Yes! Admitted leftist Chef Anthony Bourdain just told the truth about “privileged” liberals

He’s a celebrity chef, author, and TV personality, but native New Yorker Anthony Bourdain also considers himself a “privileged Eastern liberal,” which makes what he said about his own kind even more satisfying. [Read more…]

Don’t ever trespass on this Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s property, she’s armed and ready to protect herself

Trespassing is never okay, whether the property belongs to a celebrity or not, but what were these three people thinking climbing over a security wall of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore’s home? One thing’s for sure; they got a little more than a peek at where she lives as the startled 45-year-old emerged with her handgun. (And rightfully so!) [Read more…]

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Bitter liberals “stick it to Trump” by giving Ivanka’s boots negative reviews on Amazon

Apparently, some liberals are such sore losers they go on Amazon and write spiteful reviews of Ivanka Trump brand boots because they disagree with her father’s politics. [Read more…]

Outraged artists demand Ivanka Trump remove their work from the walls of her home

Shimmying my way into the weekend! #TGIF

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Ivanka Trump can’t catch a break now that her dad won the presidency. Her every move is scrutinized by bitter Hillary supporters, they’re mocking her clothing line, and now artists are demanding she remove their artwork from her home. [Read more…]

5 Signs that Political Correctness Died in 2016 — Good Riddance!

2016 has been a wild ride; from the government deciding which bathrooms we can use, to college students needing safe spaces, the crazy election, and then the need for more safe spaces because Donald Trump scares the pants off liberals. We’ve just about seen it all. And in the final days of the year, it’s even blamed for taking too many beloved celebrities way too early. But there is a silver lining to a rather dark year: 2016 just might be the year political correctness died. [Read more…]

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