“Armor of Light” – One Sided Propaganda about Misguided Preacher by Pro-Abortion Producer

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 This post is part of a larger conversation on the subject of Christians and guns at Patheos around the new documentary, The Armor of Light.  For more responses to the film, click here.

The above still is from a new movie called “Armor of Light” about a pro-life pastor Rob Schenck who is now a crusader against the so-called “gun culture” in America. [Read more...]

School Cancels America Day – Students Wear Red, White, and Blue Anyway

Female model against a lawn in a t-shirt with the American flag

In today’s edition of political correctness… [Read more...]

My Baby Sister

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… growing up way too fast!! [Read more...]

Check out the Cover of Sarah Palin’s New Devotional: “Sweet Freedom”

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Will you let me brag about my mom a bit?  In addition to being a former Governor, the first female GOP Vice Presidential candidate, and a great mom and grandmother, she’s a best selling author. [Read more...]

If Hillary is Elected, True Religious Liberty Will Vanish – Read the Top Reason Why

Hillary Clinton made it very clear that true religious liberty would be a thing of the past if she is elected President.  In a speech to the nation’s largest LGBT advocacy organization the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) this weekend, Hillary vowed her unwavering support for the so-called Federal Equality Act, which, if enacted, would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to list of protected classes, leaving no room for religious objections to everything from participating in a same-sex wedding to biological males using female restrooms and locker rooms. [Read more...]