the heart of the matter. [Read more...]

Poll Says Racism Has Gotten Worse Under Obama

When Obama took office, his supporters were very optimistic about what having the first black President would do for our country. We could finally get past racism, and prove it to the world. But it hasn’t turned out like they said. [Read more...]

Police Officer Pulls People Over to Give Out Christmas Presents


I LOVE this!!! It’s so good to see people just being nice. [Read more...]

21-Year-Old Sues Her Parents for College Tuition… and Wins?

Have you seen this story about a daughter suing her parents to make them pay for her college tuition?

Unbelievable. [Read more...]