Atheists force post office to remove ‘God Bless America’ sign. Wait ’til you see how the town reacted!

When a national atheist group targeted a small post office in Kansas for a “God Bless America” sign that has been hanging on the wall of the post office since 9/11, the community took matters into their own hands.  And I LOVE their response! [Read more…]

Bring-your-baby-to-work day

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PHOTO: Isn’t she sweet?

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Two of our favorites right now by @graceandbelle @cuddlemuffinsblankets

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Congratulations, Alaskan commercial fishing industry! Read why:

Fisherman across the Alaskan waters understand the risk they take every time they step onto the boat. Everyone knows our waters for their extreme conditions and the dangerous excursions they offer. But this year, Alaska’s commercial fishing industry beat the odds and defied nature unlike ever before. [Read more…]

Look! She’s trying NOT to smile.

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How cute is she? [Read more…]