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Okay, I have hit a parenting wall and I am hoping that some of you will be able to advise me.My older four children take a swimming lesson every Tuesday afternoon.  In the past, my younger ones have sort of hung out poolside, been a little bit of a discipline problem while waiting or played with other kids who were waiting.  Right now, though, I would also like them to learn to swim.I didn't want to come to the pool on a different day for a preschool lesson, so I arranged a private lesson to … [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Round-Up: What were your favorites this year?

My son received a really cool ant farm for Christmas this year - thanks Aunt M and Uncle D :) - and our entire family has been enjoying watching the progression that the ants have made through the gel over the past few weeks. When we first received this gift in the mail, I have to say that I was slightly terrified by the thought of 30 harvester ants somehow escaping and crawling all over my son's room. Thankfully, I soon realized that there is no way for the ants to escape, and a gift that I … [Read more...]

Prayer and Action

Our pastor gave a powerful homily at Mass this morning, and continued his thoughts in the weekly bulletin - I thought that I would share some excerpts here, in the hopes that we might all prayerfully consider how we can respond courageously to the situation described below. Blessings to you this Monday morning!Dear friends in Christ:A week ago last Friday, January 20, two days before the 39th anniversary of the tragic Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade which has resulted in more than 50 … [Read more...]

Link Round Up

One of the amazing things about this interweb is the way that our use of it seems to be constantly evolving.  I thought I had things figured out pretty well there, for a while, with a blog and my email I was feeling super hip, but these days information is coming at me from so many sources it is hard to keep track of it all -- and guess what -- I love it!  I know that it is distracting and I have to force myself to put down my phone and look up at my children, but I am really invigorated by the n … [Read more...]

Thoughts for Thursday

What am I cooking?Last night I made a Shepherd's Pie for a dear friend who is in the throes of morning sickness with her seventh pregnancy. I saved enough meat and frozen veggies to make us a family-size one tonight -- I will just have to whip up fresh mashed potatoes for the top. I love shepherd's pie because kids get all the food groups in each bite and the ingredients are toddler-boy-mouth-friendly.What are my weekend plans?With me at 37.5-weeks pregnant, we are on Grandma-watch. She … [Read more...]

Hope for Moms of Picky Eaters…

My 7 year-old son, who used to be the pickiest of eaters (he ate almost nothing in his younger years), just came home from school and ate, in one sitting:-a bowl of blueberries-bacon- 2 bananas with peanut butter-and a slice of pumpkin bread-all washed down with a glass of waterHe used to eat only cheerios and yogurt, and drank only milk or apple juice. We have come a long way! My theory is that as long as you stick to good eating habits, kids will eventually realize that they are … [Read more...]

In the Heart of my Home: Our Disney Trip: Organized Packing and Playing in the Van

In the Heart of my Home: Our Disney Trip: Organized Packing and Playing in the Van. I recommend the link above, if you are constantly planning/dreaming a disney trip in your head, as I am, but more importantly for some practical tips that apply to any family travel. When I took 4-under-3 to disney, and I knew that I would care how they looked in pictures, I put each outfit into a gallon ziplock.  This way, they could grab a bag from their tote bag and bring it to mom, dad, or … [Read more...]

Is it worth it?

I had an unexpected, serendipitous pro-life, pro-family conversation with my oldest daughter.  We've been working on baby books and talking a lot about babies and pregnancy (and G attending Josie's birth, which has led to LOTS of questions about Labor and Delivery).  My daughter said "having a baby seems really hard, is it worth it?"  I looked right at her and spoke from the heart "I carried you, was that worth it?"She gave me a big smile and a hug and we both had a lot more to think about.  A … [Read more...]

Pray for an End to Abortion

Please remember all those Marching for Life in Washington today.  It wasn't that many years ago that all the Builders would venture down to DC from Princeton to march and pray for an end to abortion.I confess that as a busy mother I am often willfully ignorant about the horror of abortion and the frequency of this crime in our nation.  I often joke that I make my own pro-life statement every other January, giving birth to another baby!I am always reminded of the horror of abortion at this t … [Read more...]

Easy isn’t the goal

This article about family size has been getting a lot of comments and has appeared in my inbox from several sources.  I have to admit that I haven't even read the entire thing, nor any of the comments, because I had a sense that it would hit a raw nerve with some people.I have been thinking and praying a lot about the subject of family size, though, because I am at a new volunteer position where a lot of women are learning that I have six children and responding with an interesting combination … [Read more...]