Premature baby born with feet the size of pennies, but look at her now!


Liverpool Echo photo

Pro-life activists from all over the USA are marching on Washington today to talk about LIFE!  I so wish I could be there with my brothers and sisters who care about ridding this nation of the plague of abortion.  (If only Alaska weren’t so far away!!!)

Anyway, today I want to post some pro-life things to remind everyone that, as Horton said, “a person’s a person no matter how small.”

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VIDEO: Ivanka’s son Theodore crawls for the first time at the White House

How cute! [Read more…]

YES! New Trump executive order shows he is serious about stopping abortion for good

On his first week on the job, President Trump signed an executive order that reinstates a Reagan-era rule that stops sending U.S. Taxpayer dollars to foreign countries to pay for abortions. [Read more…]

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Liberals, can’t you just leave Taylor Swift alone?

When Taylor Swift makes you mad, it’s probably time for an extended vacation. [Read more…]

A black man with common sense is asked a question at an Anti-Trump protest, people freak out, and he doesn’t care!


Oh my gosh — I love this guy who calls himself “Big Joe.” [Read more…]