Read the last tweet of an officer killed in Dallas

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The final tweet of slain Dallas officer Patrick Zamarripa reveals a true American patriot.

Rep. Gowdy and Rep. Chaffetz are onto Hillary’s LIES – Watch them in action

Please watch the videos below and see for yourself on how this woman does business.  [Read more…]

Why should the rest of us have to follow laws if Hillary doesn’t?


I wanted to share with you what my husband dakotameyer0317 wrote on Instagram about Hillary Clinton: [Read more…]

Why I’m glad this man was arrested for posting Facebook photos of him burning American flag

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So this happened: [Read more…]

No American forces were ever going to Benghazi the night of the attacks

Lately I have become so interested in the Benghazi Attacks. I’m sure you have seen it on the news, read about it online, and maybe even saw the movie 13 Hours. This story really highlights the corruption with some of our administration in Washington, DC. We have got to hold people accountable for their actions, especially when their actions (or lack therefor) cost Americans their lives.

This piece in Newsmax explains further why this is a big deal:

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